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Newell ArnerichDemocratic

2014 Candidate for Assembly District 16 - California



political experience

  • Mayor, Danville (1999-present)
  • Member, Danville Town Council (1995-present)

professional experience

Profession/Occupation: Architect

Employment History

  • President / CEO, AD Architects (1978-present)


  • BA degree in architecture, University of California Berkeley (1974)
  • MA degree in urban design, University of California Berkeley (1976)

extended biography

Assembly Candidate District 16

Newell Arnerich is a popular five-term Mayor of Danville, serving 19 years on the Danville City Council and is Founder, President and CEO of AD Architects, Inc., an award-winning architectural planning firm with offices in Oakland and Los Angeles.

5-Time Mayor of Danville + a Fiscally Responsible "Pay as You Go" City. Danville's strong financial health has been guided by Mayor Newell Arnerich's "pay as you go" fiscal policies which have continued to keep Danville fiscally strong, with a significant reserve, at a time when other cities are faltering in this difficult economy. Mayor Arnerich presided over the "hometown hero" celebrations of Captain "Sully" Sullenberger and Olympic Gold Medalists Jessica and Maggie Steffens. He co-founded "Operation Welcome Home" for U.S. Military men and women and helped found the Sentinels of Freedom program assisting severely wounded Military personnel.

35 Years as a Successful Business Owner/Architect
As President/CEO of AD Architects, Inc., and as an award winning architect and planner, Newell Arnerich knows what it takes to get business back on track in California. Because of his business experience, Newell was appointed by the President of the CA League of Cities to serve on the statewide committee on Housing, Community & Economic Development. He is a board member of Innovation Tri-Valley and a 20-year member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Accomplishments and Awards
* Member & Past President of Danville Sycamore-Valley Rotary Club
* Board Member & Past President, Leadership San Ramon Valley
* Board of Directors, Discovery Counseling Center Assisting San Ramon Valley Students
* Diablo Magazine's Threads of Hope Award Recipient
* Founder & Board Member of TRAFFIX Congestion Relief Organization
* Volunteer of the Year, Danville Kiwanis Club
* Co-Founder, Operation Welcome Home for Returning Veterans; Active in Numerous Veterans' Organizations
* Member, Contra Costa County Sheriff's Posse
* Member, American Institute of Architects for 35 Years

Family Background
Newell is married 40 years to Janis Arnerich, a 30-year teacher and administrator in the San Ramon, Pleasanton and Orinda school districts. Janis is currently a school principal in Orinda. Together, they have two children - their son who is a Marine Corps veteran and their daughter, an emergency room trauma nurse.


top priorities

  • Give first preference to California students + not foreign or out-of-state applicants + at state universities and colleges.
  • Streamline regulations to attract businesses and jobs+ without forfeiting our commitment to the environment.
  • Create long-term strategies to fund roads and schools + not short-term ballot initiatives that raise taxes.


political philosophy

In the last 10 years, California's top 15 special interests spent $1.1 billion to influence public officials. He is running for Assembly because you deserve a representative who is devoted to the citizens and not owned by big money or Sacramento special interests. He is honored to be supported by local citizens (Sheriff David Livingston, deputy sheriffs, police officers, firefighters, school board members, nurses, teachers, small business owners)and not high-paid lobbyists with fat bank accounts. He is not afraid to buck the powerful special interests so you have a voice in Sacramento. Newell Arnerich is Supported by People and NOT Special Interests or Big Money

His support comes from citizens just like you who know HE WILL NOT be influenced by BIG MONEY when making decisions that affect our residents. 42% of all Assembly bills are sponsored by special interests. He refuses to "buy in" and if elected, will seek your input by visiting all of your elected councils and boards and hold public town hall meetings to here your voices.
Newell Arnerich will represent all of us - your vote on June 3rd will be a vote for a true representative of the 16th Assembly District.



Key Endorsements

  • Sheriff David Livingston & Deputy Sheriffs Association
  • Mayors Storer, Clarkson, Doyle, Harris, Durant, Helix, Waldo
  • Police Chiefs C. Wenzel,C. Dean, G. Gilbert & Congressman Jerry McNerney

Additional Endorsements
Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston
Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriffs Association
San Ramon Valley Fire Fighters Association
South Alameda County Young Democrats
Hon. Bill Clarkson - Mayor, City of San Ramon
Hon. Robert Storer +Mayor/Councilmember Town of Danville
Hon. Richard Waldo - Fmr. Mayor, Town of Danville
Hon. Rene Morgan - Councilmember Town of Danville
Hon. Mike Doyle + Mayor/Councilmember Town of Danville
Hon. Michael Harris - Mayor, City of Pleasant Hill
Hon. David Durant, Mayor/Councilmember, City of Pleasant Hill
Hon. Dan Helix + Mayor/Councilmember, City of Concord
Hon. Dave Hudson + Vice Mayor, City of San Ramon
Hon. Scott Perkins - Councilmember City of San Ramon
Police Chief Chris Wenzel
Police Chief Christine Dean
Police Chief Greg Gilbert
Hon. John Coleman - Director EBMUD
Hon. Rachel Hurd - President, San Ramon Valley Unified School Board
Hon. Mark Jewett - Member, San Ramon Valley Unified School Board
Ken Mintz, San Ramon Valley Unified School Board
Hon. H. Jay Kerr + Director, San Ramon Valley Fire protection District
Hon. Mathew Stamey + Director, San Ramon Valley Fire protection District
Hon. Gus Kramer - Contra Costa County Assessor
Congressman Jerry McNerney
Fire Chief Paige Meyer, San Ramon Valley Fire
Fire Chief Richard Price, San Ramon Valley Fire
Fire Chief Craig Bueno, Livermore
Hon. Dan O'Malley - Retired Judge
Dominique Yancey, Deputy District Attorney, Contra Costa
American Institute of Architects, California
28 Commissioners (Arts Commission,Heritage Resource Commission, Parks & Leisure Services Commission, Planning Commission, Design Review Board members)
Sierra Club

Partial list of over 1,000 Individual Friends and Supporters:

David Dornsife, Manufacturer
Dr.Michale Fischman, M.D./Professor
Gary Sloan, Medical Center Executive
Cheryl Hornberger, Healthcare Products Director
John Chapman, Environmentalist
Gordon Chong, FAIA, Past President
Uri Eliahu, Geotechincal engineer
Terry Doyle, Family Law Attorney
Brad Blake, Real estate development
Dan Reeves, Energy company manger
Gordon Gravelle, Real estate development
David Behring, Non-profit Director
Pat Burgess, Realtor
Victoria Brooks, Artist/entertainer
Dr. Ranjit Chakravorti, PhD., engineer
Del Chandler, Management Consultant
Bob Combs, Realtor
Scott Perkin, Scientist LLNN
Chris Erbe, CEO Child care provider
Robert Fletcher, Restaurateur
Rajan Jain, Restaurateur
Joel Golub, Retired Judge
Ron Lowe, Admiral Ret.
Stephen McKae, Attorney
David Meyer, Banker
Julia Moore, ER Nurse
Mike Sherrill, Medical Researcher
Gary Cappa, Engineer
Eric Hare, Designer
Lisa Hare, Teacher
Robert Lavine, Vineyard Master
Van Ballentine, Farmer
Debbie Wong, Elementary School Secretary
Cynthia Abrercrombie, phone company manager
Frank Fuller, Architect
John Carpenter, Commercial real estate agent
Brian Dougherty, AIA President
Alex Mehran, Jr., Real estate Development
Kathy Blackburn, Music Professional
Gary Riele, Commercial Real Estate Agent
Robert Tiernan, Admiral Ret.
Jerry Yahiro, Viet Nam Veteran
Mike Conklin, Veteran Services Advocate
William Ruh, Software Executive
Mark Fernwood, Engineer-Inventor
Cory Ness, Entrepreneur
Eric Swensen, Geotechnical Engineer
Jim and Christie Edlund, Small Business Owners
Roberto Fuenzalida, Mechanic/Business Owner
Marilyn Wheelwright, Small Business Manager
Richard Lambert, Veteran
Jake Brown, Veteran + Software Manager
Juergen Habermeier, Doctor
Evan Moore, Fire fighter
Frank Ballentine, CEO, Organic food producer
Ted Mendelson, Autobody shop specialist
Bill Wood, Architect
Michael Harris, Professor
Richard Hornberger, Architect
Michael Zumbo, Philanthropist/Community Supporter
Kevin Donovan, Lending specialist
Peter Kappelhof, Ret. Contractor
Julie Liu, Community Volunteer
Don Peed, Employment specialist
Stewart Proctor, Retired/ Community Volunteer
Jud Scott, Ret. Admiral/Ret. Judge
Rodd Riggs, Business Owner
Kathy Chiverton, Mental Health Director
Mary Conway, Food specialty
Susan Hewett-Chapman, Community volunteer
Michael Lehrer, Child Safety Entrepreneur/Architect
Teri Hockett, Local Business Leader
Shelby McNamara, local business activist
Joeanne Doyle, Children's resource specialist
Christian Truebridge, Planning specialist
Michael Bernard, Book seller
Charles Bloch, Retiree
Mary Tuttle, Community volunteer
Steven Winkel, Architect-Planner
John Locascio, Builder
Melinda Daly, Teacher
Caroline Friedman, Self employed consultant
Sandra Storer, Hair Stylist
Chuck Bloch, Retiree
Laila Elsherif, Grocery manager
Cynthia Ruzzi, Environmentalist
Dan Coleman, Land acquisition
David Meyer, Banker
David Miller, Security consultant
Darrel Spearman, Facility manager
Lynn Overcashier, Transportation coordinator
Brain Stansbury, Police officer
Elaine Betts, Business coach
Mary Grace Houlihan, City engineer
Ed Del Bacarro, Commerical leasing
MJ Mc Colgan, Special Olympics Gold Medalist
Mike Pawlawski, Sports Announcer/Outdoorsman
Mohamed Elsherbini, Travel agency
Nancy Cobery, Surgical Nurse
Nick Armentano, Auto sales manager
Paul & Betty Baldacci, Retirees
Lori LaVine, Environmental manager
Reanne Leiper, Teacher
Dave & Lori Sanson, 2013 Threads of Hope Award
Stanton Turner, UC College student
Chip Shabazian
Gail Kamerer, Teacher
Cindy Hattan, Eastbay Hospice
Yuet Lee, Entrepreneur
Sundong Lee


q & a

How would you prioritize the fiscal choices the Legislature must make to align the state’s income and spending?
Education should not be the budget `hostage'. We have decimated our public universities by fiscalizing tuition to make foreign and out of state students a priority over our own children. Nearly all of the cuts in the State budget over the past eight years have only been to education. This needs to stop. Children do not get a `second chance' at learning and we need to make education a priority and not a partisan football. Proposition 98 attempted to set a solid education funding allocation, but the legislature has consistently found ways to circumvent voter approved Prop 98 to fund their pet projects/programs. There is significant new revenue coming into the state and at least 50% of these funds should set aside to help smooth out future funding years for education. Other areas of State government need to be looked at as a fee-for-service model such as DMV, State Parks and many other areas to eliminate budget subsidies to a variety of state agencies. The legislature would set minimum goals and operating standards and service levels for each agency while holding them responsible to achieve preset financial goals. Education and other essential services will be less likely to have significant year-to-year funding levels.

Given our current drought condition, concern for water rights and usage is an important issue. What solutions would you support to address our water problems?
The Governor's twin tunnel water diversion project is not the solution to our water problems. We need more water storage - not diverting our limited resource. Safe drinking water and adequate water supply for our agricultural economy must be a shared priority and not a partisan issue. Californians as a whole have done a good job in water conservation as our population has doubled since the mid-sixties while our water consumption remains the same. Agriculture has done a lot to improve drip irrigation systems while there is still room to improvement on conservation in floor irrigation regions. Both environmentalists and business need to agree that there is a water shortage problem in California and that the solution is both added storage capacity and more conservation measures. We should prioritize the areas with the greatest water needs and fund the infrastructure improvements to accomplish capacity, conservation and quality through a ten year capital program. This should be financed through 25-30 year state bonds with a dedicated revenue source from general fund and user fees + in public private partnership approach.

California high school students rank lower than many states in student performance. What do you see as the ongoing role of the Legislature in addressing this problem?
At first glance, the difference between state education rankings and the average per-pupil spending seems clear: Generally, states that spend more on their students tend to rank higher, and states that spend less rank lower. The Western states spend the least per pupil while the Northeast and Midwest spend the most. The top education ranking is Massachusetts with the lowest being Nevada at 50th and California close to the bottom at 43rd. The No.1 education ranking state spends $13,361 per student and while California spends $8,667 (2012 data). The more you spend per student is not necessarily true with the top 1-8 ranked schools spending at least $11,000 per pupil and while the lowest 8 state funding levels rank no higher than 25-50. The role of the State legislature with respect to education needs to change + more movement toward stable per pupil funding levels should be a common basis to move forward. Secondly, the legislature believes it knows everything about education, but really cannot find a common ground other than `all of them' were educated at one time. Stop the cover story about changing the way our children are taught as a cover-up for reducing funding for education. Last year's Local Control Funding Formula has some good ideas, but was really a cover to reduce funding levels from the previous year (-$1.5 billion) and forced districts to fight with each other how the new formula would reallocate funds.

What other major issues do you think the Legislature must address? What are your own priorities?
The biggest problem facing the State is the unfunded liability of state retirement systems and promised public employee healthcare benefits. The legislature created the problem in the first place by not analyzing the total cost of promised benefits at starting in 2000. The unfunded state retirement liability is nearly $218 billion dollars. There is going to have to be more changes for future state employees and negotiations with current employees and retirees at some level of accountability on both sides. The second major area of concern for the state budget is deferred maintenance which is nearly $65 billion dollars. The short term budget forecast of 12 months is unacceptable, on while I base my city's forecast on 10 year planning cycles that recognizes down turns in the economy as a regular recurring condition + not something that is a surprises at the last minute when every reasonably economist has forecasts showing economic downturns. My priorities are to address the state budgeting process and get it into 21st century planning strategies and; 1. Give first preference to California students + not foreign or out-of-state applicants + at state universities and colleges; 2.Streamline regulations to attract businesses and jobs+ without forfeiting our commitment to the environment; 3.Create long-term strategies to fund roads and schools + not short-term ballot initiatives that raise taxes.


campaign information



Phone: 510-366-0716

Address: 33 Cavalry Ct, Danville, CA 94526

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