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June 5, 2018 — California Primary Election
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United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 7

Photo of Robert Christian "Chris" Richardson

Robert Christian "Chris" Richardson

Software Developer
3,183 votes (1.9%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • People health and Education over Corporate Profit
  • Single Payer Health Care to Improved the Economy for All
  • End False Flag Wars and Bring about Energy Independence for the US and the World



Palm Beach Junior College, Florida State University, University of South Florida, Florida Atlantic University AA, BS in Biology with a minor in Computer Technology, was a member of the MUMPS Development Committee (ANSI Standard), Biology, Genetics, Computer Technology, (1976)


I was a field Biologist for the Florida Department of Natural Resources.  I did 7 years of reseach on the Atlantic Sailfish.  I worked as a programmer for Nova University Oceanography Department.  Worked for Shared Medical Systems in Philadelphia, went to the Johnson Space Center and programmed and taught Real-time FORTRAN Programming to NASA and Singer-Link personnel, Worked at the National Space Technologies Laboratory in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi for Computer Science Corporation and was transferred to the Naval Weapons Center, C

hina Lake, CA.  Joined the MUMPS Development Committee (the ANSI Standards Committee for the MUMPS Computer Language, now 50 years old and still very relavant).  Stabilized the package that paid the bills at the NWC.  Was hired by SAIC in San Diego to help them win the DoD Hospital System, Compositee Health Care System.  Went to work with the VA at La Jolla Medical Center.  Went to work for the VA Meddical Center in Martinez, CA to support security, pharmacy, engineering, and general systems issues.  Later was adjanced to the VA's Office of Information in Oakland.  Helped found to help communiities in this country and abroad adopt the VA's electronic Health Care System, VistA.  I continue to help do technical support for VistA and help to addvance the technology that we as citizens have already paid for and has saved this country huge amounts of money by empowering the people at the point of care.  It has been adopted by the countries of Jordan, India, Pakistan, Mexico aswell as a number of communiitiy hospitals in this country.

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Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California Education Fund (5)

What financing method(s) would you support to repair or improve roads, rails, ports, airports, the electrical grid and other infrastructure in the U.S.?
Answer from Robert Christian "Chris" Richardson:


Well, this one is easy.  We need to learn to wage peace and stop our aggressive wars.  We seem to find the money to fight another war, but we cannot take care of our own people or educate them.  We have monetized health care so badly that only a few can afford health care.  So if we wage peace and learn new ways of working with the rest of the world we would have plenty of money to take care of our people, improve their lives, educate them into new technology.    Single payer means that the citizen seeks care early and it does not destroy his ability to feed his family or risk his home.  Health care is part of our infrastructure.  Then we can join the other countries that only pay a fraction of the cost of health care we currently do.  A stitch in time saves nine.  The earlier the illness is intercepted means the sooner healing takes place and fewer sick days.  A healthy worker is much more productive.


  Now that we have the money and health situation solved, we can start looking at the repair of our infrastructure.  First of all, we need a much more distributed and intelligent energy grid.  We need to encourage solar collectors on as many roof tops as we can justify.  We need man-power and local jobs to repair our roads, rails, bridges and the rest of the infrastructure.  The people should have meaningful jobs and at least a reasonable compensation rate, say at least $15.00 an hour.  This by itself will be a major boost to the economy.  People who are living close to the next paycheck are more likely to spend that money wisely and not ship it off shore. During the beginning of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's administration, we were coming out of the depression and FDR began the WPA and the CCC to help get people working again.  We have the capacity to teach young people war, why can't we teach young people peace, to learn how to cooperate and join forces and come up with new plans of how we can solve the issues of the day.  But part of the current situation is the student loan which turns our future productive citizens into financial slaves.  We need to stop this and realize that education is an investment into the future.  Peace needs to be our new goal.  The forming of super-national armies are now counter productive.  We have squandered our capital on wars we had no real business being in.


What programs or legislation, if any, would you support to help Americans of all ages secure affordable health care?
Answer from Robert Christian "Chris" Richardson:

We have monetized health care so badly that only a few can afford health care.  So if we wage peace and learn new ways of working with the rest of the world we would have plenty of money to take care of our people, improve their lives, educate them into new technology, making them better consumers and producers.  We spend easily 4 times as much for horrible health outcomes. Our outcomes are some of the worst in the world.  The health insurance companies are parasites that feed on the profits of the small and large businesses and the earnings of the worker.  The Insurance companies have helped fix prices that put health care out of reach of the worker without health care.  Getting them out of the role of the gatekeeper for who gets health care is critical.  Single payer eliminates the gatekeeper role and eliminates the issues with preexisting conditions.  Single Payer is the great leveler of the employer and the employee.  But basically we need to remove the necessity to have Health insurance companies serving to monetize health care and serving as a gatekeeper for who can get health care.  The Health Insurance  companies add nothing to the actual delivery of health care to the people.  It does increase the cost of health care and servses as a club that requires its members to pay premiums to be in the club, but retains the right to refuse the members claims.  The Affordable Care Act has beeen a big gift to the Health Insurance Companies, guaranteeing profits and one side effect of the ACA is that the citizens who have preexisting conditions are dragged out into the open.  The Insurance Companies cannot refuse service to these patients now, but they are expecting the ACA to fail and these patients are then going to be assigned to high risk pools that they cannot afford.  The only solution for these now exposed patients with preexisting conditions is Single Payer or Medicare for All".  Preexisting conditions mean nothing to Single-payer.  If you need help you get help.  It is almost enevitable that we get Single-Payer.  Industry, big and small, has recognzed that with single payer, they do not have to negotiate with the Health Insurance Companies for coverage for their workers.  Please see for details.


Describe an immigration policy that you would support if presented to the House.
Answer from Robert Christian "Chris" Richardson:


I firmly believe that immigration is a major stimulation to the creativity of new ideas and new solutions to existing problems.  These different perspectives are critical to our social health and learning tolerance in this ever shrinking world.  There should be reasonable pathways to citizenship for the immigrants.  It should not take many decades to become citizens, but involvement and community service are big means of speeding up the process.  An aspect of immigration is that we now will have lots of people coming to the US to get health care.  We need to have control of pathogens that arrive and so Single Payer provides the availability to the incoming population to catch potential pathogens before they become embedded in the US population.  It is in our best interests to catch these risks to the general population  is cheaper to catch early than later.  Ultimately we are a country of immagrants.  We need to stay open and welcoming.



What programs or legislation would you support to meet the water needs of Californians and the federal water project infrastructure in California?
Answer from Robert Christian "Chris" Richardson:


There are a variety of water issues that need to be addressed and many of these approaches can be very expensive but they can be very effective.  Having worked for the Florida Water Management District in West Palm Beach, I was exposed to multiple aspects of water use.  Water needs to be utilized as a graded series from drinking water, grey water and agricultural water use.  Sources of water in California is difficult.  Much of California is a desert.  Add water and it will bloom, deprive water and it wilts.  But the sources of water are usually rain and melted snow.  Now that our rain and snow is limited and variable from year to year.  Historically, there was water provided by the Colorado River, but agriculture all along its length has fed off of its source so that nothing finally reaches the Salton Sea or to cross the Mexican Border.  One source we have not exercised is desalination.  As such, the coast lines are a means of adding to the amount of available water.  We need means of storing the water we have during our rainy season in the regions where it falls.  Surpluses can be shared, but most of the load of drinking water needs to be fed first from rain and storage sources.  Shortages need to be made up from desalinization.  Grey water is the next item on the agenda.  We need to take sewage and street run-off and route this to agriculture.   This can be settled first and digested and then routed to the agricultural areas.  Dessication is the best way to process and reduce sewage.  Recycling our water is critical, but we can also work on the increasing the absorption off shore so that we can increase our rainy season in California.  We need more research into the increase in weather manipulation for this increase.


According to a "Civility In America” survey, 75% of Americans believe that the U.S. has a major civility problem. If you are elected what will do to address this?
Answer from Robert Christian "Chris" Richardson:


There are very powerful people who have manipulated the population into brlieving lies and gotten the people to go along with the actions that have made us the most dangerous country to democracy in the world. .  Our actions have created more terrorists in the world.  We need to start being honest with ourselves and do the real analysis of the 911 event as it was actually a self inflicted wound in order to make a "New Pearl Harbor" to use as a bloody flag as our justification for aggression.  We need to take more of an active measure in helping to build more bridges and cooperation between countries and get our own house back in order.   There are moves we can do to make the world safer and more prosperous place to live.  Waging war is no longer an affordable pass-time for a civilized country.  We had been lied to and propagandized horribly. Follow the lines of reasoning that flowed through the 911 event.  It was more of a demolition than an attack.  There is a web site called and is the site of Architects and Engineers study of the 911 event. The physics of the event tell a very different story than the official story.  The government needed a reason to justify their incursions into the middle east.  On the 10th of September, the DoD announced that they were going to investigate the 2.3 trillion dollars missing from their budget, and the one office in the pentagon that was hit was that very office.  There were three steel core buildings that were brought down that day on the 11th of September.  Before 911, no steel core building had ever been totally collapsed by fire.  The Trade Center Towers should have been able to absorb 50 plane impacts, but one each was enough??  If the planes had been packed with fuel, aviation kerosene only heats up to 1,800 degrees.  Steel melts at 2,700 degrees.  There was also building WTC7 that came down on that day and was where the backups for the DoD investigation were stored.  All three of the buildings fell at gravitational rates.  They would have not fallen if there had been any steel left in those buildings.  Those three buildings were mined with thermite, a silent explosive reaction that melts steel at over 4,000 degrees.  Please follow the money.  Our wars of aggression are a lie.   We cannot make good on the tragedy but we can help by making the world sane again.  I was over in Kensington, UK, just before 911 to present some papers to the Open Source Health Care Alliance.  I met an IT director of a 1,000 bed hospital in Tehran, Iran.  He wanted the software we offered for free download.  We exchanged emails and then 911 happened and then all communications stopped.  It would have been a different world if the US and Iran took care of their people's health with the same basic system and helped to support each other. Please see for more details.


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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

My political philosophy is to return power to the people.  Return power to the people who are closest to the problems being handled.  We also need a more responsible government.  We need an electorate who is better educated and able to seek out the truth where ever it leads.  We need energy independence and we need to get back out into space with the help of the rest of the world.  The moon needs to be settled by representatives of all countries.  I have traveled to numerous countries in Europe, Jordan, Tunisia Africa, Kuala Lumpur, Australia, and Japan and attended a coupe of the World Summits for the Information Society.  I have given numerous presentations to foreign organizations such as the Open Source Health Care Alliance and DECUS (as well as served as a session scheduler and Special Interest Group Chairman for one of their groups).  This travel has elightened me as to the opinions and the challenges and the things that are important to other people from other countries.  We are not nearly as different as many would like us to believe.  I am a problem solver and have provided solutions forr some very interesting problems.



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