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November 6, 2018 — California General Election
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Hayward Unified School DistrictCandidate for Board Member

Photo of Lisa G. Brunner

Lisa G. Brunner

10,631 votes (16.07%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • I am focused on continued Academic growth and educational excellence to prepare our students both College and/or career ready for success in the 21st Century
  • Modernization of all HUSD School sites-with Safety and Technology upgrades across the district to create welcoming safe, modern facilities for our students, Staff, and community
  • Maintain Fiscal accountability and positive certification for longterm stability for Hayward Unified School District.



Profession:Incumbent, Student Advocate,Airc. Elect,Vet-USMC,
Freelance Artist---part-time, Star Arts, and Highland Arts (2010–current)
HUSD Board Trustee, Hayward Unified School District , Hayward Ca — Elected position (2010–current)
1st Vice Commander, American Legion Post 870 Hayward, Ca — Appointed position (2009–current)
Hayward Redevelopment Successor Agency-member, City of Hayward — Appointed position (2010–2018)
Interviewer-Medicare Beneficiary Study-Assessment of tobacco and Health, Westat Research, Rockville, Maryland (2000–2015)
Library Commisioner, City of Hayward — Appointed position (2007–2015)
Crew leader & instructor-U.S. Census, Department of Commerce (2000, 2009-2010) (2010–2010)
P3C Simulator Technician II, Pulau Electronics Moffett Field, ca (1998–1999)
Highlands Task Force-member, City of Hayward — Appointed position (1998–1998)
Aircraft Electrical Work Leader-In-service Repair & Modifications-ARIES/ EP, Naval Aviation Depot Alameda, NAS Alameda (1982–1997)


Ashford University San Diego Ca Bachelor of Arts, Sociology (2017)
California School Board Association Certificate, Masters in Governance Program (2012)
Chabot Communiy College hayward Ca Associate in Arts, General Education (1984)
Naval Air technical Center, Millington, Tenn Certificate, Basic Electricity & Electronics School (1978)
Naval Air Technical Training Center, Millington, Tenn Certificate, Aviation Electrician's Mate Course, Class A1 (1978)

Community Activities

PTSA-member, membership, vice-President,President, Parent Teacher Student Assoc. Hayward High School (1999-2003, and 2006-2010) (1999–2010)
Team Mom-Member, Catholic youth Organization, All Saints Church, hayward, Ca (1991–2005)
GSA-Troop Leader & Camp Counselor, Girl Scouts of America, Hayward, ca (2001–2003)
Team Mom-Member, Hayward Youth Soccer League, hayward, Ca (1996–2002)
Team Mom-Member, San Leandro Bobby Sox san leandro, Ca (1996–2000)


  I am a civically active parent who believes in public education. I joined the United States Marine Corps out of high school; I wanted to travel and see the world and did not want to starve or get married. I became a certified aircraft electrician and tech sargent stationed at cherrypoint North Carolina where I worked and trained on A4s and AV8A aircraft systems. Overall I worked as an aircraft electrician for 25 years, mostly in in-service repair and modifications on Aries, EP3A, and P3C aircraft at NADEP Alameda and Moffett field California. In my spare time I earned an AA from Chabot College in General Education and a BA in Sociology from Ashford University; along with both technical and general leadersip certificates over the years. I have been semi-retired since 1999, when our oldest daughter started high school. With the support of my husband of 28-years, Christopher, I have been an active member of the PTSA and the Athletic Boosters at my daughters' schools. Prior to becoming a member of the HUSD Board of Trustees, I addressed the sitting Board a number of times and have served on various committees related to HUSD. I strongly support literacy at all levels and served on the Hayward Library Commision where I term limited off after serving for eight years in 2015. I believe in parent involvement and in keeping parents informed on what they need to do to advocate for their children to insure the best education possible. We are the proud parents of two Hayward High graduates whom continued on to 4-yar colleges/Universities on scholarships, and are my testimonial as to one of the reasons I am qualified to serve on the HUSD School Board.

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

   I believe that all students deserve a fair and equitable education to fulfill their potential. I fully support the Democratic Party's stance on education to "provide an excellent and equitable education for all students...". While not all students are college bound, they should all have the opportunity to attend if they so choose. Students should have not only core-curriculum but also electives such as music and art, including ROP to enhance their engagement and creativity. As a result of my personal beliefs, I am in full agreement with the Democratic Party's stance on culture and the arts: "restore arts and humanities efforts at all educational levels". I am proud to state that we, the Board of Trustees which I have been a part of since 2010, have restored the music programs to all of our schools, including instrumental at all the elementary schools and HUSD provides the instruments. HUSD has also started a VAPA, Visual and Performing Arts program to leverage grants and to continue the advancement of these type of enrichment programs at all grade levels.

Position Papers

My political philosophy on education....


My political philosophy on education is "equality"; "Education is the great equalizer in life". I am a civically active parent that believes in public education.

       I believe that "Education is the great equalizer in life". As a trustee I have proven my leadership abilities to understand and address the challenges of the Hayward Unified School District. I am a civically active parent that believes in public education. Our educational system is based upon the Greek Ideal of "mind, body, and soul"; A-G requirements (basics-mind), + Physical Education (body), +Music, Art, Philosophy/literature (electives-soul) for a well-rounded quality education. At HUSD we are successfully striving to increase A-G qualifications and academic success. Some highlights of my tenure include: positive certification, rising graduation rates, increased college readiness, re-instatement of art and music, increased test scores, increased pre-school enrollment, after and before school programs, increased parental involvement opportunities, introduction of the "Safe and Inclusive schools Program" and the "Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support"(PBIS) program, introduction of career pathways such as "engineering" and "biomedical" in our high schools with industry internships and increased dual-college enrollment and ROP participation, and AVID and Puente Programs at both middle and high school levels. Husd is a nationally recognized "Full Service Community School" and was honored with the National Advanced Placement Award in 2017. I believe in having expectations of our students, students need to know we have faith in their success; and those success' and achievements need to be recognized.

   As HUSD moves forward with Common Core, LCFF, and LCAP, I would like to continue to be an active part of moving the district forward towards increased excellence and stability to prepare,motivate and challenge our students. I am focused on continued academic growth for all of our students, modernization of all of our school sites, and safety and technology upgrades across the district. I am a civically active parent of two Hayward high School graduates who believes in public education and parental involvement. All students deserve a fair and equitable education to fulfill their potential. The focus of education is the student.

What I believe are the three largest challenges facing our educational system today and how to solve them


1) Socio-economics

2) The District Budget

3) Parent Involvement

I believe the three largest challenges facing education today are: Socio-economics, district budget, and parent involvement.

1)Socioeconimics have a big impact on a child's readiness to learn and their access to technology as they go through school. In the Hayward Unified School District we provide wrap-around-services with partnership with the Hayward Promise Neighborhood which is based on teh harlem Project where HUSd provides free/reduced breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack. Free afterschool programs at all our sites for K-12 that provide free tutoring, enrichment classes, and physical activities. The hayward unified School District has received a national award for being a model "Full Service Community School District". 

2) The district budget; there are many mandates on traditional public school such as special education which are very needed but very underfunded, the budget has not increased with the need. At HUSD we have been proactive and are continually making savings cuts as far away from the students and classroom as possible. Some things we have done at HUSD to address the structural deficit include administrative restructures at the District Office which has lowered the cost by $1mil+ each of the last two years. We are continually reviewing contracts and bringing work that can be done by our employees back in house. The budget is a continual process; even with additional funding under the Local Control Funding Formula, LCFF, It does not keep up with the increases in pers/strs contributions which has caused challenges across the state. Husd is positively certified but it does require a proactive Staff.

3) Parental involvement is very important because a parent is a child's first teacher. Parental involvement is not mandatory in traditional public schools. In many cases parental involvement is limited due to socioeconimics, parents cannot afford to miss work. At HUSD the district has increased parent involvement opportunities with programs like Parent University where parent have opportunities to further their own education and to learn how to help their children with homework, HUSD has added the Parent Embassador Progra at each school site so each school's needs are represented in the district's overall plan,the Local Control and accountability Plans/LCAP.

     Students need a strong support system both at home and at schools. All parents want their children to succeed. Free quality public education is a right for every child but like everything else worth having it takes support and involvement by parents, teachers, Staff, and mostly importantly the the student. Students need to be engaged and want to learn; we as parents and educators must instill in students the desire to learn. Education is a gift a student gives themself that no one can ever take away from them.

What distinguishes me from other candidates


I am the only parent running for the Haywrd Unified School District Board of Trustees. I bring the viewpoint of a parent that was very active in my children's education. I was PTSA President, vice-president, membership, member, served on the athletic boosters, School Site Council/SSC, and other committees and team mom for a number of sports and field trip chaperone...

   What distinguishes me from the other candidates is I bring the viewpoint of a parent. I am the only candidate with children, both my daughters graduated Hayward High School and became the first generation in my family to go to college. ( I went back and finished my four-year degree, a BA in Sociology after my children got their degrees...). When a new program is introduced, I ask mysellf  if it were a program my child needed would it be good enough? If it is not good enough for my child it is not good enough for anyone elses. If it is a good program than I look at cost, value, sustainability, and that is how I vote. I closely watch the budget and insist on the district being proactive in staying positively certified and to ensure cuts are made as far away from the classroom as possible because when my children were in HUSD schools during the recession it was devastating to watch the cuts being made. 

    Some highlights of my tenure include: positive certification, rising graduation rates, increased college readiness, stability, re-instatement of art and music, increased test scores, increased pre-school enrollment, after and before school programs for K-12, increased parental involvement opportunities, introduction of the "Safe and Inclusive Schools Program" and the "Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support " PBIS program. Introduction of carreer pathways such as "engineering" and ' biomedical" in our high schools that provide industry internships and alignment, increased ROP participation, plus retention of district level administration to address the needs of all our students and the community. HUSD is a nationally recognized leader for :full Service Community Schools" and has been awarded the "National AP Award" at all three comprhensive high schools for participation and pass rate of our students.

      I understand the role of a school board member is to "...set direction, provide oversight, and to hire a superintendent to carry out that"vision". Trustees must keep on point and keep the personal issues and politics out of the everyday running of the district. HUSD has a Board of five, it takes three votes to accomplish anything, the board is a "we" not an "I".

     As HUSD moves forward with Common Core, LCFF, and LCAP, I would like to continue to be an active aprt of moving the district forward towards increased excellence and stability to prepare, motivate and challenge our students. I am focused on continued academic growth, modernization of all our school sites, safety and technology upgrades; and always being proactive in maintaining a positive budget. The focus of education is the "student"; it is what we want for them, and like all parents I want my children to do better than me and that is what I want for everyone else's children, academic success which leads to a successful future. 

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