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June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election
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United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 50

Photo of David Secor

David Secor

Retired Clerk - San Diego County Superior Court, Felony Division
17,590 votes (11.5%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Single Payer Health Care
  • Renegotiate ALL foreign trade agreements resulting in significant loss of manufacturing and jobs.
  • $1 trillion investment in nation's infrastructure



Profession:Retired Clerk - San Diego County Superior Court, Felony Division
Retired Clerk, Felony Division, San Diego County Superior Court (1992–2011)
Platoon Leader (E-5), "C" Company, 228th Av. Bn., 1st Air Cavalry Division, Vietnam (1968–1969)


San Diego State University B.A., Speech Communication (1976)
San Diego State University B.A. Degree and post-graduate studies., Major - Speech Communication. Minor - German. (1975)


I was born in Washington state, but spent my early years in the small northern Wisconsin mining town of Montreal, where my Dad was an iron miner.  In 1959, when I was 12, the mine closed and the entire region was economically devastated.  We came to California that summer in a pickup truck with a camper shell - my folks, my brother and 2 younger sisters, grandma and her dog, leaving everything I'd ever known behind.  We settled in San Diego in 1960.  After graduating from Morse High in 1965, I was a platoon leader with the 1st Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam 1968-69.  In 1973, I graduated from SDSU with a B.A. in Speech Communication and taught classes there as a graduate assistant.  There were years of travel and a wide variety of jobs - construction, warehousing, truck driving.  I joined San Diego Superior Court downtown in 1992, and retired from the felony division in 2011.  I married Patty in 2007.  We had dated in high school, and although she turned down my proposal before I left for Vietnam, we met again at our 40th high school reunion and she finally said, "Yes!"  Patty taught elementary school in Temecula for many years.  We live happily in Crest with our fox terrier, Clementine.   

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I am a Bernie Sanders Democrat.  Just like the Republican Party establishment, the Democratic Party establishment has sold out its base, sold its soul for corporate, lobbyist and special interest campaign contributions.  While the top 1%, multinational corporations and the politicians themselves have prospered, working class Americans and small business owners have been financially bled dry over decades, under both Republican and Democratic administrations.  We've believed their promises.  We've seen the results.  Enough is enough.  The people on Main Street are my people.  Mine is a working class background. I've seen war up close, as an enlisted man.  I've worked jobs where I broke a sweat - in construction, warehousing and truck driving, and jobs where I wore a shirt and tie - teaching and in criminal court.  I've lived the experiences now being faced by our fast-disappearing middle class.  That's why I am totally dedicated to seeing the return of a sustainable, thriving middle class.  That can only happen when voters stop being merely pawns in the political establishment's bigger game.  It can only happen when we don't just desire, don't just request, but demand REAL CHANGE.  By working together, there is NOTHING that we, the People, can't do!

Position Papers

The Necessity For Single Payer (Medicare-For-All) Healthcare.


The impact of Single Payer on individuals, families, small buisness owners and the U.S. economy.  Ever-increasing premiums and deductibles with insurance-based plans, including the ACA (Obamacare) and the as yet unknown Republican alternative, are unaffordable or financially crippling for millions of Americans.

We will never be able to restore a viable, thriving middle class until we have Single Payer health care.  You already know that, other than the U.S., every advanced nation in the world, from Canada to Israel, has universal health care.  Its value and success is obvious, as not even the most conservative politician in those nations would dare campaign based on rejecting it and switching to a system like ours.  Those nations cover everyone, yet their healthcare costs as a percentage of GDP are much lower than ours -12% vs 17%!

In our district alone, every month, health insurance premiums extract millions of dollars from workers and small business owners!  Along with rising deductibles, co-payments and sky-high prescription costs, it's only getting worse.  This is money that would otherwise be spendable income we desperately need.  It's income that would otherwise be spent boosting our economy, and in the process creating new jobs. There are other important costs! 

  • Workers must leave jobs they enjoy solely because another employer provides health insurance.
  • Workers can't leave jobs the hate because they need the insurance coverage the current job provides.
  • Small business owners with tight margins lose valuable employees because they can't provide insurance.
  • Any deserved wage increases are immediately eaten up by increasing monthly insurance premiums.
  • Medical bills are still the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. (65%).

The savings accrued, and worries avoided, by not having to pay any monthly health insurance premiums far outweigh any modest increase in taxes - it provides thousands of extra dollars per household each year as disposable income.  Single Payer Health Care is the single best action we can take to better the lives of people, small business owners and stimulate the U.S. economy.


An initial $1 Trillion Investment in the Nation's Infrastructure.


A significant investment in infrastructure is desperately needed.  It will not only provide needed improvements, it will add 13 million good-paying jobs - jobs that can't be outsourced, and the investment will more than pay for itself!

While China spends 15% of its GDP on infrastructure, the U.S. spends 2.5%.  This has been going on for decades. Allowing our ports, roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, airports, railroads, etc. to deteriorate costs us billions and hurts our economic competiveness.

The benefits in jobs, efficiency and productivity are obvious.  Less obvious is that it would not cost money, but make money!  With current interest rates of 2%, investments in infrastructure improvement projects need only return 5-10% over 10 years to more than pay for themselves.  Most would have an even greater return on investment.

Construction workers, contractors, suppliers - all are ready to go to work!  These are good-paying American jobs that can't be outsourced, using American-made materials.   The time is NOW.  Interest rates will never be lower.  It's not, as some will say, "wasteful government spending." It's investment that spurs economic growth.  An added benefit - the money earned by workers, contractors and suppliers also means income growth to the businesses they visit in their local communities.  That's what's known as the "multiplier effect" of such investments.  It's not often we can say "spending" is a great idea, but in this case it truly is!


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