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June 5, 2018 — California Primary Election
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United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 53

Photo of Matt Mendoza

Matt Mendoza

Lemon Grove City Councilman
19,710 votes (13.6%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Less Government and Lower Tax Rates
  • Fix Social Security and Medicare Funds
  • Provide Our Veterans with better care



Profession:City Councilman of Lemon Grove
Operations Manager, Boeing Satellite Systems (2004–current)
Councilman, Lemon Grove City Council — Elected position (2016–current)
City Councilman, Lemon Grove City Councilman — Elected position (2016–current)


I am a man of roots.  I believe in family, friends, and community.  Like all of you I have my own story:  small town boy, big dreams and strong ties to what really matters in life. 

Born and raised in Lemon Grove, California I attended Monterey Heights Elementary and Palm Junior High School.  Mount Miguel High School in Spring Valley was my next stop; and after graduating in 1976, I headed off to Southwestern College in Chula Vista.

As with most people, I learned what I needed to in school, and then some.  Football, basketball and track taught me the value of teamwork, but what I did not expect to learn was the value of mentorship. 

Investing in people, whether as a recipient or giver, is one of the greatest cycles of hope we can participate in. Coaching both the girls and boys basketball teams at Mount Miguel (1977-78 & 1982-83 respectively) provided an avenue for me to give back to my community and encourage the next generation.  Little did I
know then how that would transfer to a greater vision for our own state of California.

My career at General Dynamics in San Diego included 16 years at the Linbergh Field plant where I moved up the ladder through hard work and commitment.  From commercial aircraft to proto type special projects for the military, missiles and space systems to my managerial experience at Boeing Satellite Systems for the past 18 years: my experience is now your experience as I pour and utilize all that I have learned back into you.

The traditional family values I hold strong are founded on my faith in God, and my parents own example of 65 years of marriage.  My wife, Candette, and I hold to these same family values and are committed to live out such an example as my own mom and dad.  We attend church at Skyline in La Mesa, California.  My faith in God is my strength, guidance and moral compass.

As all small town boys do, I grew up.  The years have brought experiences I never imagined, both joys and sorrows, but the essence of Matthew James Mendoza has not changed.  Commitment, leadership, courage, strength, and character are all qualities we glean from our foundational core; all of which are intertwined with all of you, my community.

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of North County San Diego (5)

Family reunification is a process that allows immigrants already residing in the U.S. to bring in additional family members. Do you support limiting this process? Why or why not?
Answer from Matt Mendoza:

I do not believe that immigrants should be aloud to bring their family members to the United States.

Do you support expanding the current border wall between U.S. and Mexico? Why or why not?
Answer from Matt Mendoza:

In light of the continuing talks about immigration reform, we must put into place a firm foundation to build upon, a foundation that is rock solid in protecting America’s citizens and its borders. 

We must secure our borders first, in order to ensure we do not have to endure another immigration debate 15 to 20 years down the road.  Putting up a fence along with high-tech surveillance monitors should be the first action done to effect immigration reform.

  Do you support creating additional regulations on gun ownership? Why or why not?  
Answer from Matt Mendoza:

NO more regulations on guns!!!

  Should the U.S. remain in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)? Why or why not?  
Answer from Matt Mendoza:

The NAFTA agreement must be equal to all parties.

Question 5

What programs or legislation, if any, would you support to help Americans of all ages secure affordable health care?

No answer provided.

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Matt Mendoza

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Social Security
The Social Security issue has been going on for years and Congress has not taken the issue up on the floor of the Capital. Therefore it is imperative that the Social Security Fund is infused with cash.  What the taxpayers don’t know is the fund has a $66 billion dollar cash flow deficit as of 2016. Congress needs to act soon or the cost to the American Tax payer will be 20 to 30% higher if they wait to act.  Our younger generation may be looking at higher taxes and higher debt, and the elderly may be receiving only 75% of what they should be getting on their monthly checks. Stand with Matt and send him to Washington to be your voice on the Capital floor as he stands for middle class values.
National Security
The United States Military forces have been in a decline over the past few years by cutting Federal funding and also not renewing our serves men and women by keeping them on duty. We need to kick start our military with funding and showing them the country and its people are behind them.

As for our military, it should be second to none and to stand for Freedom at home and abroad. We must provide the best equipment for our men and women on the ground and in the air. Moreover to have the best equipment in space for communications and intelligent information.
It is my belief that our Country was put on this earth for a reason, it is to be the leader of Freedom and Liberty and a beacon of Hope in the world. Combat the foes of Freedom where ever they show their evil deeds, to stand for those who cannot stand against the tyrants of the world by themselves.

Matt Mendoza will get government out of the way so we can get Californians working again. By cutting taxes, repealing regulations, balancing our budget and expanding domestic energy production, California can create new jobs. Sacramento must lower business taxes to attract companies to come back to California and prevent other companies from leaving to other states that have much lower business taxes and less frustrating regulations.  If we can be business friendly, we will get the companies and therefore produce new jobs!
Fiscal Responsibility
California is broken. Matt Mendoza knows it will require taking on big government in three areas, overtaxing, overspending and over regulation.  The solution is easy!!!!   Every house hold knows that you should not spend more than you bring in.  Our leaders in Sacramento obviously don't know this.  As Californians we must push for an annual balance budget.
Border Security
In light of the continuing talks about immigration reform, we must put into place a firm foundation to build upon, a foundation that is rock solid in protecting America’s citizens and its borders. 

We must secure our borders first, in order to ensure we do not have to endure another immigration debate 15 to 20 years down the road.  Putting up a fence along with high-tech surveillance monitors should be the first action done to effect immigration reform.

Heavy fines should be given to employers that hire illegals.  Employers that hire illegals are one of the major issues of this immigration debate and this should be addressed on a national scale.   

It is the government that tells us it can run a successful migrant worker program, but currently there are over 1 million people that are in the United States that have overstayed their visa’s and the government does not know where they are.  I believe they are too busy looking into law-abiding citizens that want to apply for a 501-C-4 nonprofit group, than looking into who is entering our country.  Illegal migration is sucking California’s economy dry, taking over $15 billion in healthcare funding and entitlements.    Soon many cities will be going the way of Detroit, Fresno, San Jose and Los Angeles, just to name a few. 

Now crime is on the rise on the border states.  Cutting off people’s heads is not happening just south of the border; it is also at our door steps.  Crimes we see on TV news by the drug cartels in Mexico are now happening in the United States.

Our national parks are being used for cultivating marijuana.  If a person goes on a hike at one of our Parks, they are running a risk that they may be shot at if seen.  How much more do we as citizens of what used to be the greatest nation on earth have to endure?  When are we going to say enough is enough?  Tell our politicians, “if you do not do what the people want and need you to do, it is time for you to go”.

We are a nation that has a government, not the other way around.  They have no power but that given by the people.  It is time “We the People” need to stand firm and strong and demand changes. 

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