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June 5, 2018 — California Primary Election
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City of Huntington Park
Measure S - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


2,683 votes yes (74.86%)

901 votes no (25.14%)

100% of precincts reporting (16/16).

To maintain and improve services such as 911 emergency services, public safety, senior services, community programs and prevent significant cuts to essential services, by funding general City services including hiring additional police personnel, maintaining anti-gang and graffiti efforts, youth and after-school parks and recreation services, expanding and improving City parks, fixing City streets and public infrastructure, shall the City sales tax be increased by one cent with annual financial audits, expenditure reports, and financial oversight?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

This Measure has been entitled as the “City Services Protection Measure.” The voters of many cities in Los Angeles County have adopted revenue enhancement measures and approved a similar one cent sales tax. Among those cities that have approved a local sales tax include Pico Rivera, Santa Monica, Long Beach and Lynwood.

Measure S places before the voters the decision of whether or not to create a one percent (1%) tax to be imposed upon the sales of goods and merchandise sold within the City of Huntington Park.

If approved, the sales tax is expected to generate approximately $7.1 million annually for general city services and purposes. These revenues could be used for all City services or programs, including the hiring of more police officers, the upgrading of public safety protection and crime prevention equipment, improved street lighting and signalization, fixing potholes and other street and sidewalk repairs, increased youth and senior citizen activities, repair and enhancement of City parks and facilities, and providing other essential municipal services.

The proposed Measure will be administered for the City by the State Board of Equalization. The Measure requires the use of the revenue generated by this Measure to be reviewed annually in conjunction with, and as part of the City’s annual financial audit, with the results of such review made available for inspection by the public.

A YES vote would establish a 1% sales tax within the City and would expect to generate approximately $7.1 million in general fund revenues to be made available for all City programs and services.

A NO vote results in the City not implementing the 1% sales tax and the City would not receive the estimated revenues for City programs and services.

The City Council directed Measure S to be placed on the ballot at the Special Municipal Election to be held on June 5, 2018.

Respectfully submitted,
City Attorney
City of Huntington Park

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR


Within the last 8 months, the State of California has reviewed the City of Huntington Park’s financial reports and audits. It found that in the past 3 years, the city has made key decisions that put the city in a better financial position. However, it also identified that the city is in need of additional revenue to provide quality level police services, senior services, and community services.

The voters of Huntington Park have an opportunity to take action, which will secure the economic stability of our City. By supporting Measure “S”, Huntington Park will strengthen police services, have safer streets and quality park programs. Our youth and senior citizen programs will obtain the necessary resources to have a safe and healthy community.

Surrounding cities such as South Gate, Pico Rivera, and Lynwood have higher sales taxes than the City of Huntington Park. These communities have a thriving economic base, which supports the essential public safety and related services our residents deserve.

This Measure will NOT increase your property tax, rent, mortgages, cost of medical services, or utility expenses.

Here is what Measure “S” will do:
– Every new dollar generated will be available to enhance senior services, community services and after school programs.
– Improve our City’s public safety services, upgrade our streets, sidewalks and water systems, and repair our parks and community buildings.

The future and safety of our residents, children, and our seniors depend upon your YES VOTE!

Join your neighbors and community members and VOTE YES ON MEASURE “S”.


Vice Mayor

Council Member

Council Member

Council Member

Arguments AGAINST

Proponents of this measure claim that we need a tax increase to preserve public safety and prevent cuts to essential services. When the fact is, that as of now we are paying taxes for the same argument of this measure. A city financial audit needs to be implemented to know where the city money is being spent and why we are in a fiscal emergency. Residents are already being charged a high city imposed user utility tax that is attached to every utility bill (UUT). Also, additional taxes are being charged to property owners on their property tax bill (SLLP) which was supposed to be used for public safety and other city essential services. This measure will force local businesses to close and will encourage residents to shop outside the city due to high sales tax, as a result local unemployment will increase and businesses that decide to stay open will pass the cost to Huntington park residents, amongst the more affected by this measure will be our seniors and families that live on fixed incomes. They will be forced to pay more for very essential items such as over the counter medicines, clothing, household goods etc. We need to break the vicious cycle of increasing taxes and attack the root of the problem. In addition, have a state audit to show residents where all our tax dollars are being spent, before asking residents to put more money in to the general fund bucket. We propose that this measure is postponed until the 2020 elections and therefore give city officials enough time to have a state audit and explain to the residents where the money is being spent. Vote NO on CITY OF HUNTINGTON PARK CITY SERVICES PROTECTION MEASURE

Concerned Resident

Replies to Arguments FOR


No such findings or official audit report from the California State controller has been provided or made available to the public for review to justify a tax increase. Just like the cities of Bell and Maywood the only way to find out how our taxes are being spent and restore full credibility to those tasked in managing our hard earned money is by having a complete state audit that can be made available to residents detailing all the aspects of income/expenses and having a comparison chart to other cities of similar size.

The voters of Huntington Park DO in fact have a unique opportunity to take action, which will send a strong message that residents cannot and must not live under threat or fear of losing programs or services for ANYONE unless we pay more taxes without having any type of accountability.

All residents including seniors have already been paying taxes on their properties and utility bills for the SAME argument of Measure “S”. (UUT and SLLP tax)

If Measure “S” is approved, our city will become the city with the highest sales tax in the nation including Downey, South Gate and Pico Rivera.

Community and residents propose to postpone Measure “S” until 2020 elections and allow the city enough time to be transparent and accountable with our hard earned money. What do they have to lose? If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. VOTE NO ON MEASURE “S”.

Concerned Resident

Replies to Arguments AGAINST

Measure S is necessary to secure Huntington Park’s financial future. Securing needed funding through Measure S to address the essential needs for the community cannot be delayed.

Contrary to the submitted argument, the city has requested and conducted several third-party audits which reveal that various changes in the state and federal law and policy have negatively impacted or entirely eliminated local programs and revenue sources that Huntington Park was previously reliant on. In addition, recent changes in state law have increased local costs associated with public safety efforts.

Contrary to the submitted argument, the UUT and SLLP tax revenues cannot be used for essential city needs such as public safety officers, general city employees, fixing our streets and aging water system or general services.

Despite the city’s efforts to secure the city’s financial future by implementing a number of cost-saving measures by reducing the number of employees, applying for state grants and deferring capital improvement needs, it’s imperative to vote Yes on Measure S.

Without an immediate source of new revenue, Huntington Park will be forced to make further reductions to essential services to the community. The city has identified many essential needs and resources that require additional funding.

Measure S makes it possible to:
– Enhance our police department to better protect our community.
– Fix and repair the condition of our neighborhood streets, major roads, and aging water system.
– Expanding and enhancing our much needed senior citizen and youth programs at our parks and community centers.

Vote YES on Measure S.


Vice Mayor

Council Member

Council Member

Council Member

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