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Tuesday March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
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City of Culver City
Measure CC - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


10,863 votes yes (76.93%)

3,257 votes no (23.07%)

Shall the measure to maintain 911 emergency response services by retaining firefighters/police officers/paramedics; addressing homelessness; fixing potholes/streets; maintaining storm drains, parks, after-school programs, senior services, and other general fund services, by continuing the voter approved one-half cent sales tax, generating approximately 9.8 million dollars annually, until March 31, 2033 requiring independent annual audits, all funds used locally, with no tax rate increase, be adopted?

What is this proposal?

Details — Official information

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Carol A. Schwab, City Attorney

The Culver City City Council has placed Measure CC on the ballot, approving an amendment to an existing ordinance, which would continue the one-half cent (0.5%) City Services Transactions and Use Tax approved by Culver City voters in 2012, for an additional ten years. Adopting the Measure would extend the current expiration date from March 31, 2023 to March 31, 2033. This type of tax is also commonly referred to as a "sales" tax. If the measure is approved by the voters, some of the services and programs that may continue to receive funding include: police, fire, senior services, homeless services, streets, parks, recreation and other general city services. This tax is a "general tax," not a "special tax," and may be used for any valid municipal purpose. Such general tax revenues are deposited into the City's General Fund and do not go to the State.

Technically, the existing "sales tax" is a combination of "sales and use tax" and "transactions and use tax." Both are levied on the retail sale or use of tangible personal property, with certain limited exceptions. Currently, the sales tax in Culver City is a total of 10.25% of the purchase price. The City of Culver City receives 1.75% of the total tax. The remaining 8.5% goes to the State and County. If Measure CC is adopted, the total Culver City sales tax rate and apportionment would remain the same. Under this Measure, the one-half cent tax would automatically expire in 2033, unless extended by the voters at a subsequent election.

Under Measure CC, the one-half cent tax would continue to be collected at the same time and in a similar manner as the existing sales tax and will continue to be administered by the State Board of Equalization. This tax is paid by nonresidents, as well as residents. Like other Culver City revenues, the tax would continue to be subject to annual independent audits.

To be adopted, State law requires that this Measure be approved by a majority of the voters. A "Yes" vote on Measure CC would continue the one-half cent City Services Transactions and Use Tax in Culver City, for an additional ten years, terminating in 2033. A "No" vote would not adopt a continuation of the tax.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against

Arguments FOR

Measure CC does NOT raise the sales tax rate. It extends a tax that we already pay, so that Culver City can continue to provide high-quality services and meet the challenges of the next decade.

In 2012, 76% of Culver City voters approved a new half-cent sales tax. That tax currently provides about $10 million of the City's annual revenue. It has helped Culver City survive the loss of income from the state's termination of Redevelopment Agencies and the increasing cost of past pension programs.

The original sales tax measure required voter approval to continue it after 10 years. With Measure CC, we are asking you to approve this critical financing for another 10 years.

Culver City relies on local funding for its independence and high quality of life. Measure CC will help preserve our exceptional police and fire departments, fast-responding emergency medical services, unique senior and youth services, needed after-school programs, great parks, abundant and healthy street trees, streets and sidewalks, and many more services and infrastructure projects that have made Culver City a very attractive place to live.

Without the security and certainty of an extension to our sales tax, Culver City will have difficulty maintaining these essentials, and will struggle to address the regional challenges of mobility, traffic, affordability, homelessness, and managing the impacts of surrounding development.

Visitors to Culver City pay most sales taxes, so the people who use our roads and daytime services will pay their share. And, Measure CC will not tax prescription medication, services, or most groceries.

Measure CC is NOT a tax increase. It simply maintains the infrastructure and services that we already depend on.

Vote YES on Measure CC.

Council Member

Council Member

Council Member

Council Member


Arguments AGAINST

You should not let politicians you don't trust raise your taxes.

Two years ago the City Government begged us to raise our taxes by $4.9 million a year. It was "temporary" until the City solved the crisis. Now they want to extend those taxes forever. What has the City done to solve its money problems?

In 2016, the top five city employees made a total of $2,175,105 annually. Now, they make $2,201,329.

Last year, the City Council enacted rent control which will cost hundreds of thousands of City tax dollars a year to administer and litigate.

A majority of the Council wants to buy and install prefabricated housing units which look like outhouses with windows. They cost at least $15,000 each. At the October 18, 2019 meeting, the majority of the council thought building this homeless slum with TAXPAYER money was a great idea! They were only interested in how many of these units they could crowd into Veterans' Park. The City has budgeted $23 million so the homeless can live in Culver City.

Also on October 18, 2019, the Council majority (except Councilman Erikkson) attempted to create an "Equity" commission which would "hear" race complaints made by anyone (including non-residents) against city employees (including police and fire). The Council wanted to allow illegal aliens, felons, and 16-year-olds to serve on the Commission. Culver City's legal and administrative costs for this racial Kangaroo Court would have been staggering. The City has already appointed an "Equity and Human Relations Manager" who will assuredly cost the City over $150,000 annually.

I don't trust this City Council enough to let them increase my taxes. Do you?

Vote No on Measure CC.

Culver City Voter

Replies to Arguments FOR

The left-wing city council says that Measure CC is not a tax increase because the tax increase is already in place until 2023. But the tax was SUPPOSED to end in 2023. It WILL BE a tax increase from 2023 to 2033. The Council already intends to use these taxpayer dollars to pay for homeless housing pods ($15,0000 each) in your city parks; rent control has already cost us $573,059 for just the first six months; and an "Equity Commission" (to question, accuse, and handcuff our excellent police department) will cost the City a fortune.

Over 200 of the 700+ people on the city payroll make more than Governor Newsom and all the Superior Court Judges. It makes no sense to have $200,000 policemen and a $539,278 police chief if the City Council ORDERS the police NOT to move homeless people off our streets. Derelicts and drug addicts are living in front of abandoned buildings on Sepulveda Blvd. and urinating and defecating on our sidewalks.

Culver City should not be a tent city for LA!

Let's stop spending on the wild-eyed, left-wing projects dreamed up by this City Council and their overpaid employees. The City Manager makes over $421,504 per year. That is obscene for a city of only 40,000 residents.

Vote No on Measure CC.

Culver City Voter

Replies to Arguments AGAINST

Let's keep to the facts about Measure CC:

-  Measure CC will NOT raise your taxes. It extends for ten years a sales tax that shoppers in Culver City already pay.

-  Without the revenue from Measure CC, Culver City will need to cut services equal to the budget of the entire Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department.

-  The $23 million for housing and homelessness services represents five years of programs bankrolled by other government entities like the county, the former redevelopment agency, and the state–NOT local sales tax.

-  Culver City employees, including executives, earn salaries that are competitive with similar cities. That's how we attract and retain great employees.

Measure CC is an essential part of how Culver City will meet the financial challenges of the future while serving people's day-to-day needs now.

Vote YES for Culver City.

Vote YES on CC.

Council Member

Council Member

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