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March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
Party Committee

Democratic Party County Central Committee — Partido DemócrataCandidato para Member, Assembly District 76

Photo de Sarah Spinks

Sarah Spinks

Artista de tatuajes
10,227 votos (4.9%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Medicare para Todos. Viví en Alemania hace casi veinte años como estudiante de intercambio y experimenté una manera mejor. Los cuidados de la salud son un derecho humano.
  • Educación. Invertir en el futuro, invertir en nosotros mismos. Educación temprana y universidad para todos.
  • Medio Ambiente. Debemos dejar nuestra región mejor de lo que la encontramos para las generaciones futuras. Debemos priorizar la reducción de nuestras emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero a través de la tecnología y del aumento del uso del transporte público.



Profesión:Artista de Tatuajes
Artista de Tatuajes, Independiente (2005–actual)
Junta Directiva, Cámara de Comercio de Vista — Cargo designado (2019–actual)
Vicepresidente, Presidencia de Promociones, Discover Vista — Cargo designado (2018–actual)
Vicepresidente, Club Demócrata Progresivo de San Diego - Capítulo Norte — Cargo elegido (2019–actual)
Presidente, Fundador, Backfence Society, Inc (Art - 501c3) — Cargo designado (2016–actual)
Comisionado de Artes Públicas, Ciudad de Vista — Cargo designado (2015–2019)


Cal State San Marcos Licenciatura en Humanidades (B.A.), Estudios de Literatura y Escritura (2004)


I am born and raised in Vista, CA, where I also currently reside with my family. I graduated with a degree in Literature and Writing in 2004 from Cal State San Marcos. In 2001, I was afforded the opportunity to study a year abroad in Tuebingen, Germany in 2001. After a string of odd jobs after college, in 2005, I was given an opportunity to learn how to tattoo. Tattooing over the past 15 years allows me to have a flexible schedule, has given me opportunity to travel nationally and internationally. It has also given me an intimate glimpse into the lives of so many people, from all walks of life.

In 2011, I began producing community art events which has evolved into a small arts non-profit, The Backfence Society. One of our programs, Only Losers Litter, is a monthly performance art gathering where we put on super hero capes and clean up litter. 

I served as the Chair to the Public Arts Commission from 2015-2019. I am currently involved on the Board of Directors through the Vista Chamber of Commerce and have been nominated as Business Person of the Year for the Heroes of Vista Annual Gala. I also serve as Vice President of the downtown Vista association, Discover Vista, hosting events and gathering community.

I joined the Vista Democratic Club in 2018. I briefly entered the race for Vista Mayor in 2018, but ended up stepping back due to personal reasons that made me take a pause and instead helped two candidates in their races for Vista City Council. Councilmember Corinna Contreras won her seat and it gives the neighborhoods, I have lived in my entire life, a compassionate and forward thinking leader; I also worked with candidate/community advocate Tazheen Nizam who planted a seed in the conservative leaning District 4 of Vista with her campaign. I am volunteering and donating to Katie Melendez candidate for Vista City Council District 3.

Last year, I also joined the San Diego Progressive Democratic Club and was elected as the Vice Chair of the North Chapter. The main club endorsed Bernie and I feel accomplished because I came to that meeting to share my personal story and contribute to that decision.


Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de The League of Women Voters San Diego (LWVSD) and the League of Women Voters of North County San Diego (LWVNCSD) (3)

If elected, how much time and energy will you be able to devote to this volunteer position over the next four years, given your other personal and professional obligations?
Respuesta de Sarah Spinks:

I commit to my commitments. If elected I promise to make it to every meeting and to do my homework studying the issues before me. I am a curious person. I love reading. I have an active social life and I like to discuss things with friends. My profession allows me a flexible schedule and the privilege of donating my time to causes that are important to me and helping my activist friends when asked - BECAUSE WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

In 2011, I started hosting pop-up art shows with fellow artists and began recognizing my ability to bring people together around creativity and community. This evolved into a non-profit art organization in 2016, The Backfence Society. One of our programs is a monthly litter cleanup called Only Losers Litter, where we invite participants to wear super hero capes and make a spectacle out of picking up trash in our shared environment. San Diego County is one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth and there is litter everywhere - it is a constant visual reminder that we need to do better. 


I have a lot of energy and I am an industrious person and I have solid values and believe in equity and LISTENING.

What is the most significant challenge facing this party in the next decade, and if you are elected, how will you help the party prepare to meet it?
Respuesta de Sarah Spinks:

I believe greed and corruption undermine any progress we think we may be making and it exacerbates another major problem we face in our democracy: APATHY. We need people to get involved at all levels of government and in our community organizations. We need to energize people to feel that their voices matter, that you can be a regular, working class person and that your voice matters in this party. We also need to tax the rich. Wealth inequality is out of control, my generation owns so little because we live in an oligarchy and it is creating serfdom. We deserve better.


I believe this is our party. We need to raise our standards and demand a higher quality life. Healthcare is a human right. Education must be a top priority because children are our future and how we invest in them is how we invest in ourselves. We deserve an amazing environment free from health affecting harm to our bodies and our lives. We deserve to live in a world where we work hard for justice everyday and we need to LISTEN.

What public figures, past and present, do you believe have given the most postive examples of what this party stands for? Please explain your reasons for thinking so.
Respuesta de Sarah Spinks:

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. She is speaking truth to power and serving the people. I feel energized by her story and her passion to serve and stand up for working class people. 

Henry Wallace, Vice President to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was a farmer and an intellectual and he stayed away from cigar parties and studied classic art and read books. He was a visionary behind the New Deal and I seriously wonder where our party would be, had he won the Vice Presidential nomination over Truman. 


My Dad. I grew up in a working class family. My Dad is a Union Carpenter and my Mom a Registered Nurse. My Dad is a lifelong Democrat and talks politics and about working class issues everywhere he goes. His values are to invest in the future through education, work hard but get paid for your work because it is valuable. My Dad quoting my whole life, "Without labor, there is no wealth."

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Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

Democracy works better when we work it.

Without labor there is no wealth.

Leave the world better than you found it.

Green New Deal.

Healthcare for everyone.

Education can save us if we let it.

Arts and culture are good for society.

ALWAYS VOTE! Better yet, find people who aren't voting and get them to vote.

Talk to your neighbor, LISTEN, battle bigotry everywhere you find it. 

You can make a difference. One person can make a difference. 

A lot of hands can lift a heavy load. 


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