Measure A:Power Plant

Rezone power plant property to phase out power plant and replace with industrial/recreational uses.


Measure A would rezone 50 acres of land currently owned by AES Power Plant to make power generation and transmission a nonconforming use, requiring the existing power plant to cease generating power by December 31, 2022. Before a new power plant could be certified, the California Energy Commission would have to approve its fulfillment of more stringent requirements.

Measure A would allow additional uses of the land, including commercial, institutional, marine-related light industrial, public parks, and open space. It would require that 60-70% of the acreage be converted to a public parks/open space allocation.


what your vote means


The 50 acre site would be rezoned, and the power plant would be required to cease generating power by a future date.


The 50 acre site would not be rezoned, and the power plant would not be required to cease generating power by a future date.


campaign arguments


Vote YES on Measure A. This is our only chance to rid our waterfront of a power plant.

Times have changed since the first plant was built in Redondo Beach. This site is now tightly surrounded by dense residential development, senior housing, hotels, restaurants, offices and a harbor. This is no place for a new power plant.

The power plant is Redondo’s single largest air polluter. AES’ own projections show emissions from just one pollutant, particulate matter, will increase 5-15 times from what AES reports now.

Particulate matter and other power plant pollutants retard lung development in children, cause asthma attacks and heart attacks, and kill twice as many people as breast cancer every year in California. Lowering the smoke stacks to improve the aesthetics just increases our

City studies show property values and business revenues are reduced by the power plant. Why risk our historic waterfront revitalization by allowing a new power plant?

If Measure A fails, the Redondo waterfront could be saddled with three smoke stacks, a power plant, and the
power lines until 2070.

Measure A allows us to keep the Whaling Wall or historic buildings without a new power plant.

We don’t need the power. The current plant only runs at about 5% of annual capacity. Two new plants in our area come online this year. Independent consultants and State reports demonstrate there’s capacity to retire Redondo’s plant.

Three other coastal plants have recently retired due to local opposition. Yes on A shows State agencies and officials our opposition to a new power plant.

Yes on A is a vote for cleaner air, for waterfront revitalization without a power plant, for our children, and for a lasting legacy that will make us all proud.

Vote YES on A
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s/ Bill Brand, Councilman
s/ Jim Light, District 1 Council Candidate
s/ Dawn Esser, Redondo Mom
s/ Sheri Patterson, Redondo Mom
s/ Lezlie Campeggi, Redondo Beach Mom


Would you support a government that rezoned your property without your consent? Would you support a measure that eliminates your existing use and allows others to use your own property? Measure A asks you to rezone private property that does not belong to the City in a way that devalues the land and limits the use for the property owner.

Measure A doesn’t guarantee the removal of the power plant. It would likely mire the City of Redondo Beach in lawsuits for years to come, costing us millions of dollars without any positive results. Even if Measure A passes, the State could override the zoning and allow a new power plant to be built.

Measure A was created without any input from the property owner. It was created without open and public meetings that would have been required if the City had proposed a zoning change. It increases the likelihood that the existing power plant continues to operate because it
limits the owner’s viable economic choices. Measure A falsely promises the retirement of the power plant, but has no authority over the existing facility.

Measure A attempts to create a regional park bringing with it traffic and crowds, without any revenue to the City of Redondo Beach to pay for the maintenance of the park. Measure A avoids any environmental impact analysis that would have normally been required.

Measure A pits the property owner against our community. A better approach is to work collaboratively with the property owner and include a rigorous public process to create a vibrant and exciting waterfront.

For all of these reasons Measure A is wrong for Redondo Beach. It wastes money, wastes time, and wastes resources. Just say NO to an assault on private property rights, say NO to costly lawsuits, say NO to Measure A.

s/ Mike Gin, Mayor of City of Redondo Beach
s/ Mathew Kilroy, Councilmember, City of Redondo Beach
s/ Jane A. Diehl
s/ Arlene Staich,former School Board Member
s/ Lisa Rodriguez



RankContributor nameTotal
1Guacamole Fund$20,000
2Linda Neal$5,200
3Lori Zuremski$2,530
4LA League of Conservation Voters$2,000
5Todd DiPaola$1,500
$80.2 thousand raised in total


$335.9 thousand raised in total
RankContributor nameTotal
1AES Redondo Beach$327,000
2Edison International$6,711
3Maryann Guthrie$1,500
4Doug & Lisa Rodriguez$100
5Ila Friend$100




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