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June 5, 2018 — Elecciones Primarias de California
Estados Unidos

Cámara de Representantes del los Estados UnidosCandidato para Distrito 53

Photo de Brett A. Goda

Brett A. Goda

Representante de ventas
2,898 votos (2%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Reunir a más personas para terminar con la división y el juego de suma cero que el Congreso juega con las vidas del pueblo estadounidense.
  • Escribir un presupuesto que no continúe financiando a las generaciones futuras.
  • Continuar la reforma de impuestos para ayudar a todos los estadounidenses a tener éxito.



Profesión:Representante de ventas
Ejecutivo de cuentas, Parron Hall, Inc. (2017–actual)
Ejecutivo de ventas, Fuente de sistemas (2014–2017)
Consultor financiero, AXA Advisors, Inc (2011–2014)


Thomas Jefferson School of Law Licenciatura en Derecho, Derecho (2011)
University of Pittsburgh en Johnstown Licenciatura en Artes, Ciencias políticas (2007)

Actividades comunitarias

Member, Development Co-Chair, Thomas Jefferson School of Law Alumni Board (2013–2016)


Hi, my name is Brett Goda.  At 34, I am asking to represent you in Congress as I believe I am uniquely qualified to represent you on today's pressing issues.  At the age of 20, while attending the University of Pittsburgh, I was educated on how difficult the healthcare system was becoming and how it was affecting doctor's and their work.  I made the decision then that I wanted to help as many people as possible and switch from Pre-Med to Pre-Law in hopes of one day going to Congress and fixing our laws to help more people.  I graduated with a Political Science degree and moved to San Diego to attend Law School in 2008.  There I found a joy for how our tax system worked and realized how overly complicated years of add-on regulations made the tax code.  Upon graduating from Law School, I was recruited to financial services to help people invest their money efficiently with the tax code in mind.  For the last four years I have been helping businesses outfit their offices and grow into new spaces.  I have learned a lot about the different types of businesses all over the county.  I have heard their struggles, I have learned their reasons for calling San Diego home and I understand how laws and regulations are making it harder for them to have their business.  


Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters of North County San Diego (5)

Family reunification is a process that allows immigrants already residing in the U.S. to bring in additional family members. Do you support limiting this process? Why or why not?
Respuesta de Brett A. Goda:

I believe family unity is the core bedrock of the American Dream, however, for me this is the nuclear family, consisting of one or two adults and their children.  If the individuals are older and have adult children, this would no longer be a part of their nuclear family and thus would need to qualify on their own.  

Do you support expanding the current border wall between U.S. and Mexico? Why or why not?
Respuesta de Brett A. Goda:

I support the wall between the two nations.  We need to make the border safer.  There are laws and processes for coming into this country and we need everyone to start following these laws.  

  Do you support creating additional regulations on gun ownership? Why or why not?  
Respuesta de Brett A. Goda:

I believe everyone has a right to own a firearm.  I would like to see a little more education take place before having the ability to buy a firearm.  I believe the age of gun ownership should be 18.  I believe the right to a firearm stems from protecting yourself from tyrannical government and thus believe people have the freedom to possess a firearm.  However, like every other freedom we have in America, actions have consequences and I believe certain individuals can lose this freedom.  

  Should the U.S. remain in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)? Why or why not?  
Respuesta de Brett A. Goda:

Yes.  I believe in America first and we are the greatest Nation of all the world.  To continue that strength, we need to have strong relations with our neighbors and build them up. Also, I believe NAFTA is essential to our continued growth and evolution of the American as we embrace new work forces. 

What programs or legislation, if any, would you support to help Americans of all ages secure affordable health care?
Respuesta de Brett A. Goda:

The healthcare system has become overly complicated.  We need to open up new opportunities for alternative options and make it easier for people to get the healthcare they need.  We need to open up the health insurance market to provide flexibility of services.  Our current insurance system is breaking, instead of giving people the freedom of healthcare it is creating a system of the have's and have not's.  

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Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

"We the People," and "Land of the Free" should not just be statements or historical phrases that we once knew.  We need to limit government and give People the Freedom and Opportunity to create their own lives. A person should not be entitled for being born here.  A person needs to work hard and build something for their life and they should have every opportunity to do that.  No race or socioeconomical status should deter anyone from their dreams.  The government should not be picking winners and losers.  

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