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November 3, 2020 — California General Election
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City of StocktonCandidate for Mayor

Photo of Kevin J. Lincoln, II

Kevin J. Lincoln, II

Pastor / Businessman
57,276 votes (56.44%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Solving Stockton's homeless crisis
  • Equipping our law enforcement and protecting our neighborhoods
  • Building trust through transparency and accountability



Profession:Non-Profit Director/Businessman
Executive Administrator, LifeSong (2013–current)
District Manager, Allied Universal Security Services (2005–2013)
White House Military Office Military Police Officer, United States Marine Corps (2001–2005)


Liberty University MA, Executive Leadership (2019)
Grand Canyon University BS, Applied Management (2015)
University of Phoenix AA, Business Administration (2008)

Community Activities

Pastor, LifeSong Ministries, Inc. (2013–current)
Director of Operations, Bread of Life Food Ministry (2020–current)
Volunteer, Bread of Life Food Ministry (2015–current)


Kevin Lincoln’s grandfather, a Mexican Immigrant, came to California seeking the American opportunity. Settling in South Stockton, he raised his family, became a United States citizen and instilled in his children and grandchildren a sense of pride in their heritage and their Country.

Born in Stockton, Kevin Lincoln was raised in an Army family and was inspired to serve others. Throughout his youth, Kevin served in many community outreach programs providing food and clothes to the homeless and those in need. Kevin also volunteered at the California Youth Authority where he spoke to and encouraged youth in the juvenile justice system.

With a desire to serve his Country, Kevin joined the United States Marine Corps (USMC) in 2001 and began his training at the military police academy. Kevin was later recruited by the White House Military Office and assigned to Marine One, where he would serve President George W. Bush.

Following his service in the military, Kevin worked for one of the nation’s top private security companies for eight years in the Silicon Valley. He would ultimately serve as District Manager, responsible for an annual budget of over 55 million, a district support staff of 22 personnel and a total employee base of over 1300.

In 2013 Kevin felt the desire to resign his corporate position to serve the community of Stockton through full-time ministry at a local church. In his ministry work, Kevin serves as the Executive Administrative Pastor overseeing the finances, implementation of the vision, as well as the daily operations of the church. Kevin gets the most fulfillment by assisting those in need and helping them find the resources that will aid them and give them hope. Many of the groups he works with cater to the working poor.

Education is very important to Kevin. Over the years he has pursued his educational goals while working full-time. Kevin has an Associates of Arts in Business, Bachelors of Science in Business Management, and a Masters Degree In Executive Leadership.

Kevin and his wife Bonnie have been married for 18 years and have two wonderful children.

Who supports this candidate?

Featured Endorsements

  • Stockton Police Officers' Association
  • Stockton Professional Firefighters Local 456
  • SUSD Police Officers’ Association

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Stockton is a city of Potential
Amongst our local business community, developers and stakeholders, we have the resources needed to make Stockton a magnet for doing business, despite business killing laws coming out of Sacramento. Stockton needs to be the counterbalance to California’s poor policies, while ensuring our city government is as efficient as possible and becomes a helpful pathway to those that want to start a small business. Also, as the heart of a multi-billion-dollar Ag industry that employs so many in our community, we need to be a great neighbor in bolstering our local Ag economy.

Our local nonprofit and private sectors partners are fundamental to ensuring our promise to Stockton residents. We need to engage, resource and empower them by leveraging best practices and making our city government more efficient.

Stockton is a city of Promise
With over 22% of Stockton’s residents living at or under the poverty line, we must address a litany of issues the State of California has neglected. This includes skyrocketing housing costs, unemployment rates that are higher than the national average and a large homeless population.

While many local leaders have been hard at work on these issues, the implementation of programs and strategies needs to come quicker. I understand government bureaucracy moves at a snail’s pace, however we can’t afford to wait. We must find ways to make local government more efficient, while impressing upon the state and federal government their need to ACT NOW!

While government solutions will help mitigate these issues, the answers are inevitably with us. We must partner with the private sector and our non-profits to provide rehabilitation programs, sober living environments and emergency homeless shelters, while creating affordable housing solutions for low- and middle-income families.

Stockton is a city of Hope
We need to build coalitions and committees of residents, giving them the opportunity to drive the change needed to move Stockton forward. It is time to return the city back to the people and give them their voice again. If we work together, we can do great things.

Non-profit and faith-based organizations need to be empowered to address the ills of our city, including humanitarian issues, homelessness, drug abuse and sex trafficking. We need to become a city where small businesses thrive, creating opportunities for our residents to elevate them themselves out of poverty.

Our hope does not lie in a Mayor or City Council. Hope springs from our hearts and our innate need to create a better home for our families and serve others.

Stockton is a city of Healing
A city of factions, Stockton residents need to unite behind the common goal of healing our city. We need to find a common denominator and work towards it. While we are a diverse city, with different needs and wants, we can all agree a thriving and safe Stockton is good for all of us.

City government can lead by example by building trust with Stockton residents through transparency, accountability initiatives and open communication. We can also improve community relations with law enforcement through open forums, business sponsored events with residents and Stockton Police Officers, and law enforcement appreciation events, acknowledging the work they do to protect our community.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” My plan is to launch a #STOCKTONGIVESBACK initiative where city government, nonprofit, and the private sector reinvest in Stockton through collaborative volunteer initiatives that target some of the most underserved areas in our community.

We must start showing others that we care before we can start healing as a city.

Position Papers

Solving Stockton's Homelessness Crisis


The following proposals are my vision for solving Stockton’s homeless crisis and I will work with my fellow councilmembers to ensure we have a policy that addresses this problem now and does not defer it to future mayors and councils.


Providing the homeless population with emergency housing will assist in the transition from temporary to more permanent housing. Bridge shelters will not only provide housing, it will also centralize resources, while enabling the city to evaluate case-specific needs. Shelters will include bunk beds, meals and showers. Resources will include mental health counselors, case managers, domestic violence and drug rehabilitation services.

Benefits to bridge shelters include minimal infrastructure, cost-effectiveness and portability. In this period of COVID-19, bridge shelters will help facilitate proper hygiene and sanitation, while providing access to medical care.

Using a data-driven approach, we can track resource use, while creating a registry to help improve services, modify policy and assist a person’s individual needs. Effectively addressing homelessness as a whole will require discovering the catalyst to each person’s homeless predicament.



Creating overnight monitored parking lots, will allow those who are living in their cars to park for the night safely and have access to the same resources as those in bridge shelters.

These parking lots will be monitored to protect against vandalism, theft and ensure the safety of those using them. Establishing arrival and departure times will also be important. This investment will help families who have been evicted or had a home foreclosure, find new permanent housing quicker.



Our homeless often do not have a safe place to store their belongings. Establishing a storage site for personal possessions will allow people to seek services or apply for jobs without having to carry these items, while feeling secure those possessions will not be stolen.

Proactive steps to ensure mutual benefit with the surrounding community include security presence, staggered arrival times, and drug and alcohol prohibition.



Following the sheltering of our homeless, we can then begin the process of cleaning up the encampments around Stockton. We can also use the Secure Storage facilities to ensure all personal belonging are safely stored, while disposing of drug paraphernalia and other hazardous materials. The dismantling of these encampments will also ensure others do not gravitate to and inhabit them.



We cannot stop the cycle of homelessness unless we have homes. We must reduce the roadblocks that inhibit the construction of new homes. Stockton’s permit fees are nearly $60,000 per home. The State of California already has counter-productive policies when it comes to building new homes, Stockton needs to alleviate some of the burden on home builders.


I will work with the council to streamline the permit process and look to cut fees, especially for those organizations providing solutions for our homeless through transitional housing as well as low income housing.



To solve this crisis through effective policy implementation, we must work collaboratively with local community stakeholders, businesses, all reputable nonprofits, and other government bodies. It is time to take a proactive approach as opposed to sitting idly by and waiting for the solution to present itself. It is irresponsible to allow future Stockton representatives inherit the crisis we have refused to address.


The time to solve Stockton’s homeless crisis is now!

Videos (4)

— August 26, 2020 Kevin Lincoln

Stockton’s Homeless crisis continues to grow. It is time to make fundamental changes in the way we approach homelessness. Click on the link to below to view my white paper on how we can fundamentally change how we solve this crisis.

As a lifelong Stocktonian, I love this City, and am grateful for all this City has done for me. Too often campaigns are about politicians making empty promises about how they are going to make your life better, while not even listening to what resident’s need. This campaign is about working with you, my neighbors, to make Stockton a better place for our families. As I embark on this campaign, I want to hear from you. What does a better Stockton look like to you and how can we get there together? I can’t do this without you, nor can we improve our community without your help. This effort does not end on election day 2020, I will always need your help. Will you join me? I have proudly served my Country and community; I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve our City.

— August 26, 2020 Stockton Professional Firefighters Local 456

“With several daily fires throughout Stockton originating from our homeless population and encampments, we need a mayor who is willing to address our homeless crisis. Kevin Lincoln has a plan to shelter Stockton’s homeless, get them off the streets, and ultimately into a home.” Mario Gardea, President @Stockton Firefighters Local 456

— August 26, 2020 Stockton Police Officers Association

I am proud to have the support of the @Stockton Police Officers Association - SPOA. I want to thank the hardworking men and women of Stockton PD who keep Stockton families safe.

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