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March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
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San Diego CountyCandidate for Supervisor, District 1

Photo of Henry Belisle

Henry Belisle

Information Technology Professional
4,035 votes (3.7%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Be an independent voice for the people of District 1 and stand up against the Republican and Democratic special interests in our region.
  • Protect people through supporting anti-bullying efforts with the #MeToo movement and opposing frivolous lawsuits against the accusers.
  • Foster economic opportunity for individuals while ensuring proper funding of the Fire Authority and efforts to stop sea level rise.


Community Activities

Volunteer, Volunteer San Diego and/or Public Libraries (2005–2012)


Belisle's father was a gardner, and his mother was a postal employee.  He acquired an interest in computers at a young age.  It turned into a passion and lifestyle.

He started living in San Diego in 2000, and he became vegan in 2002 in part due to animal rights reasons.  He worked temporary jobs in different capacities.  He became aware of gaslighting and abuse that some employees endure.  He developed a deep empathy for people who have been bullied or discriminated against.  He later would consult with business managers about technology and be recognized in the industry for his contributions.

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Questions & Answers

Questions from The League of Women Voters San Diego (LWVSD) and the League of Women Voters of North County San Diego (LWVNCSD) (1)

What are the three biggest challenges facing this region in the 2020s, and how can you use this office to help our community prepare for (and meet) those challenges?
Answer from Henry Belisle:

Two of the biggest challenges are protecting the environment and alleviating traffic.  Our region is growing very rapidly.  Traffic could be decreased by privatization of highways and other roads.  Air pollution could be reduced by having fewer cars idle on our roads.  The County gives a great deal of money to the State of California, and the State in turn gives money back to San Diego County.  Belisle is prepared to have the County work with the State to sell highways.  Automobile special interests and the trucking industry want governmental roads to be free to use.  We know the congestion is so bad, that only dramatic change could solve the problem.  A private company would want the roads to be uncongested; they would want to allocate lanes based on supply and demand.  This would give emergency vehicles and commuters the best chances at a quick and reliable path to their destination.  By charging a fee to drive on a highway, there would be less pollution too. Selling off roads would create an income source that could help our economy.

A third challenge is to improve the economy itself.  Helping the regional economy could help struggling families and homeless people.  Labor union privileges conferred by the government can hurt our economy by making mass transit too expensive.  People turn to crime when they are desparate.  Our neighborhoods would be safer if we fostered economic growth with sound economic policies.  The County Supervisor has influence over awarding contracts, and I would see to it that the best interests of the County were respected.

Questions from The League of Women Voters of San Diego (LWVSD) and the League of Women Voters of North County San Diego (LWVNCSD) (1)

What action (personal or professional) that you have taken most exemplifies how you will execute the duties of this office in the coming term, if you are elected?
Answer from Henry Belisle:

I work hard and educate myself to be the most helpful person that I can be for society.  I have been a skilled and unskilled volunteer.  I have sacrificed my own money to support causes that were in other people's best interests.  I have been vegan for many years to avoid hurting animals and to help the environment.  I donated over $4,000 of my own money to different candidates in San Diego County in 2016. 

Questions from The League of Women Voters of San Diego and the League of Women Voters of North County San Diego (1)

How will you make this office transparent to your constituents in terms of how policy decisions are made, public funds allocated, and public servants hired?
Answer from Henry Belisle:

I would continue in the tradition of having San Diego County publicizing this information.  There is a fair amount of transparency already.  I would set aside time to ensure data visualization PDFs (graphs) were available on the internet.  I would want them to be presented in English and Spanish (at a minimum).  I would try to respond to every constituent inquiry in case there was confusion.

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Martin Luther King Jr. said we need a nation of disciplined nonconformists.  We cannot trust Republicans or Democrats or conform to their uncreative special interests.  Belisle's philosophy is to be independent and respect people -- not parties. 

In today's world, and certainly in our county, knowledge of information technology is crucial to good governance.  Our high tech economy is important and more accessible than many people believe.

We must look at evidence and verify the costs are outweighed by the benefits of any given policy.  It is not enough to hypothesize or appease the two parties.  The constitutional rights, including privacy, of individuals must be respected.

While Belisle compassionately supports animal rights and is vegan like Cesar Chavez was, Belisle disagrees with privileges given to labor unions.  Belisle respects the environment and the rights of gay people over big labor proposals that could create overpopulation.  The consumer should have rights too when crafting legislation.  Governmental regulation extending maternity leave would burden, without benefiting, gay people and create larger families while driving employers out of our region.

The war on drugs has failed and has disproportionately affected minority populations.  Belisle wants to allow marijuana dispensaries to operate throughout the county.  Belisle values human rights and civil liberties.  Powerful attorneys should not be able to take away these rights of privacy and free speech without just cause. 

We should embrace do-it-yourself Chicano culture by cutting red tape relating to the permit process for home additions and upgrades.  Nietzsche said that "[i]ndustrious races find it a great hardship to be idle..."  We must see beyond the two-parties' agendas and allow our community to become stronger.

Belisle wants to fight rising sea levels and maintain more than adequate funding for the Fire Authority after having lived through the 2003 and 2007 fire storms.  Belisle believes in being prepared for external crises and fiscally ready.  The County reserves should not be raided for well-organized builders.  Belisle wants to create economic opportunity and eliminate discrimination against women, minorities and other disadvantaged groups.  He opposes religious symbols on public land, but advocates political freedom of, for, and from religion.

Belisle believes in helping young and old people with mobility to ensure affordable mass transit and opposing special interests who push for fare increases.

Belisle is determined to help the regional economy and in particular the people of District 1.

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