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Tuesday March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
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Photo de J. R. Myers

J. R. Myers

Director de Salud del Comportamiento
8,068 votos (14.3%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • ¡Despenalizar a EE. UU.! Acabar con la Vía Directa de la Escuela Pública al Complejo Industrial de Prisiones y la consecuente clase marginada permanente. Acabar con nuestro estado como la sociedad más encarcelada en la historia. Fomentar la rehabilitación y la educación cuando sea posible. ¡Que domine la Libertad!
  • ¡Acabar con Las Guerras! Acabar con todas las guerras ilegales y no autorizadas. El congreso debe imponer su autoridad en esta área. ¡No más Presidencia Imperial! ¡No más estado policial global! ¡Acabar con el Complejo Industrial Militar! Primero va la diplomacia asertiva. ¡La guerra al último!
  • ¡Restaurar el Civismo! Ya no podemos tolerar la división y la demonización crecientes entre sí. La polarización radical ha dado lugar a la violencia y la muerte. Esta no es la promesa de Estados Unidos. Podemos no estar de acuerdo y aun así trabajar juntos. ¡Libertad!



Profesión:Director de Salud del Comportamiento
Director de Salud del Comportamiento, Glacier Community Health Center (2017–actual)
Director, Servicios contra Incendios de la 1.a Área de Haines Borough — Cargo designado (2012–2013)
Director, Servicios Centrales de Emergencia de Kenai Penninsula Borough — Cargo designado (2010–2011)


University of Great Falls Maestría en Consejería Profesional, Consejería (2001)
University of Great Falls Maestría en Servicios Humanos, Servicios Humanos (1997)
College of Geat Falls Licenciatura en, Artes Liberales Interdisciplinarias (1991)

Actividades comunitarias

Chairman, S.E. Montana Mental Health Citizens Advisory Committee (1998–1999)
Chairman, N.E. Montana Mental Health Citizens Advisory Committee (1997–1998)
Director, Literacy Volunteers of America - Kalipell, MT (1993–1995)
Director, Great Falls Native American Association/Health Clinic (1981–1982)
Chairman, Montana Coalition Against Poverty (1982–1982)


John Richard “J.R.” Myers has been active in community affairs since an early age. He has served on countless non-profit boards of directors. He has chaired numerous political groups and parties. He has run several campaigns for public office. He has served on local government boards. He holds two masters degrees, one in Human Services, the other in Professional Counseling. He is a licensed Counselor in Alaska and Montana. He also holds a Master of Addiction Counselor credential and currently serves as the Behavioral Health Director of the Glacier Community Health Center in Cut Bank, Montana.


Now, in his continuous pursuit of Constitutionally based government and to, ‘Restore the Republic’, J.R. has helped to found the national Life and Liberty Party and decided to run as a candidate for President of the United States in 2020.


J.R. has already been campaigning in Alaska and Idaho, and plans on events in California, Montana and Arkansas soon. He has a website (, Facebook Page, Twitter account and YouTube channel. He has given several interviews, and looks forward to more, as well as to any and all debates. He hopes to be on at least enough state ballots to reach the theoretical thresold of Electoral College Victory at 270, and to establish the Life and Liberty Party as the vehicle for those Americans who want real political change.


The L&LP has already obtained 2020 ballot access for its Presidential candidate in Arkansas, and will be seeking ballot access in more states. Additionally, J.R. has agreed to be placed on the CP Virginia ballot petition as a place holder candidate for Vice President. J.R. is scheduled to debate five other candidates in Boise on February 29. All are seeking the Constitution Party of Idaho ballot line. J.R. will also appear in the March 3, 2020 California primary election ballot as a candidate of the American Independent Party. This will be followed by his appearance on the Constitution Party of Idaho primary ballot on March 10.  In 2016, he won three counties in California and came in second place in Idaho, eventually being nominated as the CP ID candidate for Vice President of the United States on the Copeland/Myers ticket.


“Regardless of party label, I continue to work across the political spectrum in good faith with others of like mind to advance the causes of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! See you on the campaign trail!” J.R.Myers

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters of California (3)

What financing method(s) would you support to repair or improve roads, rails, ports, airports, the electrical grid, and other infrastructure in the U.S.?
Respuesta de J. R. Myers:

I support user fees, such as through gasoline and similar taxes at the pump.  I also support private toll roads and bridges.  I favor placing the true cost of local infrastructure upon local governments and service users.  I support the cultivation of alternative energy through expanded opportunities and incentives to home owners, businesses and communities to invest in alternatives such as solar, wind and hydro power.  We need to continue exploring technological, entrepreneural and spiritual/philosophical solutions to our energy, transportation and economic futures. 

What programs or legislation, if any, would you support to help Americans of all ages to secure affordable health care?
Respuesta de J. R. Myers:

I would allow for all forms of alternative healthcare.  I would remove any and all Federal mandates.  I would decriminalize all substances, and allow state and local regulation.  I would attempt to remove healthcare from the Federal system altogether, and decentralize to the various states.  I would promote Health Savings Accounts, and generous tax deductions for out of pocket health care expenses.   

Describe an immigration policy that you would support if presented to the President.
Respuesta de J. R. Myers:

Only Citizens should be allowed to vote.  I support the right of all sovereign jurisdictions to govern themselves.  This includes the right to defined and secure borders.  We need to quickly relocate those who do not legally belong here.  However, I am a staunch defender of legitimate Asylum seekers.  We must never dispense of Due Process for those who claim to be Refugees, under our laws.  We must never forget to exercise our compassion and hospitality to bless others.  

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Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

Accountable servant leadership. Free, equal and fair elections. Constitutionally based civil governance. Due process and the rule of law. Affirmation of innocent life from conception to natural death. Defense of the Second Amendment. No presumptive Red Flag laws. I am dedicated to uphold these foundations of our Republic. I will end illegal and undeclared wars! End the War On Drugs! End the school to prison pipeline! End the Criminal Justice/Military/Industrial complex! Stop the militarization of the police! Stop the criminalization of the populace! I promote education and treatment. I reaffirm sovereignty over one’s own body. Informed consent. No forced medical procedures. Alternative treatments allowed. I will end the Imperial Presidency and decentralize power. No more dictates by Executive Order. Reduce and end the menacing $23 Trillion national debt. Congress and the States shall exercise their prerogatives. Develop our economy through continued technological innovation. Promote domestic Rare Earth Element mining and refining, Hemp production and other sustainable alternatives, including energy diversification. We will prosper by being responsible stewards of our planet and diligent conservationists of our resources. End entangling foreign alliances. Implement Fair Trade agreements. End the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Review other federal agencies and programs for constitutionality. Healthy elections begin with healthy campaigns. Proper voter registration, ballot access liberalization, balloting, vote counting, permanent records, ethical campaign finance reform, unbiased coverage and debate inclusion of all ballot qualified candidates are essential. I stand for the ideals of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all!


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— February 24, 2020 Americans for J.R.Myers 2020

A brief introduction with reasons for running and general policy positions.

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