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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California
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Elk Grove Unified School District
Measure M - 55% Approval Required

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Resultados electorales

Se aprueba

78,517 votos si (70.18%)

33,368 votos no (29.82%)

100% de distritos activos (285/285).

To repair and modernize classrooms, fix deteriorating roofs, plumbing, and HVAC systems, improve student safety and campus security, construct and upgrade additional classrooms, labs, career technical education facilities and instructional technology to support student achievement in math, science, arts and skilled trades and keep up with growth and relieve overcrowding shall the Elk Grove Unified School District issue $476,000,000 in bonds to be spent only on specified projects, with independent citizen oversight and no money for administrator salaries?

¿Qué es esta propuesta?

Información básica sobre la iniciativa de ley — Información oficial sobre esta iniciativa

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Argumento A FAVOR


Vote Yes on Measure M to protect and improve the quality of education that Elk Grove Unified School District provides local students. 

Elk Grove Unified School District schools have successfully educated generations of local children, but many of our schools are more than forty years old. While the District has done a good job maintaining our local schools over the years, necessary repairs and renovations are beyond the point of general maintenance. Unlike most other schools in California, Elk Grove Unified School District has never asked voters for general obligation bond money to improve local schools. 

We need to give our students a competitive edge. Measure M is the result of years of careful planning and will authorize a prudent plan for schools and help retain the very best teachers. 

Measure M will make improvements at every school in the District. It will make our schools safer; it will repair aging infrastructure and update classroom instructional technology for improved student learning in subjects like science, math, technology, and career technical education courses. To review the detailed plan for Measure M go to http://www.egusd. net/discover_egusd/Departments/fap.cfm. 

All Measure M funds stay local, benefitting only local schools. Measure M also qualifies our community to receive state matching funds, without Measure M, state matching funds will be lost to other districts. 

Taxpayer protections are required. Measure M is for school facility improvements only. Funds cannot be spent on salaries or pensions. Independent Citizens’ Oversight, mandatory audits and public reports will ensure funds are spent properly. 

Whether you have children in school or not, protecting our local schools makes sense. Good schools protect and increase property values, keep our community safe and strong, and create a skilled workforce. 

Join teachers, parents, business and community leaders and residents to support quality schools and improved education of local children. Vote YES on Measure M for safe, quality schools. 

s/Bobbie Singh-Allen
President, Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Education 

s/Elizabeth Pinkerton
Historian and Writer, 58 year Elk Grove Unified School District Resident 

s/Michael Zehnder
Retired Battalion Chief, Cosumnes Community Services District, 62 year Elk Grove Unified School District Resident 

s/David Herburger
Chairman of the Board, Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce, and Publisher, Elk Grove Citizen 


s/Tim Smith
District, County, and State Teacher of the Year, Elk Grove Education Association Member 

Argumento EN CONTRA


Two parts make up the bulk of Measure M: new taxes and new debt. Measure M would raise property taxes by $38 per $100,000 of assessed value. For a $300,000 home, that’s over $100 dollars in new taxes. 

Now homeowners already pay hundreds of dollars in taxes and in fees each year and while it’s true that the district could legally raise the tax rate even more, to $60 per $100,000 of assessed value, that’s little relief to taxpayers and property owners. Telling someone struggling to make ends meet that things could get worse rarely provides any com- fort. And with the economy slow and sluggish, raising taxes now would create more harm than benefit. 

Measure M also sinks the district into $476 million of debt. Currently, Elk Grove Unified has no general obligation debt. Zero. The district would go from no debt (in terms of general obligation bonds) to $476 million in the red. The interest on this debt would take 35 years to pay off raising the ultimate cost of Measure M to over $1 billion. That’s over $1 billion that our children’s children will be paying off. 

Unfortunately, the measure lacks a good structure as well. It doesn’t give priority to aging schools who need the funds the most. If we need to help older schools meet the same standards as newer schools, don’t we need to direct the mon- ey specifically to them? Measure M fails to do so. 

In conclusion, we can meet the district’s facility needs and have met them in the past without resorting to a bond. Elk Grove Unified has never ever had a general obligation bond and we don’t need one now. We can meet our needs with the money we already pay. 

We urge you to vote No on Measure M. 

s/Nikita Kostyuk
Candidate for Elk Grove Unified School Board 

s/Katy Grimes
President, Sacramento Taxpayers Association 

s/Daniel Gougherty Editor, 

s/Val Bedrik Business Owner 


s/Scott Young Teacher

Refutación al argumento A FAVOR


Elk Grove Unified has modernized and renovated every school over 40 years of age within the past 20 years so it’s
a bit misleading to suggest that we have schools in the district over 40. But of course, all our schools will eventually need another update and they all need maintenance and care. Measure M just goes about it the wrong way. It gives no priority or preference to aging schools that need the funds the most. 24 schools constructed in the last 15 years made the list to receive funds. Certainly these schools don’t need the money as much as some of the older schools in the district. 

We took a look at the link provided by the proponents of Measure M and found this disclaimer at the bottom of each fact sheet for every school: “Approval of Measure M does not guarantee all needed improvements will be completed due to the unpredictable nature of construction costs and the uncertainty of State and developer mitigation funding sources.” If those that support this Measure don’t have certainty in its success to achieve what it sets out to achieve, why should the voters? 

County of Sacramento 

Ballot Type 001 Page 7 

As the proponents of Measure M point out, Elk Grove Unified has never had a general obligation bond and yet, we’ve always managed to find the money to maintain our schools. We have other sources of funding that don’t require another tax increase. Citizens already pay hundreds of dollars in taxes each year. When will it be enough? 

s/Susan Mason Veteran 

s/Barbara Sloan Homeowner 

s/Ronald Krieg Plumber 

s/Jeremy Christiansen Civil Engineer 


s/Carl Brickey Taxpayer 

Refutación al argumento EN CONTRA


Measure M’s opponents fail to rely on facts. Don’t be deceived by their politically motivated and intentionally misleading statements. Measure M is a critical investment in our children, community, and local schools aimed at protecting property values, increased student achievement and improved teaching and learning. 

County of Sacramento 

Ballot Type 001 Page 8 

Here are the facts: 

Fact: Measure M is the product of a transparent two-year process that included community members, parents, teachers, leaders, and voters in developing the priorities. Measure M is supported by a 562 page Facilities Master Plan that catalogs the needs and work to be performed at every school in the District. Read the detailed plan at

Fact: Elk Grove Unified School District has never asked local residents to support a general obligation bond (most Districts in the state have multiple bonds). Measure M is fiscally prudent, must be spent locally, and subject to oversight from an independent citizen’s oversight committee. Without Measure M, Elk Grove Unified School District cannot qualify for millions of dollars in State matching funds which will be lost to neighboring districts. 

Fact: Many of our schools are over 40 years old. Basic repairs such as fixing leaky roofs, upgrading plumbing and sewer systems, upgrading heating and air systems are needed across the District. Measure M will dramatically improve campus and student safety and modernize our aging schools. 

Fact: Whether you have children in school or not, quality schools increase property values, keep our community safe and create a skilled workforce. 

Join the thousands of teachers, parents, business and community leaders who support Measure M. Vote YES for safe, quality schools. 

s/Nancy Chaires Espinoza
Elk Grove Unified School Board Member, City of Elk Grove Planning Commissioner (former) 

s/Roy Herburger
President/Owner, Elk Grove Citizen, 57 year Elk Grove Unified School District Resident 

s/John Shook
Business Owner, President Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation 

s/Kay Albiani
Los Rios Community College District Board Member, 66 year Elk Grove Unified School District Resident 


s/Mark Jansson
Man of the Year, Elk Grove Citizen, Elk Grove Food Bank Board Member and Past Chair 

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