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City of Mountain View
Measure C - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


18,455 votes yes (56.59%)

14,159 votes no (43.41%)

100% of precincts reporting (11/11).

35,464 ballots counted.

Shall City of Mountain View Ordinance No.15.19, which prohibits parking of oversized vehicles (such as recreational vehicles, boats and large trucks) except wheelchair-accessible vans with valid disabled placard and those exempted for short duration activities (such as loading and unloading, and emergency vehicles) on narrow streets 40 feet or less in width, be adopted?

What is this proposal?

Details — Official information

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Ordinance No. 15.19 amends Articles I and VIII of Chapter 19 of the Mountain View City Code relating to oversized vehicle parking on narrow streets.  The ordinance adds a definition of "Oversized Vehicles" as any vehicle, or a combination of connected vehicles, which exceeds 22 feet in length or 7 feet in width or 7 feet in height, such as recreational vehicles, boats and large trucks. The proposed definition of oversized vehicles would generally exclude passenger vans and pickup trucks. The ordinance prohibits Oversized Vehicles to be parked on narrow streets less than or equal to forty (40) feet in width or portions thereof, except wheelchair-accessible vans with a valid placard or license and Oversized Vehicles that are parked for short duration activities (such as loading and unloading, and emergency vehicles). The ordinance would not be enforced without a resolution of the City Council setting forth the prohibition on specified streets and would not be enforced until the installation of signage and markers giving notice of the restrictions by the public works director.




The City Council adopted this ordinance on October 22, 2019. In compliance with the California Elections Code, the City Clerk received a petition for a referendum on Ordinance No.15.19 and the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters determined that the referendum obtained sufficient petition signatures to qualify for the ballot.


Ordinance No.15.19 was immediately suspended through the referendum process as required by the Elections Code.




If the measure is approved by a majority of the voters, Ordinance No.15.19 will become a valid and binding ordinance of the City. The ordinance will be considered as adopted upon the date that the vote is declared by the City Council, and will go into effect 10 days after that date. If the measure is not approved by a majority of the voters, the City Council may not re-enact Ordinance No. 15.19 for a period of one year after the date of disapproval by the voters.



Published Arguments — Arguments for and against

Arguments FOR


A “YES” vote on Measure C prevents oversized vehicles from parking on narrow neighborhood streets that are 40 feet or less in width.


Measure C was developed with significant community input to address the public health and safety concerns resulting from having oversized vehicles parking on narrow streets.


Many Mountain View residents expressed serious safety concerns about oversized vehicles parking in their neighborhoods. When they park on narrow streets, they make it difficult to see children, walkers, runners, bicyclists, and vehicles, especially at driveways and intersections, creating safety issues. And some vehicles are leaking waste or other hazardous liquids that can create pubic health and environmental issues.


Measure C includes limited exceptions for some oversized vehicles to park on narrow streets such as vehicles with disabled placards, and oversized vehicles actively loading or unloading items. Nearby cities have parkintg regulations that discourage or prevent vehicles from parking on their city streets resulting in more oversized vehicles in Mountain View than in surrounding communities.


The housing crisis has hit Mountain View as it has hit other cities. It is heartbreaking to see people living in vehicles. Thus, the Mountain View City Council is working hard to build more afforable housing and mitigate displacement. The City of Mountain View has led the way to ensure that people living in vehicles are safe. Our Safe Parking Program still has capacity and offers displaced Mountain View families, families with students in local schools, people who work in Mountain View, and elderly or disabled individuals a safe place to park, as well as assistance with their daily needs, and more importantly assistance towards securing more stable housing.


Measure C ensures our neighborhoods are safe and does not jeopardize our Safe Parking Program which is a safety net for many.


Vore Yes on Measure C to protect Mountain View neighborhoods.


Arguments AGAINST








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