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Tuesday April 14, 2020 — Local Elections

Ciudad de LancasterCandidato para Alcalde

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Kurtis K. Wilson

671 votos (5.3%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Public Health & Safety: Implement an 8-stage plan to stop the spread of COVID -19 (Coronavirus) within our community.
  • Economic and Infrastructure Development: Cut waste and frivolous spending, exploit untapped resources, then fine tune the city's revenue streams to complete economic development plans that have been shelved for over 12 years.
  • Enhanced Senior Services: Fill mobility/public transportation gap; implement grocery & medication delivery services for seniors; home gardening/landscaping assistance for physically challenged residents; city owned victory garden.



Profesión:Realtor (DRE#: 02012487)
C.E.O., KW B.R.A.V.E. & Associates, Inc. (not availa–current)
Realtor, R.E. eBroker , Inc. (not availa–current)
Licensed Realtor, State of California (not availa–current)
Candidate, Wilson for U.S. Congress — Cargo designado (2017–2018)


Antelope Valley College Broker's Certificate, Real Estate (not availa)
National Broadcasting School Diploma, Broadcasting (not availa)
Antelope Valley College Associate of Science, Real Estate (not availa)

Actividades comunitarias

Advocate, Grace Resources (1999–current)
Volunteer, Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count (LAHSA) (2020–current)
Chairperson - Education Committee, Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors (G.A.V.A.R.) (2017–2019)
Chairperson - Special Events Committee, Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors (G.A.V.A.R.) (2017–2019)
Media/Public Relations & Activist, Students for a Democratic Society (Antelope Valley College) (2016–2017)


I am a 20-year resident of Lancaster, CA., a small cozy community a few miles north of Los Angeles. I am a Realtor with a degree in Real Estate and Broker’s certification.

I enjoy living in Lancaster, and have a vested interest in seeing it become the best place to live and raise a family. To accomplish this, I believe we need improvement in at least five areas: Economic Development; Affordable Housing; Education; Senior Services; Public Health & Safety.

As a product of both public & private schooling, one who struggled in academics as a latch-key kid but was involved in scholastic sports and other after-school programs, I am a living, breathing example as to how investing in our youth; families in need and communities in general, can pay off immensely towards cultivating hard working and productive citizens for our future.

After two decades of residency in the City of Lancaster, I have witnessed first-hand the rise and decline of our beloved city. From empty storefronts and vacant lots, to thousands of acres of undeveloped land, compounded with an ever-growing homeless population, I have become discontent with the lack of economic development and job opportunities within our city. I believe it is time for a change.

I am confident with the right leadership; Lancaster can become the “Jewel" of Los Angeles County. No longer should it be featured at the top of the 50 most miserable places to live, as it was within an article written by Business Insider on September of 2019.

Henceforth, as mayoral candidate I am seeking your vote. To earn your vote, I have made it a priority to learn as much about the city of Lancaster as possible. I have researched the city's annual budget's for the past 12 years to see were its priorities have been. I have also walked neighborhoods and have shaken hands with hundreds of residents. I also exchange emails everyday with members of the community, in an effort to learn, what will make life better for everyone in our beloved town.

I have also reached out to Kathryn Barger, Supervisor of L.A. County’s 5th District, to learn more about L.A. County’s Homeless Initiative to discover their plans for the future. It is my hope to exchange ideas, and see where our combined wisdom may align in solving very complex issues.

In closing, I believe a Mayor who can listen, is receptive to the community's needs and is willing to work with County, State and Federal agencies to tackle the complicated issues of operating a metropolitan city, comprised of over160,000 residents, will get things done.

Together with your support, we can achieve the quality of life the residents of the city of Lancaster can be proud of and enjoy for generations to come!

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Filosofía política

Economic Development:
Maintaining a vibrant local economy should be at the top of every city council's agenda. As Mayor of the City of Lancaster, I will address the overwhelming number of empty storefronts and undeveloped land spaces and devise a plan that will attract new business, as well as encourage local members of the community to open shops. Thus fiiling a void that large-box stores are unable to.

Homeless Population:
"Homeless" does not mean "Helpless". After many years of feeding the homeless, both out-of-pocket, and through volunteerism,  I know all too well how circumstances beyond one's control, can destabilize everything one has worked for. Should one be without close friends or family to rely on, the shock both psychologically and financially can be devastating. As Mayor I would work to get the City of Lancaster to a place where it offer low-to-no-cost housing to current homeless residents, while implementing as safety net program designed to catch people before they ever hit rock-bottom. This is a challenge as Mayor, I look forward to.

Affordable Housing:
One of the leading causes of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing, As Mayor of the City of Lancaster, I will explore the plethora of State and Federal Housing low interest loan and grant programs designed specifically for municipality such as the City of Lancaster. The answer to affordable housing exists, it just has to be claimed.

I believe retired military veterans should never be among our nations homeless population. As far as I am concerned, any individual that has put their lives on the line, in defense of our nation, should not have to worry about food nor shelter ever in their lifetime.

As Mayor, I will work to get 100% of our city's homeless veterans, and as many persons within the general homeless population (that desire a second chance), off the streets, and into safe, clean, affordable (if not free) housing. 

Senior Services:
In my opinion Senior Citizens are among the most valuable members of our population. Their collective wisdom, sacrifice, and contribution to society ought to give them the right to retire and enjoy life and all that it has to offer. As Mayor, I would see to it that mobility issues are not a challenge for our senior population. Taking trips to the park, or going shopping, or to the museum are joys in life that ought not be denied. Although services like Access Transit are available, their services of operation are very limited, and one must reserve a ride at least 24 hours ahead of time. I do not believe this to be sufficient. More needs to be done to help our Seniors' enjoyment of life more convienent and affordable. As Mayor I will advocate for Enhanced Senior Services. I will fill mobility/transportation gap; partner with a non-profit group to implement grocery & medication delivery services along with home gardening/landscaping assistance.

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Economic Development


Maintaining a vibrant local economy should be at the top of every city council's agenda. 

As Mayor of the City of Lancaster, I will address the overwhelming number of empty storefronts and undeveloped land spaces and devise a plan that will attract new business, as well as encourage local members of the community to open shops. Thus fiiling a void that large-box stores are unable to.




A quote from a very popular book states.."You can give a man/woman a fish, and feed them once, or you can show them how to fish, and feed them for a lifetime”.

When it comes to education, I believe it is the quality of the environment in which a child is raised, has a direct impact on their success in life. As Mayor of the City of Lancaster, I will make education, both K-12 and adult education, the centerpiece of our city's growth.

Affordable Housing


One of the leading causes of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing.

As Mayor of the City of Lancaster, I will take advantage of State and Federal low interest loans & grant programs designed specifically for municipalities, such as the City of Lancaster, to address this issue. The answer for having a beautiful city with the right mix of luxury, moderate and affordable housing already exists. It just takes the right lesdership to claim it.

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