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Tuesday June 7, 2022 — California Primary Election
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California State AssemblyCandidate for District 80

Photo of John Vogel Garcia

John Vogel Garcia

Technology Manager
14,118 votes (20.3%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Vogel Garcia is focused on fighting for families and hard-working taxpayers who have been left in the dark by failed Democratic policies. There is maybe no better evidence than AB 5 which forced thousands of independent contractors out of work.
  • Vogel Garcia, like most other Californians, has had enough of endless taxes, regulations, and government intrusion in our lives. His goal is to shift power away from Sacramento and into the hands of individuals, families, businesses, and communities.
  • Vogel Garcia’s experience in making government work better for the people has prepared him to bring a bold, fresh perspective to Sacramento and create much needed change; starting with starts with ousting power-hungry politicians.



Profession:Information Technology Manager
Technical Domain Lead, County of San Diego (2015–current)
Chairman, Otay Valley Regional Park (OVRP) Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC) — Appointed position (2008–2019)
Park & Recreation Commissioner, Chula Vista Parks & Recreation Commission — Appointed position (2008–2016)
Independent Consultant, OS5 Technology Solutions, Inc. (2014–2015)
Customer Relationship Manager/Information Technology Program Manager, City of San Diego (1997–2014)
Technical Writer, Analysis & Technology, Inc. (1993–1995)
National Technical Support Representative, IBM (1989–1991)


University of Houston-Clear Lake Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (1992)
Santa Rita High School High School Diploma (1986)


John Vogel Garcia for California Assembly District 80

(Candidate Profile)

Vogel Garcia was born in San Diego, but moved early in life to Virginia Beach where his father was stationed in the military. His family subsequently moved to Charleston and eventually Tucson, before he earned a degree in computer science at the University of Houston. After graduating, he returned to San Diego and began working with a local Naval contractor.

During the transitional years between graduating college and moving into his career, Vogel Garcia endured some financial difficulties that pushed him into bankruptcy. Although this was a very difficult time, it forced him to mature and get his life together quickly—and that’s just what he did. John married his longtime girlfriend, Daphne, and the couple overcame their financial struggles to develop successful careers and start a family.

John landed a position with the City of San Diego as an information systems analyst while Daphne became a public school teacher. They have two children together, both of whom are now in their teenage years. The family belongs to the St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, with John also being a member of the Knights of Columbus organization. Faith plays a huge role in the Vogel Garcia family, to say the least.

While most of Vogel Garcia’s free time is dedicated to his family and church, he has also served on the Chula Vista Parks and Recreation Commission and was the Chairman of the Otay Valley Regional Park Citizen’s Advisory Committee. Additionally, he is a Charter Organizational Representative for the Boy Scouts of America through his church.

For the last several years, Vogel Garcia has continued working with local government. His work requires him to coordinate with local service agencies, integrating data to address the needs of struggling San Diegans regarding issues like eligibility, housing, child welfare, veterans services, public health, aging and dependent services, and other areas. Ultimately, the goal of Vogel Garcia’s work is to effectively streamline government to better serve San Diegans in need.

As it pertains to his campaign for Assembly, Vogel Garcia is focused on fighting for families and hard-working taxpayers who have been left in the dark as a result of failed Democratic policies. There is perhaps no better evidence of this fact than AB 5 which severely curtails many industries, forcing thousands of independent contractors to lose their jobs and businesses to downsize or close down entirely.

Vogel Garcia is committed to repealing AB 5 and replacing it with legislation that enshrines the rights of Californians to control their careers and reap the fruits of their own labor. He, like most other Californians, has had enough of endless taxes, regulations, and government intrusion in our lives. His goal is to shift power away from Sacramento and into the hands of individuals, families, businesses, and communities.


Vogel Garcia’s experience in making government work better for the people has prepared him to bring a bold, fresh perspective to the State Legislature and create much needed change. If we want to change how Sacramento operates, then we must change who we’re sending there. That change starts with ousting power-hungry politicians and replacing them with leaders committed to freedom and limited government, and that means electing John Vogel Garcia.

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Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California (4)

What programs, proposals, projects, or legislation would you support to meet the water needs of all Californians?
Answer from John Vogel Garcia:


The Governor’s pleas for Californians to reduce water consumption is another demonstration of the incompetence of Democratic state officials.  The fact is that the Democratic controlled legislature has failed to adequately plan for the water needs of the state.  During the last 50 years that Democrats have held the Assembly, they neglected to fund water infrastructure to meet the ever-growing demand.  The state should invest in local solutions like expanding the Sweetwater desalination facility adding new wells and increasing capacity; or creating additional desalination facilities like the one in Carlsbad plant that they claim generates 50 million gallons of potable water a day “from a drought-proof source – the ocean”; or exploring new uses for recycled water. It is shameful of the Governor to put the blame for water shortages on Californians when the state has not created new water infrastructure since the ’70 and allows most of our water to evaporate. The legislature needs to make water infrastructure a priority over expensive pet projects like the over budget, overdue high-speed rail for which there is no consumer demand. Californians are hurting because of the corrupt, inept policies of Sacramento elites.

Describe what proposal(s) you would support to alleviate the shortage of affordable housing for middle and low income people in California?
Answer from John Vogel Garcia:


The solution to the state’s housing crisis is too complex to be addressed by just one solution, but given the constraint of the question, the priority must be focused on reducing the cost of new housing construction.  The overbearing Democrat controlled legislature needs to restrain intervening in the market and allow local authorities to decide where and what kind of housing is needed.  Over the long-term the state can do this by (a) creating goals and incentives for local communities to review constraints on the available land, zoning regulations and fee structures; (b) encourage builders look at cheaper prefabricated construction to off-set the rising cost of raw materials; and (c) promote vocational training in construction relates jobs to increase the number of skilled workers available.  As people move into new homes, they leave behind dwellings for new occupants.

To address the overall failure of the Great Depression era and later New Deal War on Poverty the state needs to return to a promotion of the nuclear family as the bulwark against systemic poverty and homelessness. The surest way to fend off poverty and homelessness is to raise children in families with their biological mother and father. The rise in the homeless population has many causes that each need to be addressed to achieve any significant reduction: increasing cost  and scarcity of available housing; mental health disorders enabled by state handout without proper treatments; and proliferation of drug and alcohol addiction and crime. The state needs to explore new approaches to solving these age-old problems. For example, regarding mental health and addiction, it is time to look at alternatives to moral/criminal approaches to addressing this cause and get our neighbors off the streets and into treatment.  The sheer neglect of the homeless by the Democrat controlled legislature is another example of why we cannot just send the same advocates of vacant policies back to Sacramento.  Real change is needed to empower local communities to address this issue.  A full audit of all state funds must be done to account for the astronomical expense that to date has failed to remedy the problem.  The inhumane conditions of tent communities from San Francisco to San Ysidro are evidence of the neglect of the controlling party like slumlords who profit off the misery of others.

What programs or strategies would you suggest to meet the educational needs of young, low-income Californians?
Answer from John Vogel Garcia:



The change I would make to improve California’s K-12 public school systems is to have parents treated as customers. Rich and poor alike, parents must be recognized as the primary and principal educators of their children as they create stable homes and foster an atmosphere for well-rounded personal and social development.  This means that school districts and sites need to rethink the options they make available.  Parents should have the right to pick and choose between various schools without regard to boundaries, provide feedback on teachers’ performance, and be welcomed at school board meetings.  Parents are the primary educators of their children and have the right to know what is being taught and how their son or daughter is being treated in school.  Parents entrust their children to professional educators who work at the privilege of the families they serve and deserve to be treated as partners in the education of their children.  Schools, on their part, should offer a variety of programs and emphasis to meet the diverse needs, values, and traditions of the families they serve.

My mother emigrated from central Mexico, married my father and became a proud US citizen. She taught my siblings and me to speak Spanish; fostered traditional values and costumes that she learned and insisted that we assimilate into American culture.  We were expected to learn English at school to ensure our success in our homeland.  This example has developed in me a great regard for cultural diversity while remaining grounded in the great achievements of our common heritage.  Western civilization finds its culmination in the free markets and limited government that is the United States of America. 

To reach a goal of carbon neutrality by 2045, as set forth in a 2018 executive order what, if any, proposals, plans or legislation would you support?  Please be specific.
Answer from John Vogel Garcia:


To stop the corruption in the State Capitol, Assembly Democrats must stop taking money from criminally negligent Big Power companies.  The influence of big money in Sacramento ensures that there is not challenge to the dominance of PG&E and the like.  Once we address the corruption then we can look to new solutions like widely expanding rooftop solar or exploring recent advances in safe nuclear energy.  For forty years, France uses safe nuclear energy to meet electricity demand throughout the country.  Fear is no longer an excuse to reject safe, non-polluting energy production.  When state authorities bail out the criminally negligent PG&E and make the victims, their customers, pay for it the elite betray a revulsion for the very people who elected them.

 While global climate change is real and human activity may factor in, there are more immediate causes of the increase in the number and severity of wildfires.  These are more likely attributed to criminal negligence of power companies who are aided and abetted by greedy, corrupt legislators and the incompetent lack of proper stewardship of forests by state agencies.  The state should grant local agencies more control of their environment to set sound brush management policies and emergency response preparedness like San Diego County did when they purchased helicopters following the devastating 2003 Cedar fire. Another consideration is to rapidly expand the use of rooftop solar to mitigate the need for huge transmission of electricity from out of state. Unfortunately, Democrat legislators won’t be willing to bite the hand that feeds them.

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

 Vote John Vogel Garcia for California Assembly District 80

It is time for radical change in the makeup of the power structures in Sacramento.  We need to rethink how CA is governed.  Democratic majorities have controlled the Assembly for 60 years (since 1958, except 1968, 1994)!   It is madness to believe that continuing to elect Democrats will results in anything but greater incompetence, negligence, and corruption (I will address these further here and in the responses below).

I believe in objective moral truth which informs individual natural rights based on natural law that conforms to divine law.  America's founding documents specify rights to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness; guarantees Free Exercise of Religion, Press, and Expression; and secures individual's Firearms and Private Property Ownership among those inalienable natural rights.  The purpose of the government is to secure these essential natural rights for the citizens. Other founding principles of our republic, such as Separation of Powers, Popular Elections and Federalism, ensure that governmental power cannot be consolidated in the hands of one person and that decisions are made as locally as possible. 

Yet, in California the Governor with the happy compliance of the supermajority Democrat controlled legislature assumed unbridled power to disastrous effect (i.e., the Governor’s administration paid inmates EDD - unemployment – which was due to citizens out of work during COVID lockdowns).  Despite over 40 years of control of the legislature, the Democrats remain as clueless as ever to the plight of the people.  The inhumane conditions of tent communities from San Francisco to San Ysidro are evidence of the neglect of the controlling party like slumlords who profit off the misery of others.  When state authorities bail out the criminally negligent PG&E and make the victim customers pay for it, they betray a revulsion for the very people who elected them.   This pattern of incompetence, corruption and derision must end. 

The key to restoring California to the envy of the world is to trust and support families to make the best decisions for their own good regarding real options for health care, education, and employment.  Support local communities to ensure laws are justly enforced, services are equitably provided, and natural resources are safeguarded.  Limit the powers of the state government to interfere with the lives of citizens.

We can bring real prosperity back to California if we give Republicans a chance.  I pray for your careful discernment in this upcoming election.

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