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City of Beverly Hills
Measure TL - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


6,405 votes yes (81.5%)

1,453 votes no (18.5%)

Shall an ordinance be adopted by the City of Beverly Hills to establish a total three term limit during one's lifetime for the offices of City Councilmember and City Treasurer in the City of Beverly Hills?

What is this proposal?

Details — Official information

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Laurence S. Wiener, City Attorney

Measure TL was placed on the ballot by the Beverly Hills City Council. This Measure, if approved by the voters, places a three term lifetime limit on the office of city council member and a three term lifetime limit on the office of city
treasurer. If a council member or the city treasurer is elected or appointed to fill a partial term of less than two years, then that term will not count toward the three term limit.

Measure TL states that it is the City Council's and voters' intent to apply term limits in a manner that counts the terms that council members and treasurers have already served. For example, an official who has served two terms before
Measure TL is adopted, would only be eligible to serve one additional term after the Measure is adopted. However, all persons who have served three or more terms of office and are elected to office at this election, or who are currently in
office at the time of this election, shall be permitted to complete their current terms.

Nevertheless, whether term limits can be applied to count past terms commencing before term limits were in effect has not been addressed by a court. Therefore, a court could rule that Measure TL will only count the future terms of city
council members and treasurers, served after the Measure takes effect.

Thus, because of the uncertainty of a court ruling, Measure TL also states that the voters would have enacted these term limits even if a court later rules that the term limits may not count past terms of council members or treasurers.

A "yes" vote on Measure TL favors the enactment of term limits. A "no" vote on Measure TL opposes the enactment of term limits.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against

Arguments FOR

Yes on Measure TL establishes term limits for Beverly Hills elected officials, limiting our Councilmembers and Treasurers to no more than three terms during their lifetime for any single elected office. Yes on Measure TL promotes
better municipal government without discouraging new people from seeking to serve.

Measure TL means no elected official will serve more than twelve years or three terms at the same position. This should be long enough to accomplish what he or she sets out to achieve while allowing others to participate and bring fresh,
new ideas to our city.

Unlike California’s larger cities, Beverly Hills is a city wherein elected officials are supposed to be residents, community members, and part-time volunteers, not career politicians.

Beverly Hills encourages community involvement through the Team Beverly Hills program. It also limits commission members to two terms totaling six years. Why then discourage new candidates for elected office by having unlimited

Term limits will create more competitive elections, encourage more residents to run for office, and give voters a wider range of choice. Term limits will also provide voters with a regular opportunity for change which will bring new viewpoints, innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to our city.

Many cities throughout Los Angeles County have enacted term limits for their elected officials, including Los Angeles, Culver City and Manhattan Beach. It is time for Beverly Hills to adopt term limits for our elected officials.

This measure will also serve to reduce the power of special interests, thus improving our political process, and open our government to greater resident participation.

Please join 13 former Beverly Hills mayors, including two sitting councilmembers, in voting YES on Measure TL. It will improve our political process and open our City government to greater representation for our residents.

Former City Treasurer

Former Beverly Hills Mayor

Former Beverly Hills Mayor

Arguments AGAINST


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