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Tuesday April 14, 2020 — Local Elections

Ciudad de LancasterCandidato para Consejo Municipal

Photo de Christian D. Green

Christian D. Green

Community College Professor
3,926 votos (17.8%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Foster Care Reform
  • Community Intervention
  • Education



Profesión:Community College Professor
Community College Adjunct Professor, Los Angeles Community College District (2018–current)
Delegate, Assembly District 36 - Democratic Party — Cargo elegido (2019–current)
Board Member, UCLA Black Alumni Association Board — Cargo elegido (2019–current)


UCLA MA, African American Studies and Public Policy (2018)
UCLA BA, Sociology (2016)



Christian David Green is a first generation, former foster youth, non-traditional student from the Antelope Valley, specifically Lancaster, California. Christian graduated spring 2016 from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in African American Studies. And then Graduated with M.A. in African American Studies spring 2018.   Being raised in the legal custody of his grandparents he was forced to move all over California. Born in San Bernardino, CA, then moved to Fresno,  Lancaster, CA at 12 years old. Losing his grandmother at 15 years old turned his life upside down causing him to act out and neglect his educational goals.    Throughout his educational career and after graduating high school in 2004 he attended five different community colleges from all over California. He received his Associate of Arts in Psychology from Mt. SAC  in 2014, while also traveling internationally and nationally competing on their Award winning Speech and Debate Championship Team.    He has served on many boards and student organizations. He served as President of Black Graduate Student Association and the Organizing Director of the Graduate Student Association. He also sits on the Board of the UCLA Black Alumni Board. He works heavily with the transfer community across all of the California community colleges as a peer counselor and is an advocate for all Black and other marginalized communities for higher education. He also works with over 1,000 foster youth as an advocate to make sure they have access to hidden resources and funds to become the success story that they were built to be.    Currently he is an adjunct professor in the Los Angeles Community College District, Pasadena City College District, UCLA and CSU Dominguez Hills. He teaches Ethnic Studies, African American History and Sociology. Along with teaching his most prized and humbling experience is that he serves as an a Youth and Young Adult Pastor in Lancaster CA at Living Faith Cathedral COGIC since 2013 where he has lead and helped over 500+ youth and young adults from all walks of life. He also serves on a regional and national level as Jurisdictional Youth President since 2016 for more than 2000+ youth and young adults.    His goal is to continue to serve and help in various community and student organizations in the greater Los Angeles Area. He has given to over thousands of homeless people food, hygiene packets and blankets. He has visited over thiusands of sick and elderly at convalescence homes. He raised over thousands of donations to host events and programs for people of color so that they too can have a safe space.    He served as Chair, of the Westwood Neighborhood City Council Community and Events committee and plans to attack affordable housing, transportation costs and homelessness issues. He is also a Delegate of the 36th assembly district for the California Democratic Party.    Christian Green has a unique background, consisting of, African American, Native American, European and Asian decent. So, essentially you can say he has a piece of all cultures and demographics flowing through his veins. But to him, he was raised my his Black grandmother and grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins and his foster family. All he knows is his Blackness. It is his endeavors to help those that are considered underprivileged, underrepresented or underserving to plan for their future and be the successful person God has ordained them to be since birth!    He just  released his book Uncovering Your Worth: From Legal Custody to UCLA February 2019 and has already sold over 3000 copies all over the country. He has been privileged to speak at various community colleges, universities, high schools and non profits all over the country to empower and inspire the hopeless, marginalized and the forgotten.          



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Organizaciónes (2)

  • Los Angeles County Democratic Party
  • Black Los Angeles Young Democrats

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My Top 4 Priorities for Lancaster, California


I’ve written some of my top priorities we want to focus on while being in office


When our citizens and young leaders are educated on how to make systemic change in our society our community and country will, in turn, become greater than ever imaginable, and as a result, our city and country will rise in this era of great uncertainty and inequality. To change this and drive our high school graduation rates and community college transfer rates towards admirable levels, Lancaster needs a representative who will fight tirelessly for your right to education the same way I have fought to receive my education. As your city council representative, I will work fiercely to ensure that educational opportunities and mentorship opportunities will be extended to everyone in our great city regardless of income or socioeconomic status.

Foster Care Reform

It is unfair that young people in our city have no choice in how their life begins, however, they suffer in our foster care system when the people who are supposed to ensure their safety and security all but fail. This describes the status of our current foster care system as it is overflowing with young people who have systemically worse acess to resources than young people who are not in the foster care system. As a former foster youth, I will always fight to ensure that our dream of equality and safety from abuse for all children is not a dream but a reality. If our future begins with the youth of today we must start by investing in the future of our tomorrow by improving their acess to resources within the foster care system in the city of Lancaster, which will, in turn, empower those who will drive our city forward once the current generation of leaders and representatives are gone.

Community Intervention

Police brutality and civil unrest are two of the most diffing issues of our time, each city faces these challenges and ours is no exception. This crisis is caused by a simple truth that highlights a weakness within our economic system, folks don't have acess to good jobs that can prevent them from resorting to a life of crime. However, we can solve this problem before it gets to uncontrollable circumstances by stimulating our economy from the bottom up instead of from the top-down, through the creation of jobs that promote community involvement and teach our city the ethics of hard work which will, in turn, create a workforce that puts more people into suits and uniforms rather than cages and coffins.


Lancaster currently faces an equity issue that most people don't even realize we have. Every day we go about our lives not realizing we pass by and ignore those on the streets that do not have the essential resources needed to succeed in thrive in our society. People don't have homes and instead of giving them the generosity of our assistance in their time of need we instead opt for the easier choice of letting them suffer in silence. This is not humane nor is it what God's vision for our community looks likes as the Bible helps us realize that each person deserves the opportunities needed to improve their circumstances. As your City Council member, I will go to City Hall each day to ensure every person in our city who needs a safe place to rest their head at night has one. It's time to innovate Lancaster, together we can get this done!

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