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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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District 37 —California State AssemblyNovember 8, 2016 —California General Election

November 8, 2016 —California General Election

California State AssemblyDistrict 37

Election Results

  • 100% of precincts reporting (476/476).

About this office

State assembly members introduce and vote on new laws, hold hearings, and draft the state budget. They are elected to two-year terms.
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Who’s Running?

For this office, only the two candidates who get the most votes in the primary election advance to the general election. The two candidates may be from the same political party.
Candidates are sorted in order of election results.
Educator/School Boardmember
128,344 votes (64.1%)Winning
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  • Advocate for student success in our local schools, colleges, and universities while supporting college and career readiness opportunities for students.
  • Work to protect our coast and environment while protecting our quality of life on the South Coast.
  • Strive to expand quality health care and boost our regional economy through job creation.
Profession:Educator and Santa Barbara Unified School District Board Member
Trustee, Santa Barbara Unified School District Board of Education — Elected position (2010–current)
University of California, Berkeley Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (not availa)
Columbia University Master of Arts (M.A.) (2006)
Total money raised: $615,442

Top contributors that gave money to support the candidate, by organization:

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
California Association of Realtors
SEIU California
State Building & Construction Trades Council of California
California State Council of Laborers

By State:

California 98.00%
District of Columbia 1.07%
Texas 0.33%
Ohio 0.25%
Other 0.35%

By Size:

Large contributions (98.28%)
Small contributions (1.72%)

By Type:

From organizations (63.20%)
From individuals (36.80%)
Source: MapLight analysis of data from the California Secretary of State.
Planning Commissoner/Businessman
71,944 votes (35.9%)
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  • Stop State mandated community growth. Return local growth control to local communities.
  • Fix our roads NOW. Putting it off will cost 10 times as much in the future.
  • Practical, common sense, economical solutions to problems with fewer new laws.
Profession:Planning Commissioner / Real Estate Broker
Salesperson/Broker/Owner, San Roque Realty Inc. (1979–current)
Planning Commissioner, City of Goleta — Appointed position (2014–current)
University of California at Santa Barbara Extension Certificate in Professional Accounting, Accounting (2010)
Santa Barbara Community College None, General Ed, Real Estate (1987)
Dos Pueblos Senior High School Diploma, Business (1974)

I’m a native of Santa Barbara. I’ve live my whole life on the south coast.


I graduated from Dos Pueblos High School, attended SBCC and received a Certificate in Professional Accounting from UCSB Extension.


I have practiced real estate brokerage for the last 36 years and own San Roque Realty Inc.


In 2014 I was President of the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors.


I own a small rental property and have served as a director of the Santa Barbara Rental Property Association.


In 2014 I was appointed Planning Commissioner for the City of Goleta.


Climate changes and the continuing drought worry many in California. What new strategies do you believe would ensure that California is able to both satisfy its water needs and protect the environment? Please be specific. 

Answer from Edward Fuller:

Local strategies for rain water storage, groundwater management, water recycling, conservation and, on the coast, desalinization powered by renewable energy resources, such as harnessing ocean wave energy, should be encouraged and supported by the state.

Fiscal Priorities

What are your top three fiscal priorities, recognizing the need to balance the state’s income with its spending?

Answer from Edward Fuller:

It's not just balancing the state's income and spending but, as Governor Brown has championed, creating sufficient savings to offset dramatic declines in revenues during recessions. As Governor Brown has reported, the next recession could leave the state $50 billion in the hole. In order to maintian public services during times that are the most difficult for the state's citizens, we need to put away money now for the next inevitable recession.

The preservation of our crumbling roads and infrastructure are estimated to be underfunded by $135 billion over the next 10 years. Some of the monies traditionally used for roads have been diverted to pay for transportion bonds the voters understood would be repaid from the General Fund. The first thing to do is stop raiding $1 billion in commercial truck weight fees from the State Highway Account and find the money to pay for the bonds from the general fund by using surplus tax revenue and reducing other state expenditures. But that will only reduce the need by $10 billion in the next 10 years leaving us $125 billion short, or $12.5 billion a year. To put that in a more individual perspective last year's gasoline sales were aproximately 13.6 billion gallons making the shortfall $0.88 per gallon of gas sold. The question is, are our citizens willing to pay to protect our investment in our transportion system?

Education is the back bone of our civilization. Education isn't a guarantee for success in life, but it is almost a certainty that life with an education will be better than without. It benefits not only the individual, but reduces crime and unintended pregnancies, while the individual's increased productivity leads to higher tax revenues. Education is truly a win-win for all. Our children's educational attainment must be one of the most important goals of government.

Minimum Wage

There are a variety of proposals to raise California's minimum wage. Many of these proposals face opposition from business groups who are concerned that they would kill jobs. Do you support increasing the minimum wage in California?  In your answer please explain your position on the relationship between wages and jobs with specific reference to the situation in your district. 

Answer from Edward Fuller:

A new minimum wage law has already been passed. We should pay close attention for any unintended consequences.

Money in Politics

Many Californians are concerned about the influence of money in politics. What can the state legislature do to ensure that decision-making by elected officials is not swayed by moneyed interests at the expense of constituents?

Answer from Edward Fuller:

As a candidate not affiliated with any political party, and without the financial support of any special interests, the best thing to do is to elect me.

Moneyed interests most often claim their interests are aligned with the state's, or at least regions of the state. All of them obtained their wealth by providing goods and services consumed by citizens, and sustain employment, but they shouldn't be allowed to impose financial or enviromental burdens on our state just for the sake of their interests. I understand that the job of Assemblyman will require decisions that provide the greatest good with the least cost to our state and it's citizens.

Are you fed up with too much growth in your neighborhood? Did you know  that local community growth is mandated by state law? You, the citizens, are paying the price of bureaucrats bent on driving up the population of the state. It will be my goal to dismantle the state's control of the planning process and return it to local citizens. Only you should be in control of how big your neighborhood gets.


The condition of the state’s roads rank 44th worst in the nation. A dollar spent today on repairs can save ten in years to come. The state government has been raiding the transportation fund to balance the budget. These moneys need to be returned and put to use now. If an increase in the gas tax (which hasn’t been raised in 20 years), specifically for road repair and maintenance as required by Proposition 42 (passed by 69% of the voters in 2002), is what it will take to keep our roads from disintegrating the money will be well spent.


I will be a voice for pragmatic, wise, economical, common sense solutions. The state legislature is passing 1,000 new laws a year. Those are laws you are supposed to know and obey. A new law should be the last resort to a problem. I will be an advocate and facilitator for people and communities to solve their own problems, without resorting to legislation.

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