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Tuesday June 7, 2022 — California Primary Election
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United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 9

Photo of Karena Apple Feng

Karena Apple Feng

Real Estate & Political Consultant
2,163 votes (2.5%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Return Children home and open-up all unconstitutional court processes to preserve family bonds by upholding the American Constitution.
  • Approve assistance for emergency applicants, bring ready investors, create jobs, increase assistance, establish UBI, and end unemployment.
  • Implement in ensuring safe neighborhoods, educational excellence, and quality community services.



Profession:Real Estate & Political Consultant
Political and Real Estate Consultant, Karena Apple Feng (1998–current)
Political Consultant, Tyrone Wade for Mayor of San Jose (2021–2021)
Real Estate Broker, Century 21 (2013–2020)
Minister, Xiang He Chan Ling (2006–2018)


George Washington University Masters, Political Governance (2018)
Thomas Jefferson School of Law JD, Law (2014)
Thomas Jefferson School of Law Masters, Law (2014)


I was born into a political family. My great grandfather was the President in 1917, my grandfather a Chief under the British in Shanghai, and my dad a liberationist. I grew up loving the community, caring for the weak, and doing everything I can to take others above myself. I've focused on studying and working all of my life, so far. At home, I stayed and cared for my single father until his passing. I have four children which I've raised as a single mother. I continue to work for the community, one example is through real estate purchases,  and then providing low or no income housing for the community, including veterans, single parents, disaster assistance, and the homeless, so they'll have a chance to get support until they can "stand back up on their feet" without having to be faced with endless impractical promises that'll never happen realistically, or facing situations where government assistance applications takes a long time before people in the community will get any help. So I've stepped out and made sure I've helped as many people as possible prior to any misfortunes occur that will destroy families or hurt lives; directly from my own pocket's after tax money.  So far,  I have been able to help over two hundred households who would otherwise been out in the cold waiting, starving, or dying. 

I have also been an advocate when it comes to children, seniors, families, and justice. I've also provided licensure support, and given years of resources to providers of alternative care benefitting over 200,000 Californians. I've also written the CA Initiative 1894, which dropped the children's removal-from-home rate in 2021 from approximately 500,000 to 40,000 annually. I have submitted Bills to congress in March of 2021; for example the edited,  HR 485, has gotten 80% "yays" from Congress, and 92% "yays" from community polls.

I've decided to run for congress because then I'll be able to accomplish more contributions for the community; such as ending the unemployed, healing the homeless, and safeguarding all infrastructure; to just name a few.

I am accessible, through my staff, my direct email, and phone. My website is I would be honored to voice and represent all of the people who I love, cherish, and am loyal for District 9, California, and the entire nation as a patriot. 

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California (4)

The Federal Government plays a part in California water allocation and use through a variety of projects and laws.  What, if any, new programs or projects or reforms to existing programs and projects would you support in an effort to handle water shortages caused by the current and any future drought?
Answer from Karena Apple Feng:

I would reference previous winning programs, advanced research work, and projects and see if any improvements are required and apply them to any of our current and future drought conditions to where it makes sense for all.

Should immigration laws be changed?  What changes would you support?  Please explain why.
Answer from Karena Apple Feng:

We may consider regulating the processes of immigration law's implementation. Since immigration laws are complex and are well thought out, it's the implementation processes that require oversight and adjustments if we were to see a better outcome, compared to outrageous border issues, family separations, and deaths.

As Congress Member what, if any, policies or legislation would you support to preserve democracy for all US residents?
Answer from Karena Apple Feng:

I would follow the US Constitution to apply to everyone.

What legislation, if any, would you support to reduce American greenhouse gas production?  Please explain the reasons for your position.
Answer from Karena Apple Feng:

To increase the use of filters and research how to neutralize and harmonize harmful gas towards the environment in which we live. 

Since we all share the beautiful earth, yet rely on modern technology to function in our advanced society; we must also be considerate of any by-products or damages gas production may cause to the people's health. 

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Total money raised: $28,602

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Karena Apple Feng
Employees of Five Elements University
Employees of Onlok

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California 94.74%
Hawaii 5.26%

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I believe all people have a right to access education, healthcare, love, dignity, food, shelter, and opportunities to thrive in the world we share. We the people have the same, similar, and different views, yet we can all appreciate one another to better contribute and make value to this nation so America can continue to be the greatest nation in the world! Let's all play our roles the best we can so we all fit together in harmony, in unity, and in respect, so to thrive our many generations ahead!

Position Papers

Allows for Jury Trials in Child-Custody and Dependent-Child Determinations.


Gives parties in child dependency and child custody court proceedings the right to demand that a jury, rather than a judge, determines if a parent is to lose legal rights to their child(ren). Provides that findings in child dependency and child custody court proceedings may be made by a jury, as a matter of right. Prohibits a judge from rejecting a jury’s findings.

Amend Welf & IC § 350 as follows: "The court must allow the child(ren)'s testimony when the child desires and demands to be heard to preserve and promote the child's best interest. The court has a duty to verify whether the child(ren) was properly notified and allowed respectfulness to the child(ren)'s comfort zone to timely respond without intervention, coercion, or prior tampering. Any coerced child(ren) remarks shall deem a jury determination of the child(ren) emergency re-placement into a trusted home of the parents or guardian's choice."

Amend Welf & IC § 317(c) as follows: "All child(ren) has a right to effective representation, whether court-appointed, or private representation, and the representation is allowed to be paid by his or her parents or guardians. The child(ren) reserves the right to choose his or her representation. And the child(ren) has a right to privately consult 45 minutes with their parents or guardians prior to the court regarding representation."

Amend Welf & IC § 366.26 as follows: "The court has a duty to verify beyond a reasonable doubt of all the allegations against parents and guardians to prevent the unnecessary removal of children from innocent parents or guardians; and to prevent the breaking of the strong-bond-relationship between guardian or father, mother, and child(ren) which is detrimental and will cause irreversible harm to any family."

Amend Welf & IC § 366.21 as follows: "The court has a duty to acknowledge and accept all efforts and evidence that the parents and guardians made in a submission to the case plan, and not call the efforts a failure when the parents or guardians are fully following instructions. As this acknowledgment will promote national respect for the judicial system and encourage family unity."

Amend Welf & IC § 600 et seq. as follows: "To allow Jury Trial findings prior to the court rendering federal and state funding; and to bar the taking of any moneys, or of monetary value from the parents or guardians. It will not be fair to remove the child(ren) from the parents and guardians and expect them to pay for the court's orders while losing a child(ren) that they've already spent a fortune to raise. The court or jury is prohibited from causing more losses for American parents and guardians for supporting what the court wants for their children instead of having the parent's or guardian's decision. Whenever the family's fate is decided by the court, the court should arrange payment if it's out of the parents and guardians' control."

Amend Welf & IC § 366.25(a)(1) as follows: "The determination of whether returning a child and the continued removal of a child is by the jury trial's determination: where the jury trial participants are selected by the parent or parent-appointed guardians."

Amend Welf & IC § 366.26(i) as follows: "Parents have the right to challenge the juvenile court for lack of notice or given parents and children the right to a jury trial when the order of terminating parental rights is final."

Amend Welf & IC § 388 as follows: "Allow families: parents, guardians, siblings, or children, the right to reopen closed cases where the case hearings did not include jury trials before receiving a ruling or determination for the permanent placement of children."

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— April 24, 2022 Karena Apple Feng

District 9 San Joaquin County in which I'm running to be a US House Representative Congressional District 9 to voice for the people for situations not improved for over a decade.

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