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November 3, 2020 — California General Election
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City of GilroyCandidate for City Council

Photo of Zach Hilton

Zach Hilton

12,814 votes (25.17%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Affordable Housing for All- We are in a housing crisis and the dream of owning a home is not a realistic opportunity for everyone. We need to continue to promote all options for housing solutions that benefit everyone.
  • Safe Communities- Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in their neighborhoods. Fire & Police are the only public service that stands ready to protect us 24/7.
  • Local Economic Development- I support the streamlining of commercial building development and business permits to cut down on the time it takes to open a business in Gilroy.



Recognitions- -Recipient of the 2010 Star of Life Award from Alameda County Emergency Medical Services for being recognized as an individual with exemplary medical skills, whose outstanding actions contribute to the advancement and excellence in the delivery of emergency care to the residents of Alameda County.  -Recipient of the 2019 Healthy Hero Award by Mt Madonna YMCA in Gilroy/Morgan Hill -Named one of the People to Watch in 2020 by GMH Today Magazine   Serving the Community- I joined the City of Gilroy Bicycle Pedestrian Commission because I saw a lack of leadership in my community when it came to bike and ped.  I couldn’t agree more with Bill Gates when he stated, “I like to push the level of risk of doing things that wouldn’t happen without leadership and vision.” Whether its accomplishments we have made in Safe Routes To School, welcoming new businesses that push the comfort level and allow us to grow as a Community, like a Hillside Adventure Park behind Gilroy Gardens, the introduction of e-bikes/e-scooters, or paving the way for our own community to have the ability to develop and maintain a BMX Bike Park in our park system.  The role that our Commission plays in the community makes me proud each day.  I’ve seen too many missed opportunities.  Thank you to the Gilroy City Council, Gilroy Downtown Business Association, and Gilroy Chamber of Commerce that have been open to the ideas that our Commission has come up with. Thank you to my best friend and wife Katie who is truly the one person that centers me in life and I love how we continue to support each other’s ventures. To my daughter Avery whom many of you know because she is usually at all these meetings with me...I bring you to these meetings for two reasons.  One is because you are the best reminder to decision makers that we need to always think of the future generations, not just the current, and two, because I hope that it inspires you to always be a leader in your community and realize that you have control of your destiny.  We as leaders have the responsibility to turn this City over to you in better shape than we received it.     I am ready to be your ambassador, and represent you on the Gilroy City Council during the November 3, 2020 election.  As your City Councilmember, I promise my office will always treat this Council seat as an extension of your voice.  I will continue to bring the decisions and actions of City Government to you through social media, newspaper columns, town halls, press releases, email, and video.  Whatever is easiest for you, there will be a way for you to feel connected.  

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

What makes the Democratic Party a robust and egalitarian institution is the fact that so many Americans from different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs can come together animated by shared ideals and values. These values are the core of who we are as Democrats. They transcend momentary political and policy disagreements, uniting us as Democrats.

Justice: Central to everything we are as Democrats is a commitment to justice. We believe in the right of each person to be free, to have that freedom protected, and to demand justice when those freedoms are violated. We believe in the dignity and equality of every person, and the right of every person to be treated fairly by the institutions of our society and government. We condemn all forms of discrimination and bigotry, and, like our founding fathers and mothers, we are suspicious of inherited, wealth, or class-based privilege as a danger to our freedoms and the fair application of justice. We believe that our nation is strongest when all persons can be confident that justice and the rule of law prevail.

Equality of Opportunity: Every person is born equal, and we, therefore, believe that there is nothing more noxious to a free and just society than the establishment and perpetuations of systems of inequality that privilege some and limit the opportunities of others. We believe that equal opportunity can only be achieved when every citizen has affordable access to food, shelter, quality inclusive health care, a good education, and a fair criminal justice system. We believe that our economic system must be accessible, competitive, and treat all participants fairly, and we reject the de facto oligarchy of wealthy elites who seek to rig the system for their own personal gain. We believe that equal opportunity demands that we truthfully acknowledge and swiftly remedy past wrongs, and we reject efforts to perpetuate inequality for political, social, or economic gain.

Community: The sovereign right of community action is built into our system of government, for only by acting together does our democracy function properly. As such, we believe in the sovereign right of all Americans to select and petition their government, and we condemn efforts to limit that right through voter suppression, corruption, and gerrymandering. We believe that our strength comes from vibrant local communities and civic organizations. We believe in the right of people to associate with one another to achieve economic goals by starting a company or joining a union. We believe that every community has a right to defend their safety, protect the health of their citizens from polluters, and shield their unique local economies from exploitation and displacement. And we believe that only together can we tackle our most pressing challenges, including the existential crisis of climate change. 

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