Douglas P. "Doug" Fay

2014 Candidate for Supervisor, Supervisorial District 3 - Los Angeles County, California





  • Environmentalist


  • ASE Master Automotive Technician
  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • Emergency First Response Instructor
  • CA BAR Licensed Test & Repair Technician
  • Greater Salinas Area Ad-Hoc Land Use Advisory Committee Member (former appointed)
  • AMA Harley-Davidson 883cc Tuner of the Year 1993


top priorities

  • Restoring public trust and transparency of County leadership and the management of our resources
  • Encouraging and ensuring maximum public participation in the County General Plan Update process
  • Improving employment, healthcare & educational opportunities and accountability for all County residents



Key Endorsements

  • My wife Junalyn
  • My son Paul
  • My daughter Isabella


q & a

What steps do you think the Board of Supervisors should take to improve the foster care system and in particular to provide safe emergency or temporary placement for infants and children?
Through improved supervision and accountability of County staff managing the foster care system. If elected, it is imperative that I (myself and staff) gain a complete understanding of the placement case load and qualified homes expediently.

A thorough evaluation of current County foster care policies, guidelines, and performance evaluation is a must. This should be mandatory in the current County General Plan Update process with full participation including, but not limited to, input from foster children, parents, relatives, social workers, healthcare professionals, mentor programs, community/spiritual organizations, and others that are involved in family welfare.

Prevention is the cure. Investing in programs that focus on the parents of potential foster children has the greatest potential to reduce case load and to keep families united. I will have members of my staff that are as passionate about social welfare as I am. We will advocate for/join the no child left behind policy.

The County foster care website appears to be excellent. The Board should continue to strive for increased transparency, quality control including adequate staffing for exceptional caring services, community programs and funding partnerships for our foster care system.

The County Supervisors sit also on the board of the Metropolitan Transit District. What would be your top priorities for the MTA?
Respecting the welfare of our County commuters by moving them as fast, safely, and efficiently as possible at the lowest possible fare. It's my understanding that the MTA was created to improve the transportation system through planning and funding infrastructure improvements that meet the demands of our population. Unfortunately, this hasn't occurred and as commuting times increase, quality of life decreases.

Riders recently testified that increasing fares and cutting back service would be a hardship, especially on low income commuters. Financial transparency and accountability of the MTA is a must. Auditing and reviews should be conducted independently and often enough to ensure that the MTA has the public's support, which will provide for maximum funding potential.

There's no easy fix for our transportation system. As I did in Monterey County, I would step away from the politics and analyze the available data to determine where deficiencies exist, then lobby for community support and policies that secure funding to implement solutions. This should be done through the transportation element in the County General Plan Update process. The MTA, Caltrans, County, and City officials must work together to draft a comprehensive transportation plan that includes walking, bicycle, vehicle, bus, and rail services.

Encouraging smart growth balanced jobs to housing and walkable community policies that reduce commutes in current and planned development will help alleviate congestion. For example: my wife and I chose our current resident location because she can walk our children to school and her place of employment, and I can ride my bicycle to work 1.6 miles away faster than I can drive and find parking.

LOS F = failure. There should not be any overriding considerations that allow for failure. As a member of the MTA, I would solicit the riders, and potential riders, for their valued input and do everything possible to make their lives better by working closely with the board.

Do you support the creation of an independent oversight commission for the Sheriff's Department?
The answer to this question would depend on the roll and value to the public of the oversight commission. If the roll of the (temporary) commission would be to detail the problems that the candidates running for Sheriff need to address if elected, and hold them accountable through a written contract or other means for a sound election endorsement, I would say yes. Otherwise, I don't see a value in having a commission that has no power to change how the soon to be elected Sheriff runs his department.

Voters need to understand that the Board of Supervisors does not have the authority to tell the Sheriff what to do. They only control the funding needed to run the department. It is imperative that the Sheriff and the Board put politics aside and the welfare of the public, including inmates, in the highest regard. This leadership structure is problematic. It does effect the moral within the department and the communities served.

Scandals and lawsuits are costing us millions of dollars that could otherwise be invested into society. Sheriff Baca was known for introducing educational programs for inmates. It's one example of what an oversight commission could recommend if the overdue comprehensive reform of the County's law enforcement and incarceration system, which I support, was initiated.


campaign information


Phone: 310-437-0765

Address: 644 Ashland Ave Apt A, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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