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June 5, 2018 — California Primary Election
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Special District

Pacifica School District
Measure O - 55% Approval Required

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Election Results


6,610 votes yes (62.53%)

3,961 votes no (37.47%)

To repair and improve local elementary schools including, student safety/campus security; fixing aging/leaking roofs; upgrading classrooms, labs/computer systems to support programs in science/math, technology, English, arts; and acquiring and construction school facilities, shall Pacifica School District issue $55,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, raising an estimated $3,450,000 annually for approximately 33 years at projected rates of three cents per $100 of assessed vluation, with citizens' oversight and all funds staying local?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

The California Constitution and Education Code authorize a school district to issue bonds for specified purposes if issuance of the bonds is approved at an election by 55% of those voting on it.

The Board of Trustees of the Pacifica School District ("District") proposes this measure which would authorize the District to issue bonds in a principal amount not to exceed $55 million. The bonds would have an interest rate not exceeding the legal maximum and will be repaid within the time permitted by law. The Tax Rate Statement printed in this pamphlet contains the District's best estimates of tax rates required to service the bond debt during the life of the bonds. The District's best estimate of the average annual tax rate levy to fund this bond is $30 per $100,000 of assessed valuation. This means that a property assessed at $800,000 would likely have an annual tax obligation of $240 under this measure. The District estimates that the total amount repayable during the life of the bond, including principal and interest, will be approximately $113,850,000.

The California Constitution requires the listing of specific projects to be funded from the bond revenue and certification that the Board of Trustees has evaluated safety, class size reduction, and information technology needs in the development of that list. The Bond Project List can be found in the full text of this measure and includes, among other projects:

 * roof repair, replacement

 * general refurbishment of classrooms and facilities

 * furniture/equipment upgrades in classrooms and facilities

 * structural upgrades

 * upgrades of classrooms, electrical systems, HVAC systems, plumbing, restrooms, landscaping, and security systems

 * replacing portable classrooms with modular classrooms

 * acquiring/constructing workforce housing

 * acquiring real property

The measure authorizes equipment acquisition, upgrades, repairs, services, construction, and other items related to the listed projects.

No proceeds from the bonds shall be used for teacher or administrator salaries or operating expenses.

State law requires that the District take certain steps to account for the proceeds from the bonds. Accordingly, the District will direct the funds to be deposited into a special account, appoint an independent citizens' oversight committee, conduct annual independent performance and financial audits to ensure that funds are spent only for the purposes listed in the Bond Project List and for no other purposes and prepare annual reports listing the amount of funds collected and expended and the status of any funded project.

A "Yes" vote on this measure would authorize the district to issue bonds in a principal amount not to exceed $55 million for the purposes listed in the project list.

A "No" vote would prevent the district from issuing the bonds.

This measure passes if 55% of those voting on the measure vote "yes." 

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

Vote YES on Measure O to repair and upgrade Pacifica schools to prepare local students for high school, college, and the competitive 21st-century job market.

All our Pacifica schools are now over 50 years old and in need of repairs and improvements to maintain the high quality of education that local students deserve. We need Measure O in order to repair or replace old school buildings, make technological improvements, and update classrooms to build strong academic foundations for all Pacifica students.

Votes YES on Measure O to repair education facilities, update aging heating systems, cut utility costs, and ensure the continued health and safety of every student in Pacifica.

Measure O will ensure all students have access to safe, up-to-date classrooms and 21st-century technology. Measure O protects the quality of academic facilities so our excellent performance standards can be maintained.

Vote YES on Measure O

 * improve classrooms, labs, and computer systems to support programs in science, technology, English, arts, and math

 * fix aging and leaking roofs

 * repair or replace outdated electrical and heating systems

 * update classrooms, kitchen facilities, and restrooms to stay current with health and safety codes

 * build additional classrooms and replace aging portables as needed

 * improve student safety and campus security

Measure O Mandates Strict Fiscal Accountability

 * every penny from Measure O will benefit Pacifica schools, be controlled locally and cannot be taken away by the State

 * Measure O mandates independent citizens' oversight and reports to the community to ensure funds are spent as promised

 * no funding from Measure O could ever be used to increase salaries, benefits, or pensions for administrators, teachers, or other school employees

Our great schools in Pacifica make our neighborhoods desirable and protect the value of our homes.

Join parents, teachers, and community leaders in the Pacifica community - support our outstanding local schools and vote YES on Measure O.


/s/ Ellen Louthan, 35 year Pacifica kindergarten teacher

/s/ Lynne Maggioncalda, 46 year Pacifica resident

/s/ Len Stone, local realtor

/s/ John Acosta, Local Pacifica dentist

/s/ Karen Ervin, former mayor 

Arguments AGAINST

The District has yet another tax increase on struggling Pacifica families. With interest, this is a $110 million tax increase. Residents - both renters and homeowners - will pay most of this because we have few businesses to share the cost. Isn't housing here already too costly?

Pacificans already generously fund schools.  We're presently paying on a PSD facilities bond - for another 10 years plus the parcel tax voted in 2016 plus regular property taxes and state apportionments (up 66% since 2012). Why doesn't PSD use those revenues for maintenance?

If Measure O passes, we'd be paying on 6 or 7 tax overrides at once! (see your tax bill)

Property taxes grow 2% compounded annually. Schools get almost half of that.

 * There's no senior or low income exemptions

 * Property taxes are less deductible under the new tax law

 * The low revenue days for schools have passed. They get more each year.

 * PSD has no list of projects. It just wants more money.

PSD fails to set aside money for maintenance. Now they want taxpayers to pay extra. Borrowing is expensive. It's bad budgeting to depend on capital outlay bonds for ongoing expenses like painting and patching. PSD must learn to prioritize.

Don't vote to displace families due to higher taxes.

Please vote no on Measure O.


/s/ Mark W.A. Hinkle, President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

/s/ William Collins

/s/ Baudelia B. Laroz 

Replies to Arguments FOR

PSD regularly asks taxpayers for more money but when California voters OK'd a $9 billion bond for school facilities in 2016 but PSD didn't even bother to apply.

We generously fund schools but we don't print money. Measure O is a hefty additional tax on Pacificans making housing less affordable for renters and homeowners alike.

PSD omits the true cost of borrowing, including $59 million interest. It's really a $114 million bond paid by too few taxpayers. That's $8,908 per average household or $297 yearly for 30 years.  It'd cost more for many and still more if Measure J, another school bond passes. The two pending bonds cost $168 million combined.

There's no senior/low income exemptions.

How did PSD spend the tax overrides and deplete the money from the facilities bond we're still paying? Did id fund mailings promoting the next tax increase? It budgets almost nothing to maintain our multi-million investment in facilities.

PSD already gets ample funding for maintenance. It should budget for maintenance from current sources. Increasing state apportionments, growing local property taxes, the facilities bond were paying, and the parcel tax. Instead we're asked to borrow and pay on two facilities bonds! Measure O adds more debt for painting, patching, signs and new furniture for administrators - anything goes. Read it!

Please vote NO on Measure O. Borrowing is extravagantly expensive. PSD won't budget wisely as long as it can get taxpayers to cover for mismanagement with new taxes on struggling Pacificans each election year. 


/s/ Mark W.A. Hinkle, President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

/s/ William Collins

/s/ Baudelia B. Larez 


Replies to Arguments AGAINST

The author of the argument against Measure O does NOT live in Pacifica or even San Mateo County.  In fact, he lives in Morgan Hill and submits misleading negative arguments to all Pacifica education measures. He hasn't taken the time to visit our schools or understand our needs.

As actual residents of Pacifica, we know the FACTS about why Measure O is so important for local schools.

FACT: Our community's support for Pacifica schools has made them some of the best in the region with outstanding teachers and excellent academic programs. Using this designated classroom funding for repairs would take resources away from students and could threaten teaching positions. We need Measure O.

FACT: It has been over 20 years since Pacifica's last education bond measure. With nearby districts passing measures more recently, our local schools are now falling apart AND falling behind.

FACT: Pacifica schools operate on VERY tight budgets. State funding is STILL below pre-recession levels and the State currently provides ZERO funding for the facility updates our schools need.

FACT: Measure O has a comprehensive list of projects that are prioritized to effectively repair and maintain local schools.

FACT: Many Pacifica School District schools were constructed almost 60 years ago, and critical repairs are needed that go beyond the scope of annual upkeep.

Measure O provides locally controlled funding that cannot be taken away by the State. Citizen oversight and annual audits ensure funds are spent as promised.

WE know what is best for OUR kids. Join our community's leaders in voting YES on O.


/s/ Judith M. Kell, Parcel Tax Oversight Committee

/s/ Antonia Vrbina, Vallemar PTO Co-President

/s/ Walter Parabanink, Local Pacifica Business Owner

/s/ Ashley Larsen, Children's Librarian

/s/ Janell Jones, Pacifica Parent 

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