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June 5, 2018 — Elecciones Primarias de California

Asamblea Estatal de CaliforniaCandidato para Distrito 15

Photo de Dan Kalb

Dan Kalb

Miembro del Concejo/defensor del medio ambiente
18,007 votos (15.2%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Promulgar soluciones climáticas y de energía limpia para proteger nuestro planeta; proteger nuestros parques, vías navegables y vida silvestre; luchar por la salud y la justicia ambiental
  • Más fondos para nuestras escuelas públicas; reducir el absentismo crónico en las escuelas; preescolar universal; matrículas reducidas en universidades/colegios públicos para residentes de California
  • ¡Mejorar la seguridad pública y reducir la violencia con armas! Ampliar los fondos para los programas y servicios de rehabilitación y reingreso; Mejorar y expandir las políticas de justicia criminal; hacerle frente a la National Rifle Association (NR



Profesión:Miembro del Concejo de la Ciudad/defensor ambiental
Miembro del Concejo de la Ciudad, Ciudad de Oakland — Cargo elegido (2013–actual)
Director de políticas de CA, Unión de Científicos Preocupados (2003–2012)
Miembro del Grupo de trabajo de planificación estratégica, Fondo de Oakland para la Infancia y la Juventud, Liderazgo Juvenil y Seguridad Comunitaria — Cargo designado (2011–2012)
Director asociado superior, City College of San Francisco (1995–2005)
Director ejecutivo de la sede regional, Sierra Club (2000–2003)
Director de programa, Media Alliiance (1989–1993)
Organizador de campo del área de Bay, CA Common Cause (1984–1988)


University of San Francisco Maestría en Administración Pública, Administración de organizaciones sin fines de lucro (1988)
University of California Berkeley Licenciatura en Ciencias, Conservación de los recursos naturales (1982)
Facultad de Derecho de Berkeley Bachillerato en ciencias, Conservación de los Recursos Naturales (1982)

Actividades comunitarias

Board member, Jewish Community Relations Council (2001–2013)
Community & Neighborhood Mediator, Community Boards (1991–2000)


Currently in his second term on the Oakland City Council, Councilmember Kalb is known as a committed public servant and community advocate. 

Throughout his distinguished career, Dan has worked as a policy director; environmental, public interest, and social justice advocate; progressive reformer; and community service volunteer. In his more than five years on the City Council, Dan has earned his reputation as a proactive and effective legislator. For example, Dan:

  • Authored the ordinance to ban the storage and handling of coal in Oakland;

  • Created an innovative City-school district partnership to reduce chronic absenteeism in public schools; 

  • Authored the charter ballot measure to create a civilian Police Commission

In the State Assembly, Dan will use his legislative experience and proven commitment to the community to get things done for the people of the 15th Assembly District and our entire state.

In addition to his work on the City Council, Dan serves as the City's official representative on the StopWaste (Alameda County's Recycling and Waste Authority) Board of Directors and the Alameda County Transportation Commission. He serves on the League of California Cities Board of Directors, and is now Vice-chair of the newly created East Bay Community Energy authority. 

From 2003-2012, Dan was the full-time California Policy Director with the Union of Concerned Scientists. In this capacity, Dan was the lead environmental advocate, working closely with consumer and labor groups, on successful legislation requiring that at least one-third of California’s electricity to come from clean, renewable sources by the end of this decade. Dan also worked in partnership with trade unions representing working people on jointly sponsoring climate change legislation to put greater focus on in-state benefits, particularly for workers and those living in disadvantaged communities. Previously, Dan was a Chapter Director of the Sierra Club, where he worked to protect open spaces, fight for environmental health and justice, and protect our precious San Francisco Bay.

As a staff member for California Common Cause, Dan fought to reform our campaign finance laws and enhance transparency in local and state government. He continues to be a strong supporter of 'clean money' elections, and has in years past worked on consumer protection issues.  

Dan Kalb worked for over five years at a Bay Area community college as a campus staff administrator, helping students and faculty with whatever issues arose on campus. Dan knows that our community colleges in the East Bay and throughout the state are a critical part of the education system, serving substantially more students than all of our 4-year public universities combined. Dan is committed to enhancing community college resources so these institutions can fully meet the needs of those who attend or seek to attend.

Dan is running for State Assembly to put his decades of experience serving the East Bay and beyond to work for the East Bay’s 15th District and our entire state. With a deep background in environmental and social justice issues, Dan will be a strong voice of action in the Assembly. He is committed to promoting data-driven solutions to the toughest problems facing our communities. including combating climate change, investing in public education and rehabilitation, and resolving the Bay Area’s housing crisis.

Over the years, Dan has served on the Jewish Community Relations Council board of directors and co-led the Isaiah Project, which brought together young adults in the African American and Jewish communities to advance social justice and enhance cultural understanding. Additionally, Dan served on the Youth Leadership and Community Safety Strategic Planning Task Force in 2012 for the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY) and has volunteered at food kitchens for the homeless in Oakland and Richmond. Dan also volunteers regularly with Rebuilding Together. 

Dan received a Baccalaureate of Science degree in Conservation of Natural Resources from U.C. Berkeley and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of San Francisco. He also has ten years of experience as a community mediator resolving neighborhood disputes.

Dan is committed to serving the public with dedication and integrity – something he learned from his father, Marcus. Dan's mother Charlotte lived in San Pablo and Oakland until passing away in 2015. Dan and his wife Valarie enjoy hiking in our beautiful East Bay Regional Parks in their free time

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Dan Kalb
Employees of California Student Aid Commission (CCSAC)
Employees of Howard Wenger
IBEW Local 595

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California 96.82%
New York 1.83%
Oregon 0.50%
Maryland 0.38%
Other 0.47%

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Contribuciones grandes (94.74%)
Contribuciones pequeñas (5.26%)

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De organizaciones (13.13%)
De individuos (86.87%)
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Protecting our Environment and Promoting Clean Energy


Dan has spent much of his career developing policy and leading advocacy campaigns to promote clean energy, implement effective climate solutions, reduce air pollution, fight for environmental health and justice strategies, defend the rights of animals, and protect our parks, waterways and open spaces. Dan also believes that by growing our clean economy, we can create more good, green jobs for residents while protecting the environment for generations to come. 

Dan has spent much of his career developing policy and leading advocacy campaigns to promote clean energy, implement effective climate solutions, reduce air pollution, fight for environmental health and justice strategies, defend the rights of animals, and protect our parks, waterways and open spaces. Dan also believes that by growing our green economy, we can create more good, green jobs for residents while protecting the environment for generations to come.


Sadly, the Trump administration is seeking to undo hard-fought environmental laws and regulation at the behest of polluters who have taken over the EPA. Now more than ever, we need a State Assemblymember with state-level experience who can hit the ground running and pass bold, progressive legislation to protect the health of our communities, help those who need assistance the most, and stand up strong to the anti-science and anti-environmental assaults from the Trump Administration.  


Dan is a board member and past president of Stop Waste—Alameda County’s Recycling and Waste authority—where he helped push through a substantial expansion of the county’s plastic bag ban. Dan is also the current Vice-chair of East Bay Community Energy, where he is advancing local efforts to increase our use of renewable energy. Dan is also a Commissioner on the Alameda County Transportation Commission. 


Prior to holding elected office, Dan: 

  • Helped lead the effort to stop the SFO runway expansion out into San Francisco Bay

  • Fought to protect sensitive Bay Area habitat and open spaces for future generations

  • Worked as a grass-roots campaign organizer to help elect pro-environment candidates to public office

  • Promoting the increased use of clean energy for electricity 

  • Worked to enact public financing of campaigns in California

  • Was a lead environmental advocate for the law that required at least one-third of electricity to come from clean, renewable sources. Worked in a broad environmental-labor-consumer coalition

  • Wrote the state law to require that a certain alternative transportation fuel be made from clean sources 

  • Created and wrote state law to require labels on new cars for sale with rankings of greenhouse gas emissions and smog emissions, which was so successful it was subsequently adopted by the federal government 

  • Lobbied for passage of AB 32—California’s landmark Climate Protection and Clean Energy law—and worked on the first AB 32 scoping plan

  • Lobbied in support or SB 1368 (Perata) that effectively phased out new coal contracts for electricity in California.   

  • Lead sponsor and advocate for bill by then-Assemblymember De Leon to restrict the use of offsets for compliance with AB 32

  • Student leader in the 1982 Stop the Canal campaign

  • Campaigned for strong Bottle Bill laws

  • Worked in coalition to reduce Air Pollution in impacted communities

(partial list)


On the City Council, Dan: 

  • Banned coal in Oakland by stopping a coal export terminal which would’ve brought more than nine million tons of coal through East Bay each year

  • In collaboration with the climate change group, passed the law to divest Oakland funds away from fossil fuel companies

  • Diverted food waste from landfills by implementing mandatory compost bins in multi-family buildings

  • Fought for animal protections by leading and passing legislation to ban bullhook torture on animals  

  • Successfully pushed Oakland retirement funds to divest from fossil fuel companies

  • Secured funding for further reducing stormwater trash as required to meet state Water Board mandates to keep trash out of the Bay

  • Passed a resolution against shipments of crude oil and other fossil fuels by rail

  • Immediate Past President of StopWaste—Alameda County Waste Management Authority. Lead successful effort on the board to expand the County’s Plastic Bag Ban

  • Leader to create a County-wide Community Choice Energy Authority. Currently, vice-chair of the East Bay Community Energy authority

(partial list)


In the State Legislature, Dan will focus on:

  • Maintaining and increasing California’s commitment to being a world-wide climate solutions leader

  • Ensuring that all California residents can participate in the green economy 

  • Banning fracking for oil in California

  • Investing in solar and other renewable energy sources to get us on a pathway to 100% renewables

  • Promoting cleaner alternative fuels and the electrification of the bulk of our transportation infrastructure 

  • Working to protect our old growth forests

  • Protecting our sensitive habitats and wildlife

  • Preserving our open spaces and farmland, and enhancing our state parks

  • Ensuring disproportionately impacted communities get the relief they deserve from pollution

  • Prioritizing the environmental health of people over industry profits

  • Pushing CalPERS and CalSTRS to fully divest from fossil fuels

  • Protecting our offshore waters from oil drilling

  • Banning plastic packaging and food containers

  • Increasing recycling and reducing the use of wasteful materials

  • Supporting the scientists and engineers working for state government to address our environmental challenges

Supporting quality and accessible public education


Dan is passionate about public education and has worked hard to make Oakland City Hall a better and more engaged partner with our public schools. Before his election, Dan served on the Youth Leadership and Community Safety Strategic Planning Task Force for the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth. He will work to increase funding for our public schools and reduce absenteeism so kids will have an opportunity possible to succeed.

Dan is passionate about public education and has worked hard to make Oakland City Hall a better and more engaged partner with our public schools. Before his election, Dan served on the Youth Leadership and Community Safety Strategic Planning Task Force for the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth. A one-time administrator at a Bay Area community college, Dan has been a committed advocate for public education throughout his professional career. Previously, he worked to promote innovations in science and mathematics education.


Dan is proud of the partnership he created with the school district and administrators to reduce chronic absenteeism and improve grade-level literacy, thereby helping to improve outcomes and equity in our public schools.


The 15th District is home to U.C. Berkeley and the statewide University of California Office of the President as well as a few community college campuses. Dan is a steadfast supporter of moving toward tuition-free college education for all California residents. 


In the State Assembly, Dan will use his commitment and experience to fight for more funding and improved resources for East Bay schools and will advocate for better student outcomes for all children by investing inside, and outside, the classroom.


On the Oakland City Council, Dan:

  • Created an innovative partnership with Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) to reduce chronic absenteeism and truancy in our public elementary schools

  • Sponsored the adopted resolution at the Oakland City Council to endorse Assemblymember Susan Eggman’s bill to create tuition-free college for all eligible California residents (funded through a tax on millionaires)

  • Was named California Public Library Advocates’ 2015 Outstanding Elected Official for advocacy on behalf of Public Libraries

  • Supported the increased use of restorative justice and peer conflict mediation in the community and in our schools 


In the State Legislature, Dan will focus on:

  • Combating chronic absenteeism at public schools in the East Bay and throughout our state

  • Fighting for tuition-free college education for all college-bound California residents (UC, Cal State Univ., and Community Colleges)

  • Advocating for expansion of funding and programs to help youth who have been subjected to domestic violence or abuse in the home

  • Expanding state’s commitment to quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) instruction in our public schools

  • Increasing and promoting Linked Learning opportunities for high school students

  • Pushing to strengthen the state’s commitment to quality and accessible pre-school 

  • Seeking to provide more funding for peer conflict mediation and restorative justice in our public middle and high schools

  • Bringing back our commitment to Adult Education as a funding priority for school districts

Combating Hate and Defending Our Civil Liberties & Civil Rights


We are living in challenging times with many of our neighbors under attack from the Trump Administration just because of who they are. Dan believes we must step up our efforts to protect immigrants, stand up to subtle and not-so subtle forms of racism, and combat discrimination and hate in all its forms.

Standing Up to Trump and His Ilk

Dan will continue to stand up to the Trump Administration and make sure California is an effective backstop to the regressive policies being touted in Washington, D.C. In the State Assembly, Dan will work to defend our civil liberties from Republican attacks.


Our First Amendment

Dan is a passionate defender of the First Amendment. Our freedoms of speech, peaceful assemble, and to petition government for action must be preserved and defended. Dan is committed to maintaining the separation of church and state and defending the freedom of the free press – especially from a White House that attacks the press on a daily basis.


Combatting Racism

Standing up to racism is nothing new for Dan. He knows racism can be blatant or subtle, with malice or unintentional, institutional or personal, and he believes all forms of racism must stop and that we must acknowledge inherent privilege and work toward evening the playing field. Too many people of color are being killed or harmed because of racism and police misconduct – Dan believes enough is enough. We must work to end this violence and hold those who inflict it accountable. Additionally, we must repeal Prop. 209 at the earliest possible election.


Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

Dan will continue to stand up against hate and discrimination of his brothers and sisters in the Jewish Community and their cousins of the Muslim faith. Dan volunteered at the GRIP center in Richmond as part of a Jewish-Muslim interfaith working group and he believes that open communication and collaboration are essential to increasing awareness and finding solutions.


Protecting Our Immigrant Residents

Dan stood up to Fox’s Tucker Carlson and will always speak up for our immigrant residents. He believes that we should not be splitting up families and taking people away from their workplaces solely because of their documentation status. Dan will continue to work closely with, and support the efforts of, Mayor Libby Schaaf in standing up to the Trump Administration.


Homophobia and LGBTQ Equality

Dan has been a steadfast supporter of equal rights for LGBTQ residents, including when, as a college student, he spoke up against the Briggs Initiative. In the State Assembly, Dan will back initiatives and policies that support LQBTQ members and their families so that all Californians have the same opportunities to thrive.

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Dan's record and commitment to combatting climate change and his support from Mayor Libby Schaaf

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