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Tuesday June 5, 2018 — Elecciones Primarias de California

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Shubham Goel

Gerente de realidad virtual
4,017 votos (0.1%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Junta de Regentes: el gobernador de California ya no tendrá el poder de designar a los 18 regentes para los nueve campus de la UC. Los miembros de la Junta de Regentes serán elegidos por los estudiantes de las UC. Aumentar la financiación de las escu
  • Exigir que cada compañía de seguros de atención médica le brinde a cada cliente un dispositivo de control de atención médica GRATUITO. Abrir una base de datos de registros de salud pública para que las empresas usen inteligencia artificial para prede
  • Prohibir las redes sociales de jardín de niños a 12.º grado. Legalizar las apuestas deportivas. Menores impuestos estatales a los ingresos y a la gasolina. Crear perfiles centralizados de la actividad monetaria de todos los titulares de cargos y su p



Profesión:Gerente de Realidad Virtual
Gerente de Realidad Virtual, Compañía de realidad virtual en San Francisco, California (2017–2018)
Embajador, HBO (2016–2017)
Consultor, Dream Out Loud Productions (2016–2016)


University of California, en Los Ángeles (UCLA) Licenciatura en, Especialización en Economía, especialidad secundaria en Cine y Televisión (2017)

Actividades comunitarias

Tennis Competitive Player, United States Tennis Association (2009–2018)
Tennis Competitive Player, United States Tennis Association (2009–2018)
Indus Member, Indus UCLA (2014–2017)
President, Indian Student Alliance (2010–2013)

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Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de KQED and League of Women Voters of California Education Fund (5)

There is a shortage of affordable housing in California. How would you approach addressing California’s housing crisis? Please include specific proposals.
Respuesta de Shubham Goel:

 Local zoning, outdating laws, long approvals, and massive lack of housing has caused prices to astronomically soar and cause longterm California residents to leave the city. A McKinsey study states we need 3 million more housing units by 2025 to keep up with capacity. First thing we should do is to allow 100 percent residential development on vacant commercial zoned properties as many of these properties have available space and land. Los Angeles does this and they are the fastest-growing housing production in California right now. Also we must reduce the approval/rejection time of housing projects to 6-12 months so that local jurisdictions can make quicker decisions and building can be completed quicker. I will enforce this w/ a punishment of a $30,000 fine for 3 repeat offenses and a loss of local authority for development projects for a 4th. I also strongly support and propose an amended Senator [Scott] Wiener’s SB 827 bill that allocates for 4-8 story transit housing within .5 miles of transit in San Francisco. I would like to amend his bill to include tech companies that have more than 2,000 employees, tech companies that are coming into California with 500-plus employees. We will include a vacancy tax and have anti displacement provisions. This will now compensate for these companies bringing all these jobs without creating housing for them. This solution will create millions of housing units for California, lower the price of the housing market and increase mobility in California as more people using transit.


In addition, we will use 3-D printing technology to create low cost affordable housing to massively increase our housing supply.

California has some of the richest people in the country and some of the poorest. What would you do to reduce income inequality in California?
Respuesta de Shubham Goel:

Ax the tax and let’s relax: We are in a budget surplus of about $6 billion and now it is the time to reward the grieving Californian taxpayers. We don’t need more tax revenue but much better allocation of our budget. I will help enact huge tax cuts for California and lower regulations on small businesses to encourage economic growth. Sales tax will go from 7.25 percent to 5 percent. Top marginal income tax rate will go from 13.3 percent to 4.9 percent. Property tax rate will go from 0.75 percent to 0.5 percent. Lowering taxes for all people will help stimulate the economy. 

Force each health insurance company to provide a health monitoring device out of their profits to each of their patients. This will save billions in preventive costs in healthcare for people who struggle to afford premiums and deductibles. 


Venture California: We will create a venture capital fund of $100 million that will invest in California companies that help fix the water shortage problem, housing crisis and healthcare epidemic. Water has become an extremely scarce commodity that California is in desperate need of for droughts, fires and farms. We must use innovative strategies with these funded companies, such as desalination. An increased demand for housing and outdated regulations has destroyed the housing market and made affordable housing nonexistent for Californians. We must pursue efficient building strategies with companies to effectively increase the supply of housing in California. Lastly, we must invest in companies that will develop and create the next generation of health and medical devices. This will improve health and cut health care costs.

Currently there isn't enough money in the state retirement system to pay for all the benefits promised to government workers. What would you do as Governor to address the state’s unfunded pension liability?
Respuesta de Shubham Goel:

I will cut many inefficient projects that are currently being enacted in california and redistribute money and create new forms of tax revenue from the legalization of state wide gambling. 

I will legalize statewide gambling and that will generate billions in dollars in tax revenue which we can divert some of to the unfunded pension liability. If we are legalizing weed to capture the tax revenue then it makes no sense to keep gambling illegal in california as well. 

I will also defund the 10 billion dollar abysmal Water tunnel as it will not be effective in any capacity at solving out water crisis. 

The Great High Speed Railway Trainwreck: We must defund the high speed railway. The high speed railway train is the most inefficient project in California. I will defund and cut the project completely for California. The budget and timeline dramatically changes every couple of years. The budget was $40 billion in 2004 and now it’s reported that the budget is over $77 billion. We were assured that private investors will pay a significant part of this train, but not many private investors have stepped up, which means the burden will continue to fall on the taxpayer. 

With these reallocated funds we will pay 5% including the interest of the unfunded liabilities annualy.

How would you describe your feelings about charter schools? Are you in favor of any changes in the way the state governs charter schools?
Respuesta de Shubham Goel:

The State needs to create boards for each charters comprised of the parents of students who attend those schools. Those parents will provide detailed anaylsis of the school's agenda and actions to the state who will have the power to defund the charter school based on those reports. 

Any charter school that is found to be negligent with enrollment policies that discourage out of community students to join will be defunded after the 3rd finding. 



California and the federal government have disagreed about enforcement of immigration laws. Do you support California’s current ‘Sanctuary State’ law? If not, why not? Are there additional strategies that you would pursue as Governor?
Respuesta de Shubham Goel:

We need to streamline the immigration office in California to expedite the immigration process. 5 Billion dollars needs to be reallocated from our inefficient funds including the water tunnel, high speed trainway will be distributed towards UCSIS in order to account for the increased number of applications. 


We also should digitalize the whole process and automate many steps as the physical mailing and handling of papers slows down the process exponentially. 

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Creencias poliza

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Improving HealthCare dramatically with insurance companies giving free monitoring devices and opening a public database


Improving HealthCare dramatically with insurance companies giving health free monitoring devices to customers and opening a public database of health records. This public database will be used by health care companies who will use the data with artificial intelligence to better predict patients health futures.

Also I will mandate that every single health care insurer provides a free IOT (internet of things) health monitoring medical device to patients. The patient can choose a device from a assortment of options and these devices will provide real time data to the doctor and to the patient themselves. This will cut health care costs dramatically as the patients will now be able to actively monitor their health much better from anywhere while also having a faster more streamlined connection with their doctor and digital records.


Health care has several inefficiencies that can be improved which will lower costs and provide better care for the people of California. The first thing I will do is mandate that the government releases health care data of willing Medicare and Medical patients into a public database so that California health insurers who use artificial intelligence can use the data to predict health situations of new patients much better. The public database will be open to anyone willing to donate their health data. This will lower costs as a whole and will save billions through preventive measures. Also I will mandate that every single health care insurer provides a free IOT (internet of things) health monitoring medical device to patients. The patient can choose a device from a assortment of options and these devices will provide real time data to the doctor and to the patient themselves. This will cut health care costs dramatically as the patients will now be able to actively monitor their health much better from anywhere while also having a faster more streamlined connection with their doctor and digital records.

Board of Regents being chosen by the UC students instead of the governo


Board of Regents being appointed by the students intead of the Governor. This will prevent corruption and encourage massive representation and transperancy. 

 Board of Regret (Regents): The governor of California should no longer have the power to appoint the 18 regents for the nine  UC campuses. The members of the Board of Regents will be elected by the students of the UCs. This will make the Board more accountable, transparent and representative of the UC students and campuses they reside over. This will fix disturbing issues like Janet Napolitano, the president of the UC system, hiding $175 million last April from students, the board mishandling funds and regents being financially corrupt.

Centralized Transparent Profiles for all office holders in California.


Digitalized and centralized profiles of all california office holders that shows their previous financial transactions and their progress towards their platforms they advocated for during election season. 

GovBook: All office holders in California will have a transparent digital profile on the governor’s website. This will show their economic interactions for the past 10 years with regard to money and donations they have received from any sources, including the people who control them and investments they currently have. It will also include the platforms they advocated for during their election cycle and will comment on their progress toward completing them. This will keep all of them accountable with their decisions, corruption and ineffectiveness and give the people of California a much better idea of whom they are being represented by.

Videos (2)

— April 30, 2018 Shubham Goel

Youngest candidate, Shubham Goel, describes his previous experience and why that will help him fix the state for all people.

— April 30, 2018 Shubham Goel

Shubham Goel's platform, Board of Regret, where he states that the board of regents will be appointed by the students of the UC's instead of the governor. The board holds so much power over the UC's so this will be great for accountability, and transparency for the students. 

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