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Tuesday November 8, 2022 — California General Election
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Special District

Pasadena Area Community College District
Measure PCC - 55% Approval Required

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Election Results


87,715 votes yes (70.6%)

36,539 votes no (29.4%)

To upgrade aging labs, instructional technology, classrooms and career-training facilities, improve student access to affordable, high quality education in subjects like nursing, health sciences, engineering, technology and skilled trades; fix deteriorating roofs, plumbing and electrical systems; and remove asbestos/ lead pipes, shall the Pasadena Area Community College District bond measure authorizing $565,000,000 at legal rates be adopted, levying 2¢ per $100 of assessed value ($32,000,000 annually) while bonds are outstanding, with citizen oversight and all money locally controlled?

What is this proposal?

Details — Official information

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Dawyn R. Harrison, Acting City Counsel

Approval of Measure PCC ("Measure") would authorize the Board of Trustees ("Board") of the Pasadena AreaCommunity College District ("District") to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $565,000,000. The District placed the Measure on the ballot by Resolution No. 735, "Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Pasadena Area Community College District Ordering an Election to Authorize the Issuance of General Obligation Bonds, Establishing Specifications of the Election Order, and Requesting Consolidationwith Other Elections Occurring on November 8, 2022," adopted by the Board on August 5, 2022.

Proceeds from the sale of the bonds authorized by the Measure will be used only for the purposes specified in the Measure, including repairing, acquiring, constructing and upgrading classrooms and other school facilities;removing mold, lead paint and asbestos; repairing and replacing roofs, plumbing, gas, electrical, water, sewer,and building and hardscape surfaces; furnishing and equipping facilities; upgrading or replacing libraries and administrative spaces; upgrading security, fire and emergency communication systems; upgrading facilities for energy efficiency and to meet accessibility requirements and seismic standards.

A complete list of the projects and allowed expenditures is included in the full text of the Measure. Bond proceeds may not be expended on teacher and administrator salaries and other operating expenses.

The Board will cause independent performance and financial audits to be conducted annually to ensure that bond proceeds are spent only for projects identified in the Measure. The Board will appoint an independent Citizens' Oversight Committee in compliance with Education Code section 15278 no later than 60 days after the Board enters the election results in its minutes. The District will create an account into which the bond proceeds will be deposited and will comply with the reporting requirements of Government Code section 53410.

Approval of the Measure does not guarantee that projects described in the Measure will be funded beyond local revenues generated by the Measure. The District's proposal for certain projects may assume receipt of matchingState funds subject to appropriation by the Legislature or approval of a statewide bond measure.

The bonds will not exceed the maximum interest rate as allowed by law. According to the District's Tax Rate Statement, the best estimate of the average tax rate and the highest tax rate required to fund the bond issue,based on estimated assessed valuations available when the District filed the statement, is $20 per $100,000 of assessed valuation. The best estimate of the final fiscal year in which the tax is anticipated to be collected is fiscal year 2051-2052. The best estimate of total debt service, including principal and interest, is $938,106,294

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against

Arguments FOR

Vote YES on PCC for Pasadena City College.

For 100 years, Pasadena City College has provided high-quality, affordable college education and career training for residents of all ages in Pasadena, Arcadia, Altadena, Temple City, South Pasadena, La Cañada Flintridge, Rosemead, San Marino and Sierra Madre.

As the cost of University of California, Cal State University and private universities has increased, more students start their education at community colleges. Thousands of local high school graduates rely on Pasadena City College.

Voting Yes on PCC ensures local students, including lower and middle-income students who can't afford expensive university tuition, can access affordable higher education and job training in our area.

Voting YES on PCC allows Pasadena City College to continue training and educating the nurses and healthcare professionals that serve our medical needs, the firefighters, paramedics, law enforcement officers and first responders that keep us safe, and the skilled workers who fuel our economy.

Many old Pasadena City College buildings have asbestos, lead pipes, and don't meet earthquake safety standards. Essential repairs to classrooms, labs and facilities ensurePasadena City College can continue serving our community for decades.

Vote YES on PCC to:

  • Replace leaky roofs, rusty plumbing and faulty electrical systems
  • Keep computer systems and instructional technology up-to-date
  • Provide modern science labs and career training facilities to prepare students for in demand careers
  • Bring buildings to current health and safety codes
  • Improve access for students with disabilities
  • Remove asbestos, lead pipes and hazardous materials
  • Improve student safety and campus security by upgrading lighting, intruder protection and emergency communication systems, smoke detectors and fire alarms

Local Control and Fiscal Accountability Required

  • An Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee, annual audits and public disclosure of spending is mandatory
  • All funds must stay local and cannot be taken by the State
  • No funds may be used for administrator salaries
  • Join respected local leaders and vote YES on PCC.


President Emeritus of Pasadena City College, Former State Senator and Former Chancellor of CA Community Colleges


Representative, United States Congress


California State Senator


Past President of PCC Foundation, Local Attorney and 60-year Pasadena Resident


16-year Former Mayor of Pasadena

Arguments AGAINST

How much election cheating are you willing to put up with?

What if it's for an allegedly good cause? Does that change your answer?

Do you know all the public officials with duties related to local measure elections? County supervisors, registrar of voters, county counsel, school board that resolves to put measures on the ballots. A lot of public officials, most of them getting salaries you could never dream of.

Are these public officials corrupt? All of them?

Then how do you explain that at every election they all look the other way or point fingers at each other saying that "It's not my job to enforce measure election laws?"

How is it then, that all these public officials, who you pay, combined, millions of dollars a year, have never (never means not once) put a local measure on the ballot that follows the law?

Officials in counties other than Los Angeles, at least follow some of the laws. But the Los Angeles County Registrar is a law unto himself, and county counsel and the five queens (supes), let him go hog wild.

It's almost like it's a conspiracy. Because the public officials (school board) who start the ball rolling, violate every meaningful law with the knowledge, apparently, that all the other public officials will go along with their corruption.

There are too many broken laws to mention in 300 words, but you can check it out ( for all the gory details.

Bottom line: All the public officials would rather have gullible voters force taxpayers, including themselves, to send every dollar they dream up to some government agency or another. It's more for them. Less for you.

Are you tired of been taken for a chump? Vote HELL NO! on Measure PCC ($1,130,000,000 [that's billion] tax).

Join us:


Libertarian Party of California Chair


Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County Chair

Replies to Arguments FOR

Everything in ballot label is intended to deceive you. Dishonest by design. 

It's common knowledge that public unions control the entire public education system in California. Membership is voluntary since Janus v. AFSCME (2018) ( Are the district boards just union puppets?

Didn't they shut down your schools? Didn't they extort benefits? Didn't they crush learning progress? Didn't they destroy your children's social framework? Didn't they fill your children's minds with all manner of propaganda? Now they're coming for your money!

OVERSIGHT? It's a fraud. Citizen oversight ends when votes are cast. If you could trust the board, why would you need oversight?

STRICT ACCOUNTABILITY? Fraud number 2. There are no accountability police. When you're not looking, they do whatever they want.

PROJECT LIST? There is none. Measure ES includes everything under the sun. Read it.

ADMINISTRATOR SALARIES? Of course! Read the fine print!

Arguments and rebuttals are written by school bonds cartel agents. Signers are just stand-ins.

Less than 15% of your taxes will go to facilities that will still be around by the time the bonds are paid off. (At least half goes to wealthy investors, right off the bat.)

The entire system is rigged to pass taxes. That's not just our opinion.

Bottom line: Only undecided voters can be persuaded by arguments. 90% don't even read them. Undecideds determine the election. We need your help.

Vote HELL NO! on Measure PCC ($1,130,000,000 [that's billion] tax) and every measure on your ballot. 

Calculate your tax:


Libertarian Party of California Chair


Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County Chair


Realtor - Open Government Advocate

Replies to Arguments AGAINST

The incoherent argument against Measure PCC is full of conspiracy theories and false allegations. Theysubmitted nearly identical arguments against most ballot measures in Southern California without regard for the need or merits. It should be ignored.

The two opponents don't live in our area or understand the age of college classrooms, labs and job training facilities. They ignore Pasadena City College's important role providing affordable access to higher education and job training.

Consider these FACTS:

FACT: With the cost of universities skyrocketing, thousands of local high school graduates and other students rely on Pasadena City College to complete their first two years of college and job training affordably. Yes on PCC maintains affordable access to higher education and job training.

FACT: Pasadena City College trained and educated nurses, healthcare professionals, firefighters, paramedics, law enforcement officers, first responders, and other skilled workers. Yes on PCC keeps our communities healthy, safe, and our economy strong.

FACT: Most Pasadena City College facilities were built 50 to 100 years ago for a different era of education. Yes on PCC updates classrooms, science labs, job training facilities, and technology.

FACT: Every penny from Measure PCC must be spent to upgrade Pasadena City College facilities. The legally binding project list in your voter pamphlet details the use of funds. No funds can be taken by the State or used for administrator salaries. An independent citizens' oversight committee and annual audits are mandatory. Yes on PCC is fiscally responsible.

Don't be misled! Study the FACTS and join local students, teachers and other respected leaders in voting YES on PCC.


President and CEO,Huntington Medical Research Institute


President, Singpoli Group, 25-year Arcadia Resident


PCC Foundation Board Member, 26-year Altadena resident


PCC Student and Lifelong Local Resident


Treasurer, Pasadena City College Foundation, Lifelong Pasadena Resident

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