Rudy Melendez

2014 Candidate for Supervisor, Supervisorial District 3 - Los Angeles County, California





  • Laborer/Artist


  • Graduate from The University of Texas at Austin
  • Elected Board Member Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council Nov 2012 - Apr 2013
  • Member IATSE Local 728 Hollywood, California


top priorities

  • Environmental Stewardship and Public Safety
  • Improving County Services and Infrastructure
  • Assisting the Homeless and Welfare of Children


q & a

What steps do you think the Board of Supervisors should take to improve the foster care system and in particular to provide safe emergency or temporary placement for infants and children?
In order to improve the foster care system in Los Angeles County I believe we need to start by "educating the public so as they can better understand the complexities of the foster care arena" and thus "remove the stigma associated with foster care"

Social worker case loads need to be reduced to acceptable levels.

In regards to safe and or temporary emergency housing for infants perhaps a safe haven could be made available in our local community hospitals and for under age children resources such as partnering shelters and homeless housing services must be fully supported by the county of Los Angeles and championed by the Board of Supervisors. It is our duty to see this through!

The County Supervisors sit also on the board of the Metropolitan Transit District. What would be your top priorities for the MTA?
I believe we must start by requiring an audit of the MTA and hold the MTA accountable to bus and rail line users before proceeding with any proposals for additional fare increases and furthermore if we as angelenos hope to improve our daily commute to work, school and market through a reduction of traffic effectively encouraging commuters to leave their cars at home in favor of public transportation we expect and demand as riders of the MTA for our paid fare that buses and bus stops need to be cleaner and inviting!

Do you support the creation of an independent oversight commission for the Sheriff's Department?
I do not support the creation of an independent oversight commission for the LA County Sheriff's Department. I believe it would prove to be rather ineffective. Any oversight of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department must be the responsibility of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.


campaign information


Phone: 310-963-6263

Address: PO Box 1244, Venice, CA 90294

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