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Tuesday November 8, 2022 — California General Election
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Los Angeles County
Measure A - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


1,633,918 votes yes (71.8%)

640,361 votes no (28.2%)

Shall the measureamending the County of Los Angeles Charter to grant the Board ofSupervisors authority to remove an elected Sheriff from office for cause,including violation of law related to a Sheriff's duties, flagrant or repeatedneglect of duties, misappropriation of funds, willful falsification ofdocuments, or obstructing an investigation, by a four-fifths vote of theBoard of Supervisors, after written notice and an opportunity to be heard,be adopted?

What is this proposal?

Details — Official information

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Dawyn R. Harrison, Acting County Counsel

Approval of Measure A ("Measure") would amend the Charter of the County of Los Angeles ("Charter") to grant the Board of Supervisors ("Board") authority to remove an elected Sheriff from office for cause, by a four-fifths (4/5) vote of the Board. This Measure was placed on the ballot by ordinance and resolution passed by amajority vote of the Board.

The Charter currently does not give the Board authority to remove an elected Sheriff. This Measure would grantthe Board with the authority to remove an elected Sheriff from office for cause after a Sheriff has been served with a written statement of the alleged grounds for removal and provided with a reasonable opportunity to beheard regarding any explanation or defense. The Measure further provides the following grounds as cause toremove an elected Sheriff: (1) Violation of any law related to the performance of a Sheriff's duties; (2) Flagrantor repeated neglect of a Sheriff's duties as defined by law; (3) Misappropriation of public funds or property as defined in California law; (4) Willful falsification of a relevant official statement or document; or (5) Obstruction, as defined in federal, State, or local law applicable to a Sheriff, of any investigation into the conduct of a Sheriff and/or the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department by any government agency, office, or commission with jurisdiction to conduct such investigation. The Board may provide procedures for how to conduct the removal proceedings. If approved by the voters, the removal for cause provisions in Section 13.5 of Article IV of the Charter shall not be applied to interfere with the independent and constitutionally and statutorily designated investigative function of a Sheriff.

This Measure requires approval by a majority of the qualified voters voting in the election.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against

Arguments FOR


Vote Yes on Measure A to create necessary safeguards to protect against a Sheriff who abuses power andviolates our rights.

Vote Yes on Measure A to authorize the removal of a Sheriff if they commit serious violations of thepublic trust, such as breaking the law, stealing county funds, or obstructing investigations into deputymisconduct.

Measure A establishes long-overdue checks and balances and essential civilian oversight over the officialthat operates the largest jail system in the country, controls as budget of more than $3.5 billion, and employsover 10,000 deputies. With this law in place, future Sheriffs will know that they cannot violate the law andpeople's rights without consequence.

Los Angeles County has a history of Sheriffs who disregard the law and cause great harm to the public as aresult. Former Sheriff Lee Baca oversaw extreme violence in the jails and was recently released from federalprison after lying to FBI agents and federal prosecutors and obstructing a federal investigation. Sheriffs haveignored or concealed deputy gang violence in allegations, in violation of department policy; defied lawfulsubpoenas and court orders; and violated laws on transparency and oversight.

More than 120 community and labor organizations— including Asian Americans Advancing JusticeSouthern California, ACLU of Southern California, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, California Poor People'sCampaign, Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) - Los Angeles, Clergy and Laity United forEconomic Justice (CLUE), Dignity and Power Now, Disability Rights California, Homeboy Industries,Immigrant Resource Center of San Gabriel Valley, LA Voice, NAACP San Fernando Valley Branch, SEIU2015, Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California, and Women's March Action —urged the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to place this measure on the ballot, so that voters couldamend the county charter to establish a process to hold accountable any Sheriff who abuses power.

Vote Yes on Measure A to create accountability and common-sense checks and balances.

No official, especially as Sheriff, should be above the law.

President, Dolores Huerta Foundation

Co-Founder BLMLA

Co-Founder of La Defensa

Co-President, Unite Here Local 11

Executive Director, AAPI Equity Alliance

Arguments AGAINST

Measure A deserves the contempt of every voter in the county.

It's called a bill of attainder. It's also an ex post facto law.

If you've read your constitutions, you know that these are unconstitutional in every sense of the word.

County counsel and her entire staff should be forced to resign in shame. They wrote it. They took two oaths --one as lawyers and one as public employees. They are a disgrace to the county, the state, and the nation.Disbarment would be well deserved.

Instead of standing up for the law, they acted like henchmen for a vindictive political campaign against a sheriffthat you voted into office.

This amendment singles out and punishes (attainder) an elected sheriff for conduct that the corrupt board ofsupervisors will determine, after the fact (ex post facto).

If any official commits a crime, he should be prosecuted. That's what the Public Integrity Division of theDistrict Attorney does. Are they corrupt too?

The supes want to be judge, judge, and executioner. That's not due process. That's hubris!

Not only should this measure go down in flames, if it ever reaches the ballot, it should be a rallying cry to throwout each of the four queens who voted for it.

County counsel and each supervisor should be sued to reimburse, out of their own pocket, the county (that's you) for the entire cost of this hot mess.

It's a travesty.

By putting a bill of attainder on the ballot, the supervisors are telling you that they are queens, gods, above thelaw.

There's no other way to put it. Vote NO on Measure A, as many times as the county registrar allows.

Join us:

Libertarian Party of California Chair

Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County Chair

Replies to Arguments FOR

Let's cut through the nonsense and the smokescreens.

Measure A is nothing but a power grab by the County Board of Supervisors to let them overturn your vote. They want to take away your power.

In November, you, the voters, will elect a Sheriff. Over a million people will vote for the winner, whoever it is. But the very next day, Measure A would allow just four members of the Board of Supervisors to overturnyour votes, and hire anyone else as Sheriff.

That's the definition of undemocratic. Why would you allow the Board of Supervisors to replace the Sheriffafter he or she was properly and legally elected by you?

If you don't like the Sheriff, you can vote him or her out of office on Election Day. If he or she did somethingwrong while in office, you can vote to recall the Sheriff whenever you want. But in both of those situations, you are in charge. Measure A would take away your vote, and give it to four politicians who were elected intooffice by voters in their individual districts, not by the greater electorate of Los Angeles County.

DEFEND DEMOCRACY. Vote No on Measure A!

California State Sheriffs Assn.

Libertarian Party of California Chair

Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County Chair

Chair LA Hispanic Republican Club

Chair, Region 65 of LPLAC

Replies to Arguments AGAINST

Vote Yes on Measure A: END DEPUTY GANGS

Multiple investigations have uncovered over a dozen deputy gangs within the L.A. Sheriff's Department, whohave abused county residents for decades.

These include the Compton "Executioners," whose tattoos depict a skull with an alleged Nazi-style helmet, theEast L.A. "Banditos," and the white supremacist Lynwood "Vikings."

Sheriffs have resisted meaningful actions to stop deputy gang violence, instead denying their existence andshielding deputies from discipline.

Settlements related to deputy gangs have cost taxpayers about $55 million.

YES ON MEASURE A means Sheriffs who condone deputy gangs and their abuses could be removed.


"With [Sheriff] Baca's knowledge and ... involvement, [Undersheriff] Tanaka oversaw a group of deputies andmid-level commanders who worked to derail the FBI investigation [into corruption and civil rights abuses]." –L.A. Times, May 12, 2017.

"[Sheriff] Villanueva through his subordinates ordered the deputies involved [in taking and sharing pictures ofthe tragic Kobe Bryant crash] to delete the crash photos instead of opening an investigation into the allegedmisconduct." – L.A. Times, June 17, 2022.

"The Sheriff's Department's handling of the case [in which a deputy knelt on the head of a handcuffedindividual] is the subject of a criminal grand jury investigation." – L.A. Times, August 24, 2022.
If found liable for cause, Sheriffs who cover up serious misconduct, lie in official statements, or obstructinvestigations should face real consequences. We need a direct way to keep them in check.

YES ON MEASURE A means adopting common-sense checks and balances to hold any Sheriff accountable.

President Dolores Huerta Foundation

Co-founder BLMLA

Cofounder of LA Defense

Co-President, Unite Here Local 11

Executive Director, AAPI Equity Alliance

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