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Tuesday March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
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City of Azusa
Measure Z - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


4,651 votes yes (62.32%)

2,812 votes no (37.68%)

To maintain City of Azusa police, firefighter and paramedic staffing levels, 9-1-1 emergency response services, gang enforcement and neighborhood patrols; address homelessness to maintain public health/safety; repair parks, library, community centers; and maintain graffiti removal, senior services including meals on wheels, afterschool programs and other City services, shall a measure be adopted establishing a 3/4¢ sales tax providing approximately $4,500,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring annual independent audits with all funds benefiting Azusa residents?

What is this proposal?

Details — Official information

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Marco A. Martinez, City Attorney

On November 18, 2019, the City Council unanimously voted to place Measure "Z" on the March 3, 2020 general municipal election ballot. By placing Measure "Z" on the ballot, the City complies with Article XIIIC of the California Constitution (Proposition 218), which requires a majority of the voters to approve an ordinance which establishes a general tax.

If approved by a majority of Azusa voters, this Measure would authorize a three-quarters percent (3/4%) retail transactions and use (sales) tax within the City of Azusa. A 3/4% rate equates to an extra 75¢ per $100 purchased. It is estimated that Measure "Z" will provide an additional $4,500,000 in annual local funding for general City services such as police, fire and emergency response, youth and senior programs, programs to address homelessness, and parks and library programs. This tax would be a "general tax," meaning that revenues raised from the tax would go into the City's general fund to pay for any lawful City program, improvement, or service.

California Revenue and Taxation Code section 7285.9 authorizes the City to levy a general transactions and use/sales tax at a rate of three-quarters percent (3/4%) so long as the tax is approved by a majority of the voters voting in an election on that issue. If approved, the tax would become operative on October 1, 2020 and would remain in effect until repealed by Azusa voters voting at a subsequent election.

The tax would be paid in addition to current sales taxes and would be collected at the same time and in the same manner as existing sales taxes. All revenues raised by the tax would remain in the City and would not be shared with the State, County or any other agency.

Measure "Z" requires annual independent audits to verify that tax revenues are collected, managed and expended in accordance with its terms.

A "yes" vote on Measure "Z" will authorize the 3/4% transactions and use (sales) tax.

A "no" vote on Measure "Z" will not authorize the 3/4% transactions and use (sales) tax.

If Measure "Z" is not approved, the General Fund will not receive the sales tax revenues identified in the Measure. The City Council will then have to decide, as part of the budgeting process, whether other revenues are available to pay for City programs and services, or whether City programs and services will have to be reduced.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against

Arguments FOR

We, the Residents of Azusa have the power to keep our tax dollars in Azusa!!!

Yes on Measure Z keeps our taxpayer dollars in Azusa to fund OUR services. This ¾ of one penny proposed sale tax increase will yield an additional $4.5 million dollars in annual local revenue for the City. Currently, Azusa only receives $.17 to every dollar paid into existing sales tax from the County.

Nearly 60% of the Azusa City budget is for local public safety services. Yes on Measure Z will continue to fund 911 emergency response, keeping our neighborhoods, schools and parks safe!

In 2018, Azusa police officers, firefighters and paramedics responded to more than 100,000 calls for service. Yes on Measure Z maintains fast and effective 911 responses to make sure you get the help you need in case of an emergency.

Yes on Measure Z continues to support our public safety by providing resources to help address homelessness in our community.

Yes on Measure Z helps keep children and at-risk youth off the streets, away from gangs and drugs and out of trouble by maintaining the after school and summer recreational programs.

Yes on Measure Z will ensure that the City collects 100% of the estimated $4.5 million in annual sales tax revenue generated under this measure, ensuring LOCAL control – the County, Sacramento, or D.C. can't take a penny!

Measure Z is NOT an additional tax on your home/property.
Measure Z is NOT applied to food purchased as groceries or prescription medication.

Let's maintain our quality of life and make Azusa the best it can be!

Join your neighbors in voting Yes on Measure Z!

Factual information:

Retired Azusa Unified School Board Member

Member of the Citrus Community College District Board of Trustees

Azusa Unified School District Board Member

U.S. Army Veteran and Former Azusa Planning Commissioner

Azusa Planning Commissioner

Arguments AGAINST

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