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United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 9

Photo of Jim Shoemaker

Jim Shoemaker

Tradesman/Business Owner
12,328 votes (14.1%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • PRO-LIFE; fighting for the lives of born and unborn. ECONOMIC DEREGULATION; to promote growth. PROTECT CONSTITUTION; Pro 2nd Amendment.
  • MEDICAL FREEDOM; from government regulations. Control production of medical supplies, medication, etc. in US only.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE; improve roads and bridges. FARM & WATER; water storage, production of fertilizer in US, not Russia or other nations; ENERGY INDEPENDENT: return production US in order to protect our national security



From a young age, Jim Shoemaker has been grounded by his Faith in God. He calls Faith Community Church in Acampo his home church and attends with his wife, Joanie. God’s word and hard work dictate Jim‘s life. Jim believes in strong work ethics and has been working since the age of 5. Jim’s father guided him through the steps of owning a popcorn business. It started with a little red wagon, a couple of buckets full of popcorn and boots to walk the neighborhood. At 10 years old, after his father passed, Jim went to work with his uncle on his farm in South Dakota. There, Jim learned the art of harvesting grain, operating a combine tractor, working the land from Texas to Canada. By 12 years old, Jim graduated from harvesting to driving truckloads of grain down the interstate. By 18, Jim got his commercial drivers license which eventually led him to starting his own trucking business. Hard work is no stranger to Jim.  He owned and operated a number of businesses over the years: Trucking business, building /construction, pool service company, finance/mortgage/insurance. Jim enjoyed the fruits of his labor; yet at times, sacrificing his benefits to provide for his two children, as a single dad. 

Through his professional work history, political involvement, and walk in his faith, Jim has experienced the detrimental effects of governmental overreach. Watching the slow death of California has pushed him to the limit. With 30 years of political involvement, seeing the demise of our nation, our state, our district, has been heartbreaking and infuriating for Jim. Working behind the scenes of politics, Jim experienced firsthand the good side of the fight for freedom as well as in the inner workings of corruption, big corporate money, and big government. He's been a part of many action groups such as: Mission Work, Operation Rescue, Pregnancy Resource Center (now, Directions Medical Center), Pro Life movement, NRA member, President CRA - California Republican Assembly, San Joaquin Chapter & Vice President State party, John Birch Society, Private Property Groups, Farm Bureau. Currently, Jim is the President of the California Republican Assembly, San Joaquin Chapter. 

With a lifetime of work, service, and commitment to God and country, Jim is well prepared and ready to step forward, stand up for we, the people's freedoms, and take a lead position to rescue California from tyrannical government overreach. He can't do this alone and invites you to step up to the plate to defend your rights & freedoms that are being stripped away. 

Jim Shoemaker – a simple man, not a suit and tie kind of guy. But when he is called, he will step up and put on a tie to fulfill his purpose. 

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Jim Shoemaker
Employees of Hicks Real Estate Llc
Employees of Goehring Law Office

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy


Today, many politicians have strayed away from the traditional faith-based values this nation was founded and prospered upon; values structured in the Bible; values such as individual liberty, honesty, and self-sufficiency. Faith should not be forced upon others, but that does not mean it cannot be used to guide sound policy decisions and remind us of the rights we all hold as citizens of this country. These God-given rights are life, liberty, and property. Whether or not people hold the faith, the biblical commandments are the bedrock of our society, and upholding them ensures the stability and prosperity of our nation. We owe it to our descendants to maintain and pass down these values.

 The right to life has been completely abandoned, not just in America but worldwide. Since Roe V. Wade, 60 million lives have been ended without justice or due process, and it cannot be allowed to continue. Life begins at conception, and it is murder to cut it off at any point without just cause, inside or outside the womb.

America a beacon of freedom to the world. But those freedoms protected by the constitution and admired by the world have been increasingly violated as our government has grown larger and larger. The most important freedom we Americans are fortunate to exercise is the right to bear arms. This right ensures the survival of all other rights. Because of this, it is increasingly intruded upon by a government American citizens trust less with each passing year.

 With heavy restrictions on the type of firearms/accessories we can buy, when we can receive purchased firearms, and the ability to carry firearms, citizens have been left vulnerable and unable to defend themselves. People cannot survive and feel safe in their communities without the means for self-defense. They must be allowed to buy and carry firearms quickly and easily. The right to bear arms is not limited to self-defense but includes sport and recreational use, and it is no concern of the state as to what you can and cannot do with your firearms peacefully.

 As private citizens, we must maintain the right to privacy, whether in our homes or online. Since the passing of the Patriot Act in 2001, the Federal Government has had an unjust ability to spy upon the citizens and take our information without a single warrant. This is a violation of our 4th amendment right and cannot be allowed to continue. Not only this, but the Federal Government has allowed Silicon Valley to censor citizens' free speech while simultaneously subsidizing and colluding with these companies in handing over our information and data unjustly. Not only does this collusion and aid expand their monopoly on the means of speech, but it is a violation of our First Amendment rights. Without the means to spread information openly, ideas and truth are shut down and forced Underground.

 Welfare and unemployment programs were designed to aid the needy and underprivileged who, through no fault of their own, could not earn a decent living. But today, this system of charity is heavily exploited. Our hard-earned money must not be wasted. Our welfare system is in desperate need of reforms. As Calvin Coolidge said, "A government which lays taxes on the people not required by urgent public necessity and sound public policy is not a protector of liberty, but an instrument of tyranny. It condemns the citizen to servitude."


We, as private citizens, have a right to be self-sufficient and not dragged down by the burden of the government. For our ability to be self-sufficient and prosperous as a nation, businesses must be allowed to grow free of burdensome regulations and taxes. One hundred years ago, an immigrant from another country could reasonably expect to work hard, open a business, and begin the process of building generational wealth. Many Americans can trace their prosperity to forebears who came to this country with nothing and set up successful small businesses. Today, it is tough even to start a business, let alone maintain one, as unnecessary regulations and high taxes drag down owners. For many years, America was looked up to as the land of opportunity, a place of good jobs and small businesses. With the Federal Reserve bringing about high inflation, taking away your savings, and creating cycles of recessions, Americans have struggled to maintain a prosperous life. In recent years, Americans have struggled to maintain a family as the cost of living rises and families are fighting to provide for their children. Decades ago, people could easily get a job and start a family early. Unfortunately, many in the modern age are discouraged from doing so because of the deterioration of family values and economic burdens. We cannot let the Fed continue its secret and unjust operations, and it is time we end it for the security of future generations.

 For a nation to be safe, it must be defended within itself and outside. Throughout the world, there are many unique nations with unique cultures. For a country to be safe, those who come in must be vetted to prevent dangerous people from flooding and endangering its citizens and national culture. America has failed to maintain such a standard in recent years, especially at her borders. Many come into this country without background checks at our borders, some of whom are dangerous and pollute our streets. While a large majority wish to come for opportunities and a better life, they must do so safe and legally. To assimilate into our society, there must be a simple path to citizenship and understanding of our laws to maintain our safety, stability, and preservation of our national culture. The rise of Globalism is the biggest threat to these values we hold dear, as it threatens unique national cultures around the world, safety, and the autonomy of nations. We need to step up for our district, state, and country.




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