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March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
Party Committee

Democratic Party County Central Committee — Partido DemócrataCandidato para Member, Assembly District 76

Photo de Daniel R.F. O'Donnell

Daniel R.F. O'Donnell

Miembro del Comité Central
7,438 votos (3.6%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Encontrar una solución a nuestros problemas de falta de vivienda a través de programas que se centren en los jóvenes en riesgo, así como un mayor acceso a los cuidados de la salud mental.
  • Transporte Público - necesitamos encontrar soluciones para nuestra creciente población que no incluyan la ampliación de la 5, la 78 o la 15.
  • Crecimiento de la base Demócrata a través de un mayor apoyo público a los ciudadanos que con frecuencia son ignorados, así como un apoyo que involucre a nuestras comunidades a partir del nivel de escuela secundaria.



Profesión:Gerente de Apoyo a Empresas
Gerente de Apoyo a Empresas, Boar's Head Brand (2017–actual)
Reclutador Técnico, NextGen Global Resources (2015–2017)
Consejero de Admisiones, Ashford University (2011–2014)


National University Maestría en Administración Pública y Desarrollo Organizacional (2012)
Illinois State University Licenciatura en Ciencias Políticas (2007)

Actividades comunitarias

Member, Democratic Club of Vista (2019–current)
Member, Democratic Club of Carlsbad Oceanside (2020–current)
Member, Escondido Young Democrats (2019–2020)
Member, Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club (2019–2020)
Member, North County Young Democrats (2019–2020)


I was born into a working class family and raised in a suburb just outside of Chicago on the city’s South Side.  I attended Illinois State University where I received my Degree in Political Science and was elected to lead the Model Illinois Government organization, an organization of nearly 20 colleges and 300 students. Later, I would go on to obtain his Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Organizational Development from National University.

I moved to San Diego in 2011 where my passions for community involvement and change were reignited. In 2012 I began working to help re-elect President Obama and help elect Scott Peters to 52nd Congressional District. In 2013 I worked as a Volunteer Coordinator for David Alvarez during his bid for Mayor of San Diego. Later that year I was accepted into a Fellowship with The San Diego LGBT Community Center and their Young Professional Counsel, which is designed to educate and engage future community leaders in the LGBTQ community and the allies that support them.

More recently I have been an active member with the San Diego Young Democrats, North County Young Democrats, Vista Democratic Club, Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club, Escondido Young Democratic Club, and the Democratic Club of Carlsbad and Oceanside. In 2018 I worked to get voters engaged for the down ballot races by knocking on doors to help educate citizens about those issues and to help elect Governor Newsom. In 2019 I took part in the Vista Leadership Academy, where I received an up close look at how the city functions, while gaining experience on the inner working of our communities.

My goal on the Democratic Party Central Committee would be to strengthen the base of the Democratic Party through strong voter engagement, reaching out to the forgotten members of our communities, and engaging our youth at the high school level.

I understand that we need to elect leaders that want to create legitimate transit options, instead of building on top of our already congested roads and highways. Leaders that are willing create programs that will that will address real issues that help and house our homeless population. Individuals that will work with the county, state, and federal government to find affordable and free healthcare options for all of our citizens, especially those who can’t afford insurance.

I also believe in finding green energy solutions so that we can combat climate change and protect our communities, coastline, natural resources and state parks, for all of our future generations.
Most importantly, I want to provide a seat for everyone at our table, so that we can all prosper here in the 76th Assembly District and beyond.

I want to fight for working class people, because I come from a working class family.

To find out more about me, please visit my Facebook page

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  • Corinna Contreras

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de The League of Women Voters San Diego (LWVSD) and the League of Women Voters of North County San Diego (LWVNCSD) (3)

If elected, how much time and energy will you be able to devote to this volunteer position over the next four years, given your other personal and professional obligations?
Respuesta de Daniel R.F. O'Donnell:

I genuinely would not be running for this position if I were not willing to dedicate the necessary time to ensure its success. I am 100% committed to balancing my personal and professional duties to create the necessary amount of time to the Central Committee and the members of this district.

What is the most significant challenge facing this party in the next decade, and if you are elected, how will you help the party prepare to meet it?
Respuesta de Daniel R.F. O'Donnell:

There are many issues that we will face as a party over the next decade, but I believe the largest issue that faces the Democratic Party is the changing dynamic of those that inhabit it.  We have a diverse group of citizens that are separated by age, culture, class, and values, that are all fighting for a litany of issues that include Health Care, Citizenship, Climate Change, Social Security, Housing, Equal Rights and Wage Equality.  We need to focus on the end goal and work together to understand, that while our methods may differ, we all want the same end result. 

We need to make our citizens voices feel valued, even if they didn't vote in the last election. I will work to bridge that gap by inviting everyone to our table and maintaining an open dialogue, while working together to find our common ground, so that we can accomplish all of the goals that we set out to achieve.

What public figures, past and present, do you believe have given the most postive examples of what this party stands for? Please explain your reasons for thinking so.
Respuesta de Daniel R.F. O'Donnell:

I have always admired the work that President Kennedy accomplished during his time in office.  When you look past his personal flaws, and judge the body of his work, from his time in the service, the 60's booming economy, the manner in which political campaigns operate, the establishment of the Peace Corps, his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and his work on Civil Rights and Equal Rights, he paved the way for a generation of progressives that would not be defined by the ideology of the past. 

I think it is very similar to what we are seeing today with the rise of a more progressive movement within the Democratic Party and it should lend itself to the idea, that despite the pushback, we must never give up and we must keep pushing to create changes that will help benefit all Americans, even if it is far more challenging that we had hoped it would be.   

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