Kevin MottusRepublican

2014 Candidate for Congressional District 33 - California



political experience

Not Applicable


professional experience

Profession/Occupation: Business Owner

Employment History

  • Owner, (2009-present)


  • Master's degree in social work, University of California Los Angeles (1995)

top priorities

  • #1 Priority Address Transportation Problem-More Double Level Freeways, More Subways, More Light Rail, More Buses Less Smog by Getting You There Faster
  • Protect Our Environment-No Off Shore Drilling, No Food GMO's, Improved Consumer Protections for All Products
  • Minimize Radio Frequency Radiation Exposure from All Wireless Devices and Infrastructure to Protect The Health of Our Children



Key Endorsements

  • California Brain Tumor Association
  • Citizens For Safe Technology


q & a

In this time of high unemployment and budget deficits, what are the most important steps that should be taken to improve our nation’s economy and sustain job creation?
My number #1 priority-Address Transportation problem. You cannot have economic growth without the infrastructure to support it. Every business person knows this. We must address our inadequate and deteriorating transportation system.

We must invest in more double level freeways, subways, light rails, buses to get people where they must go and off the roads polluting our environment. We need to reduce our current rush hour from 4 hours to 30 mins a day to reduce green house gases and get you to work.

We are wasting 20-30% of our productivity every day commuting. We cannot wait any longer. Our efforts to force people out of their cars through inadequate infrastructure is not working.

We need to provide capacity to manage our transportation needs so our economy can thrive again by facilitating the exchange of goods and services. If we are going to serve the role as the Market Place of the World then we need the transportation system to support this global vision.

What, if any, changes should be made to federal health care policies or programs?
Insurance Portability, Lifetime Insurance Caps, Previously Existing Conditions, Affordability, and Access are issues that need to be addressed because a healthy America is a happy and productive America.

We need to address these issues with minimal government involvement, cost and maximum efficiency while also taking into account market forces and reactions so we do not create new problems while solving old problems. We need to address the issue of non-citizens seeking medical care through our hospital Emergency Rooms financially straining and bankrupting our hospitals due to expenditures for non-covered care.

What are your priorities with respect to our nation’s energy policy?
We need to strive for national energy independence for a strong America but we need to balance our efforts with strong provisions to protect our environment and the health of our citizens-our nations most precious resource.

What, if any, changes should be made with respect to our nation’s security, including our national defense or anti-terrorism measures?
A strong economy is a nation's greatest defense. We need to make infrastructure investment to kick start our economy and support growth.

Our nation's plan to go to Smart Grid Wireless Technology to link all of our homes centralizes control of our power system and significantly increases our nation's vulnerability to cyber attack and terrorism as well as increasing our citizens exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation emitted by all wireless devices and infrastructure.

The World Health Organization has classified the microwaves emitted by wireless as a Class 2B carcinogen so we can no longer say it is safe. Long term exposure to these microwaves has been associated with increased risks of Cancer, Cardiac problems, Immune system disorders and Neurological problems termed EHS-ElectroHyperSensitivity.

Citizens realize that others are getting cancer and other serious disease at younger and younger ages and exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation has now got to be a factor to be considered and mitigated.

Just ask Steve Jobs if wireless is safe. Ask Johnie Cochran if wireless is safe. Ask Lebron James, Sheryl Crow, Mark Ruffalo and Vice President Biden's son Beau Biden who developed tumors where they hold their cell phones if wireless is safe. Ask NFL Quarter back Jim Kelly who is now dying from a tumor on his jaw if wireless is safe.

Without any actual safety standards in place for this technology, we are being used as a massive human experiment on the long term health effects from RF radiation exposure from wireless. See for more information.

It is no exaggeration to say that the expansion of wireless is a quiet, sophisticated, high tech holocaust happening right under our noses. The question is what are you going to do about it? Are you going to continue to believe the denials, constant advertisements and research manipulations of the wireless companies? Or are you going to believe the Italian Supreme Court that ruled that Cell Phones can cause Cancer or research from non-wireless funded sources which like the World Health Organization found a positive association between wireless and cancer?

What is your position on the issue of immigration reform? What, if any, changes to legislation or policy would you support?
We need to protect our borders. If we cannot control who enters this country then we cannot control the many problems associated with population growth. We cannot have it both ways. We cannot want the benefits of cheap labor associated with temporary foreign workers while also complaining about the strain these workers put on the infrastructure of local communities when they do not leave. We need to clarify our policy as a nation.


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Phone: 310-479-0299

Address: 11041 Santa Monica Blvd #627, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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