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City of Montebello
Measure H - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


6,499 votes yes (60.63%)

4,220 votes no (39.37%)

To maintain Montebello's long-term financial stability and public safety, including police/fire/911 emergency response; protect local drinking water sources; repair streets/potholes; keep public areas safe/clean; provide gang prevention, youth/afterschool, senior, other general services; shall an ordinance establishing a ¾ percent sales tax providing approximately $6,000,000 annually until ended by voters be adopted; requiring independent audits, public disclosure of spending, all funds benefitting Montebello residents?

What is this proposal?

Details — Official information

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Arnold M. Alvarez-Glasman, Montebello City Attorney

Measure H is the "Montebello City and Public Safety Essential City Services Protection Measure." If approved by a majority of Montebello voters, it would adopt the City of Montebello Transactions and Use Tax Ordinance (the "Sales Tax Ordinance"). Measure H would increase the City's existing sales tax rate by 0.75%, or three quarters of one cent, on every dollar of taxable sales of goods in the City, and on the taxable storage, use or consumption in the City of goods purchased.

Measure H would be a general tax. This means that revenues from this tax will be used to pay for general municipal City services, operations, and programs such as, but not limited to, police and fire services, gang-prevention programs, maintenance and repair of city streets and public areas, park programs, homelessness programs, youth and senior services, after-school programs, and emergency services like traffic and pedestrian safety programs.

The City estimates that this Measure will raise approximately $6 million per year in new local revenue for use in the City. California law gives cities the authority to adopt local measures like this one, in the amount proposed, with the approval of a majority of voters. Under current state law, the local tax rate may not be increased beyond the rate proposed in the Sales Tax Ordinance and will be in effect until ended by the voters.

The funds from the Sales Tax Ordinance will be part of the City's annual independent audit, the report of which is available to the public. It will also be subject to review by a Transparency and Accountability Committee comprised of Montebello residents. The total sales tax rate currently paid in Montebello, which includes the sales tax collected for the State of California, Los Angeles County, and other public agencies is 9.5%. If Measure H is approved by a majority of voters, the total sales tax rate in the City would be 10.25%. All revenues raised by the tax would belong to the City and would not be shared with the State or any other governmental entity.

Article XIIIC of the California Constitution, commonly known as Proposition 218, requires that the proposed general tax be approved by a majority of the voters voting on the Measure.

On November 13, 2019, the Montebello City Council unanimously approved the Sales Tax Ordinance and authorized its placement on the ballot for the voters of Montebello to consider.

A "yes" vote on Measure H is to adopt the Sales Tax Ordinance and to approve the 0.75% increase. A "no" vote on Measure H is to not adopt the Sales Tax increase.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against

Arguments FOR

Vote YES on Measure H to maintain our quality of life and to continue to protect and improve public safety and other essential city services in Montebello.

With the rising cost of providing city services and maintaining public safety, the City faces potential budget deficits. Without additional funding, the City may be forced to make deeper cuts to basic services.

Measure H helps keep our neighborhoods and parks safe and clean and maintains city services, which makes our city a desirable place to live and keeps property values strong.

Measure H is necessary to maintain fast emergency response times and ensure our city has enough firefighters, paramedics, fire stations and police officers to ensure rapid response to life-threatening emergencies and quick response to crime.

Under new leadership, the City of Montebello is committed to the long-term financial stability of the City and to ensuring transparency to the public.

Measure H requires strict fiscal accountability provisions including mandatory independent audits and reports to the community and a Transparency and Accountability Committee to ensure all funds are spent as intended and for the benefit of our residents.

Every penny is locally controlled and would be used to benefit Montebello residents only. This is why your YES vote is so important.

Vote YES on H – Protect and Improve Local Services
-  Maintain fire and paramedic services
-  Maintain public safety, police protection, anti-gang efforts and neighborhood patrols
-  Keep parks and other neighborhood public areas safe and clean
-  Fix streets and potholes, and help prevent sinkholes
-  Maintain programs and services for seniors
-  Support summer and after-school programs that keep about 3000 kids and youth out of trouble
-  Attract and retain local business
-  Require public disclosure of spending

Join community and business leaders in voting YES on H!

President, Montebello Firefighters Assoc.
Montebello Firefighter Paramedic

Ambassador, Montebello Chamber of Commerce,
President, Soroptimist International of Montebello

President/Police Sergeant
Montebello Police Officers' Association

City Treasurer/Teacher

Vice President, Montebello Police K-9 Association, Inc.

Arguments AGAINST

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