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Tuesday March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
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Special District

Keppel Union Elementary School District
Measure SF - 55% Approval Required

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Election Results


1,756 votes yes (46.52%)

2,019 votes no (53.48%)

To improve the quality of education, replace portables with permanent classrooms to meet 21st century needs, upgrade plumbing, electrical systems, improve student health/safety, construct support facilities, quality for $12,000,000 in state grants, shall Keppel Union School District's measure be adopted to authorize the issue of $17,900,000 in bonds at legal rates, estimated repayment averaging approximately $912,000 annually through maturity, projected levies of $0.03 per $100 of assessed valuation, no money for administrator salaries, annual audits and citizens' oversight?

What is this proposal?

Details — Official information

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Mary C. Wickham, County Counsel

Approval of Measure SF ("Measure") would authorize the Board of Trustees ("Board") of the Keppel Union School District ("District"), which placed the Measure on the ballot by Resolution No. 2019-20-005, to issue general obligation bonds in a maximum principal amount not to exceed $17,900,000.

Proceeds from the sale of the bonds authorized by the Measure shall be used only for the purposes specified in the Measure, including, but not limited to, building permanent classrooms, a multipurpose room and kitchen; build, repair, renovate and replace classrooms, physical activity areas, libraries, labs, core building and utility infrastructure and equipment, technology infrastructure upgrades, HVAC systems, fire safety and security systems, outdoor lighting, parking lots, walkways and ramps, and landscaping, and updating furniture and equipment throughout the District. Bond proceeds may not be expended on teacher or administrator salaries or other school operating expenses.

The Board shall establish an independent Citizens' Oversight Committee and cause independent performance and financial audits to be conducted annually to ensure bond proceeds are expended as specified in the Measure. The Board shall deposit bond proceeds in a building fund held by the Los Angeles County Treasurer. The Superintendent of the District shall cause a report to be filed with the Board annually no later than January 1 of each year, reporting on the bond proceeds and expenditures, as well as the status of projects listed in the Measure.

Approval of the Measure does not guarantee proposed projects will be funded beyond the local revenues generated by the Measure. The District's project proposals may assume receipt of matching State funds subject to appropriation by the Legislature or approval of a statewide bond measure.

Bonds shall be issued pursuant to the California Constitution, Education Code and other laws. The District bonds may be issued in one or more series over time. According to the District's Tax Rate Statement, the best estimate of the average annual tax rate required to fund the bonds, based on assessed valuations available when the District filed the statement, is $30 per $100,000 of assessed value. The final fiscal year in which the tax is anticipated to be collected is 2055-56. The estimated total debt service required to be repaid if all bonds are issued and sold is $32,900,000, including principal and interest. Estimated tax rates are based on the assessed value of taxable property on official rolls, not on a property's market value.

This Measure requires a fifty-five percent (55%) vote for passage.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against

Arguments FOR

A quality education is the key to a better life for our children. We must invest now to ensure that they receive the education they deserve.  Good schools raise property values, improve our community and provide the academic foundation for our students to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Keppel Union School District has done a good job maintaining our schools, but most of our facilities are over 50 years old and must be modernized, repaired or replaced. The District needs to provide modern learning environments that will serve our students and community for generations to come.

Measure "SF" provides funding needed to rebuild outdated facilities to ensure all our students have access to high-quality classrooms. These funds will also replace portables with permanent facilities, provide modern classroom technology and make the District eligible for $12 million in matching state funds. 

Measure "SF":

-  Replaces outdated portable classrooms with permanent facilities to provide modern learning environments and reduces annual maintenance and repair costs;
-  Repairs and upgrades plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and makes seismic upgrades to buildings;
-  Improves electrical systems to increase access to computers and modern technology;
-  Qualifies our local schools to receive $12 million in state matching funds; and
-  Improves student health, safety and security systems at all schools

Taxpayer Safeguards are in Place and Require:

-  A citizens' oversight committee to protect taxpayer funds
-  Annual independent financial and performance audits on all Measure "SF" expenditures
-  No money for administrator salaries 

Whether or not you have school-age children, Measure "SF" is a critical investment in our community's future. Our children deserve to have high-quality classrooms and facilities to keep them from getting left behind. Measure "SF" is endorsed by senior citizens, teachers, parents and community leaders.  Please join us in voting YES on Measure "SF!" 

President  -  Board of Trustees

President Parent/Teacher Organization

Retired Educator 


Littlerock Town Council Member

Arguments AGAINST

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