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Tuesday March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
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City of Cerritos
Measure C - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


4,637 votes yes (32.53%)

9,616 votes no (67.47%)

Shall the measure to establish a general, three-quarters percent (0.75%) local transactions and use (sales) tax, raising an estimated $11.4 million annually, and ending when voters decide to do so, subject to independent audits and public reports of spending, to provide and maintain a high level of City services, including, but not limited to, local sheriff's and community safety, sidewalk and street maintenance and repair, tree-trimming, library services, and parks and recreation services, be adopted?

What is this proposal?

Details — Official information

Impartial analysis / Proposal

The Cerritos City Council has placed Measure C on the ballot for the March 3, 2020, general election to ask the City's voters to approve a three-quarters percent (0.75%) transactions and use tax to be added to the current sales tax. The proposed measure would add a three-quarters of one percent tax on the retail sales price. As examples, Measure C would add fifteen cents (.15¢) to items purchased for a total of twenty dollars ($20.00), or would add seventy-five cents (.75¢) to items purchased for a total of one-hundred dollars ($100.00).

Measure C is a "transactions and use tax" that is levied on the same type of purchases as the existing sales tax. The current combined sales tax rate in Cerritos is 9.50%. Of the 9.50% tax rate, the allocation to Cerritos is 1.00%. This Measure would increase the combined sales tax rate in Cerritos to 10.25% and the allocation to Cerritos would increase 0.75% to a total of 1.75%.

The Measure is estimated to generate $11,400,000 annually for the City's general fund to be used locally in Cerritos. All of the funds generated by Measure C will remain in Cerritos. As a general tax, the revenue by the Measure can be used to maintain and expand funding for general governmental services and facilities, including:

- Public safety services
- Public infrastructure, including streets and sidewalks, and public facilities
- Parks and Recreation services, including facilities
- Library services

The funds generated by Measure C and the expenditures will be subject to independent annual audits that will be presented to the City Council at a meeting open to the public and posted on the City's website.

The Measure will be approved if it receives a simple majority of "Yes" votes. Once approved, it will continue unless and until ended by voters. A "yes" vote is for approving the 0.75% local tax and a "No" vote is against approving the 0.75% local tax.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against

Arguments FOR

The City of Cerritos is an incredible community.

Escalating costs, combined with State funding reductions, have placed a major strain on City resources that will impact property values and our quality of life. The voters of Cerritos have the opportunity to address these important issues and ensure the continuation of the outstanding programs, services and infrastructure that the City is known for.

Measure C will generate $10-12 million in annual revenue with 100% of the new revenue used to provide for:

-  Sheriff and law enforcement services

-  Critical infrastructure maintenance (streets, sidewalks, trees, water services, parks and community facilities)

-  Community services and programs

State law places a 2% cap on the amount of sales tax local agencies can collect above the current State sales tax. To date, Los Angeles County has already taken 1.25% of that cap, and may again pursue additional taxes to capture the remaining space. If that occurs the City will not be able to generate or keep sales tax for use in Cerritos - instead the tax collected would serve County-wide programs that have little benefit here. The time to act is now in order to secure the remaining 0.75% for the direct benefit of our community.

Much of this sales tax revenue will come from non-residents who shop and dine in Cerritos. Since those visitors use City services, it is fair for them to share in the costs to maintain them. Passage of Measure C would equate to the investment of $0.75 for every $100 spent in Cerritos - an investment in our community that we strongly believe is worth making.

Vote YES on Measure C. It is imperative that we take action to keep our tax dollars local.

Former Cerritos Mayor

Former Mayor of Cerritos

Supervisor 4th Dist. (Ret.)

Retired Mayor of Cerritos

Former Mayor of Cerritos

Arguments AGAINST

VOTE NO on the 0.75% sales TAX that will INCREASE the RATE to 10.25%

Cerritos Council says they have approved balanced budgets for the past three years. The 2017-2018 budget had a $618,452 surplus; in 2018-2019 it had a $1,400,000 surplus; and in 2019-2020 it was approved without any cuts. The Council said everything is fully funded. Now they are surprising residents by trying to grab $11.4 million annually, to spend as they wish. 

Our City Council should make CUTS before trying to get millions of dollars more to spend as they wish. 

-A NO VOTE sends a message to our City Council to live within its means.
-A NO VOTE sends a message to our City Council to STOP losses at the Cerritos Center for Performing Arts. Over the past 10 years CCPA has lost over $26,600,000 and almost $80,000,000 since opening in 1993. 
-A NO VOTE sends a message to our City Council to START making cuts to unnecessary spending and their benefits.
-A NO VOTE sends a message to our City Council to stop sitting on unused property; that should be generating revenue for the city.

If this TAX is approved, Cerritos residents could end up paying 11% SALES TAX. CA Senate Bill-732 will allow the South Coast Air Quality Management District, to add another 0.75% sales TAX on the November 2020 ballot. It's possible that the AQMD will ask for an exemption to go above the 10.25% TAX limit, which would increase Cerritos TAX to 11% if approved by voters. Is an exemption possible? YES, in 2017 CA Senate Bill-703 gave an exemption to Alameda County, Santa Clara County, and Santa Fe Springs. Santa Fe Springs' sales TAX is 10.50% because of the exemption. Are we next? 

For more details visit 

Cerritos Resident

Cerritos Resident

Cerritos Resident

Cerritos Resident

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