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March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
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United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 2

Photo of Melissa Bradley

Melissa Bradley

Business Owner/Mother
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Workforce Housing



I was born in Marin County. I like to say I was born in Bolinas Beach because it sounds so cool, but the truth is I was born in Marin General Hospital and taken home to Bolinas where my “hippie” parents lived.

My dad had just come home a few years early after serving in the Navy in the Vietnam War, he grew up in Marin too and attended Ross elementary school in Ross and Redwood High in Larkspur. 


My mom also grew up on the beach but from the East Coast, New Jersey. After a few years in college, my mom and her girlfriend drove a van from New Jersey to California. Come on Mom, you qualify as a hippie just for driving across the country to eventually end up in San Francisco, just like the song! Okay? Geez. Own, your title of ex-hippie, mom. 


Okay, so my parents were hippies, or not, and I grew up in Marin. My dad did a number of jobs in his life and when I was born he was a bartender at Smiley’s Bar in Bolinas. Not too long after he took a job in the Mayor’s office working with my Grandfather Donald Bradley. They worked for Mayor Mascone. We moved to San Francisco for a few years while he worked in the Mayor’s office, and then we moved back to Marin to Fairfax. 


My dad was working in the Mayor’s office when Mayor Mascone was assassinated. I remember that time vividly even though I was only 7 years old. I remember my mom and dad being terribly distraught, and then shortly after being optimistic as the then San Francisco Supervisor, Diane Feinstein became the first female mayor of San Francisco in late Mayor Mascone’s place. 


We now, of course, know Diane as long-time U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein. Anyway, I guess you could say politics is in my blood. My Grandfather was Mayor Mascone’s campaign manager and Senator Fienstine’s campaign manager for re-election when she won for Mayor in 1983. He also was Governor Brown’s campaign manager. Edmond Brown Sr. that is… and he helped with John F. Kennedy’s campaign for president on the West Coast. He did a lot of ballot measure campaigns, anyway, enough about my Grandpa and Dad, may they both rest in peace. I’ll give them credit for giving me the political genes, though. The idea of holding office is not one that I just decided at age 48, in fact, I ran for Sausalito school board at age 22.


I lost that election and went on to have a successful real estate career, opened 8 real estate offices in Marin, and offices In Petaluma, Santa Rosa, and Napa. At one point I had well over 300 real estate agents working for me. I was also the top salesperson in all of Marin County for a number of houses sold for about a decade. So, I suppose loosing for the school board wasn’t so bad after all. 


In 2009 at the height of my sales career, I decided to stay home full time when my 4th baby was born. I was at home with my oldest son Jason who was 8 years old from a previous marriage, my next oldest son Bobby was 5, my daughter, Summer was 3 and I had a newborn named Sunshine. 


I told everyone I decided it was time to turn over everything to my husband and stay home with kids. That, unfortunately, was only half the truth. What I didn’t publicly announce was that my ex-husband was extremely abusive and controlling and he told me I needed to just stay home with kids and make him the CEO of my company. 


He also told me I didn’t need to know what he was spending money on, even though it was my 100 percent my corporation and I started my real estate career a full 10 years before I ever met him. 


So in 2017, I finally got up the courage to get out of my extremely unhealthy situation with my ex-husband and filed for divorce. 


Fast forward, to 2017-2018 court and custody battles, those were the most bizarre and painful years of my life.


I can tell you that the silver lining is I learned so many things in the last several years during my divorce and the year that followed, that I feel I can draw on those painful experiences to help me be a real advocate for the people. So with that in mind, please click on over to THE ISSUES. Thank you for your support. Melissa Bradley

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I believe in a government that works together for the greater good of all people. Our Founding Fathers set up our Constitution to provide for us to form a more perfect union, not to divide us. Sadly, political parties, campaign finance laws, and lobbyists have made it a government by the corporations for the corporations. It's time that the people demand that our democracy is restored and bring the power back to the people. 

Likewise, we need to invest in our future, which means making sure we make laws that protect our environment. We need to provide for our young by giving every citizen an equal opportunity to education without mounds of debt. We need healthcare that will no bankrupt our elderly and sick. 

We need to end chronic homelessness and provide more workforce housing for the people that make up all the systems that we count on.

Lastly, we need to restore hope, pride and a cooperative spirit for every American. 

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