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November 3, 2020 — California General Election
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City of Imperial Beach
Measure I Ordinance - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


7,273 votes yes (70.2%)

3,084 votes no (29.8%)

IMPERIAL BEACH EMERGENCY RESPONSE/VITAL SERVICES MEASURE Shall the ordinance to maintain fire protection, paramedics, 911 emergency response, prevention programs, neighborhood/community crime prevention; address homelessness; improve natural disaster/medical/emergency response; maintain streets; maintain lifeguard center, parks, community center, youth/afterschool/senior programs; other general services, by establishing a 1ȼ sales tax providing approximately $1,300,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring independent audits, public disclosure of spending, all funds for Imperial Beach, be adopted?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

YES vote means

A "Yes" vote on Measure I is a vote to approve the adoption of an ordinance establishing the tax throughout the City.

NO vote means

A "No" vote is a vote to decline this tax.

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Imperial Beach City Attorney's Office / Imperial Beach City Clerk's Office



The Imperial Beach City Council approved Measure I and requested that San Diego County place Measure I on the ballot at the November 3, 2020 general election. Measure I is a transactions and use tax within the City of Imperial Beach ("City") that would tax retail sales at one percent (1%) of the retail sales price, i.e. one cent for an item that costs one dollar. 

Currently, the sales tax rate in the City is 7.75 percent. Of that 7.75 percent, the City currently receives 1.0 percent for the general fund budget, and the remaining balance foes to State and City funds. 

Measure I is a "transactions and use tax" as opposed to a "sales tax." A transactions and use tax is collected in the same manner as a traditional sales tax with minor exceptions. Measure I would authorize a one percent (1%) transactions and use tax that would increase the combined sales tax rate in the City to eight and three quarters percent (8.85%). Retailers collect the tax from customers at the time of a retail purchase and remit the funds to the State Board of Equalization which administers the tax. The tax would be paid by anyone, including residents of Imperial Beach, who purchase goods at retail establishments within the City. Taxes collected pursuant to Measure I would be deposited into the City's general fund and would not be sent to the State or County.

Measure I is classified as a general tax and not a special tax. General tax proceeds may be used for any municipal purpose including, but not limited to, 911 emergency response, fire protection, paramedic services, neighborhood and community crime prevention, homelessness, natural disaster and emergency response, streets, parks, and facility maintenance, and recreation programs. The City estimates that Measure I would result in general fund revenue of approximately $1.3 million annually until repealed by a vote of the people.

Measure I would require an independent annual audit which is required for all other general fund revenue. The auditor's report would be a public record available to any member of the public for inspection.

A "Yes" vote on Measure I is a vote to approve the adoption of an ordinance establishing the tax throughout the City. A "No" vote is a vote to decline this tax. Measure I will be approved if it receives a simple majority of "Yes" votes.

Jennifer M. Lyon, City Attorney
City of Imperial Beach

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Ordinance 2020-1199. If you desire a copy of the ordinance, please call the elections officer's office at 619-628-2347 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Transcribed from a PDF posted here:

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR


We don't know how long the effects of this pandemic will last - vote YES on "I" to keep Imperial Beach self-relant for any health emergency or catastrophic disaster.

Vote YES on "I" to make sure Imperial Beach's local Sheriff and fire protection services are prepared for any emergency.

Did you know that the Imperial Beach Fire Department received 3,000 calls for emergency medical services in 2019?

The pandemic clearly shows that our local Fire Departent must be prepared!

Vote YES on "I" to recruit/ retain enough local firefighters/ paramedics for future health and safety disasters, to respond to emergencies and save lives.

Worried about your property values decreasing during the recession?

YES on "I" to maintain local property values by providing funding for clean and safe neighborhoods, rapid 911 emergency response, well maintained streets, and youth/ senior recreation programs.

Vote YES on "I" to address public safety, homelessness and traffic congestion challenges to keep Imperial Beach a quality community to live, work and raise a family through the uncertain times ahead.

Your Yes on "I" vote supports community priorities identified by hundreds of Imperial Beach residents:

  • Maintaining 911 emergency response/ local paramedic services
  • Coordinating with county/ regional first responders for medical emergencies like coronavirus
  • Maintaining rapid response to burglaries
  • Restoring the City's long-term emergency funding
  • Keeping neighborhoods safe/ clean

Here's what Measure "I" WON'T do:
Measure "I" is NOT a tax on your home/property.
Measure "I" is NOT applied to food purchased as groceries or prescription medication.

By law, YES on "I" requires every dime be used for local services - none can be taken by Sacramento. Yes on "I" gives you - the Imperial Beach taxpayer - LOCAL CONTROL.

Yes on "I" includes tough fiscal accountability, independent audits and oversight - ensuring responsible spending.

Join a unanimous City Council, business owners, public safety providers and neighbors - vote Yes on "I".


Business Owner

Resident/El Tapatio Catering


Resident/Coronado Brewing Company

Retired Marine Safety Chief


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Transcribed from a PDF posted at:

— Imperial Beach City Clerk's Office

Arguments AGAINST

[No official argument against Measure I is posted on the Imperial Beach City Clerk's website: ]

— Imperial Beach City Clerk's Office

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