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Tuesday June 7, 2016 — Elecciones Primarias de California
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Henry Hewes

Desarrollador de bienes raíces/inversionista de tecnología
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Proteger las vidas de los niños que aún no nacen al establecer la personalidad de niño no nato. Poner un alto al asesinato de 1,300,000 niños inocentes cada año debe ser nuestra mayor prioridad. Al menos podemos solicitar que las instalaciones sean s
  • Sacar a Estados Unidos del negocio de las guerras sin fin y la matanza sin sentido.
  • Poner fin a los requisitos y sanciones personales y de los negocios relacionados con Obamacare y reemplazar el ingreso y los impuestos de seguridad social con un impuesto sobre el valor añadido.



Profesión:Desarrollador de bienes raíces/inversionista de tecnología
Cofundador y consultor, Stern & Hewes (1981–no disponi)
Director estatal de Nueva York, Pat Robertson para Presidente (1988–1988)
Vicepresidencia, George Bush para Presidente (1988–1988)
Miembro de la junta comunitaria, Junta Comunitaria 8 — Cargo designado (1982–1984)
Gerente de bienes raíces, Departamento de Puertos y Terminales de la Ciudad de Nueva York (1976–1980)
Editor, Ciudadano de Reston (1971–1975)


State University of New York Licenciatura en, Ciencias Políticas y Finanzas (no disponi)
Hunter College Maestría en, Planificación Urbana (no disponi)
State University of New York/City University of New York Maestría en Planificación Urbana/Licenciaturas en Ciencias Políticas, Contaduría, Economía e Historia (1976)


I am a sixty seven year old father of three.  I have degrees in Political Science, Urban Planning and Economics. I have been a real estate developer, a publisher ,a professor and a technology investor. My residence has been New York City. I am a committed Christian who takes his faith seriously  

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Filosofía política

I believe in the divinely inspired America created by our founders and nutured by generations since. I believe in the rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness bestowed on every human being by our creator. I beleive that our constitution was designed to protect individuals and limit the power of government. I am appalled at the extent to which unelected judges have usurped the power of the people and seem to rule over us like kings. I am horrified at the failure of our country to protect the innocent lives of unborn children.

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Reforming Obamacare


Reforming Obamacare

Reforming Obamacare


Eliminate personal mandate.

  • Eliminate employer mandate.
  • Eliminate restriction on plans on federal and state exchanges. Let Americans buy the insurance they want 
  • Reform Medicaid to save 20%.
  • Continue to offer income based subsidies to people who buy health care through federal and state exchanges at current levels.
  • Open primary care clinics in all Hospitals.

Current policy compels employers and individuals to purchase policies designed by bureaucrats and limiting their choices.  These changes would preserve the current plans for those who have them and want to keep them.  It would broaden choices for other uninsured individuals and decrease the number of uninsured individuals.

Second Amendemet


Henry Hewes on the Second Amendment

Second Amendment 

The constitution of the United States prohibits the government from infringing on the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. The Supreme Court has affirmed the meaning of the second amendment. Unless the Constitution is amended, Americans have a right to keep and bear personal arms. On a practical basis, the states with the strongest restrictions on gun ownership have higher rates of gun violence than those with a weaker restriction.

Further, none of the restrictions on gun ownerships proposed by the Obama Administration would have had any impact on the mass shootings that occur from time to time or an access to guns by criminals or terrorists. They would impact the rights of regular citizens to keep and bear arms. America does have a problem with the mentally ill. America does have problems with Black on Black gun violence in urban areas ( 90% of deaths in many urban areas  fall into this area).

What America can do is prosecute criminals who use guns in violation of Federal laws. This is not being done. What America can do is carry through with the existing systems of checks to stops the mentally ill and criminals from falling between the cracks. America can apply the resources to provide to provide people in islands of gun violence real security.

Eliminate the IRS, Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income , Social Security Tax & Medicare Tax


Eliminate the IRS, Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Social Security Tax & Medicare Tax.


Eliminate the IRS, Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax.

Introduce a 20% Value Added Tax.  This tax would apply to original value of imports and natural resources and all additions to value until final sale.

Rent or mortgage interest up to $15, 000 per year, state and local taxes, unprocessed and unprepared food items, health insurance and non-discretionary medical costs would be excluded from taxes.

  • Current tax policy penalizes the use of labor as opposed to the use capital. Labor is taxed. Capital gets tax incentives. This policy would encourage the use of labor as opposed to capital.
  • Current tax policy assesses a tax burden of about 30% on goods produced in America, and a 0% tax burden on imported goods. The proposed change in tax policy would make American made good relatively cheaper than imported goods. This would encourage employment and investment in America.
  • Current tax policy encourages individuals and corporations to change their behavior in less than optimum ways to reduce taxation. The change in tax policy would reduce these changes and make economic behavior more rational. It will reduce government involvement in people's lives.
  • Current tax policy encourages corporations to direct profit abroad and even to relocate abroad. The proposed policy would remove all such incentives and encourage international corporations to relocate in America.
  • Current tax policy is regressive in that it charges the highest percentage of social security taxes to the lowest wage earners. The tax policy changes would remove the most regressive current tax

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