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Tuesday June 7, 2022 — California Primary Election
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James "Henk" Conn

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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Atender la pobreza: triplicar los cheques de seguridad social y de seguridad suplementaria por incapacidad. Las personas jubiladas o discapacitadas deberían poder pagar la renta.
  • Green New Deal: ampliar y financiar un transporte público masivo nacional para personas y mercancías que funcione con energía renovable y no tenga tarifas.
  • Seguro médico de pagador único (Medicare) para todos.



California State University, Long Beach Maestría, Trabajo Social (2000)
California State University, Long Beach Licenciatura en Humanidades, Psicología (1994)
Cypress College Título de asociado en, Ciencias (1991)


I was born and raised in California and grew up in Long Beach.  I went to California State University, Long Beach and studied psychology and social work.  It was there I became interested in studies around poverty, criminal and environmental injustice.  In the early 1990's I joined the Green Party.

I grew up relatively poor, and most of my life I have lived paycheck to paycheck and I have been a renter.  My education and career was greatly influenced by personal and community economics.  Specifically, issues of housing, debt and general marginalization. 

I worked for a decade with people who were, or were in danger of being homeless. I have worked with people who had set incomes from the government, and witnessed how those incomes fail to meet the basic cost of living.  I have worked for the lowest of wages, like millions in our nation, and understand the rent is too damn high.

Oil and automobile companies have hijacked our future.  We are a nation committed to vehicles, but not committed to a sustainable future.  We must build a system to replace highways and roads.  The most sustainable technology we have is public transit.  Our nation needs to commit to the expansion of trains and transit with the motivation of an army at war. While the US places public transit in the background when it comes to funding, I believe it should be at the front of our interests to have a future.

The Green New Deal should be our at the front of our nation's interest, our environment is getting destroyed and we must fight to help it.  Before it's too late.

Having the history and training of a social worker, my campaign is that I believe the United States Senate needs a social worker to help understand the needs of our nation at crisis.

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I am a social worker and I worked for years in mental health and community centers after college.

Social work supports people who historically live in the shadows, today the severely distressed inhabit the populus of our nation.  People in need are no longer the exception, they are the rule.  The cost of housing is too high and paychecks are stretched at their limits.  As a social worker I understand how our government has abandoned the most vulnerable people in our communities. It's time to start giving people what they need, not what we can afford.

For decades we have witnessed unhinged polluters destroy our world with little more than a fine to deter their poisoning of our world.  At the heart of the problem is, we need politicians to stop supporting corporations and working on their behalf.  Senators will steal any campaign platform promise at the time of elections, but once in office they vote along party lines and with their donors who got them into office. We need a fully funded EPA, to commit to a Green New Deal, end wars for oil and stop giving out oil subsidies.  We need Senators who will vote for the things they promised on the campaign trail.

I am a grass roots candidate.  I have recieved only small, individual donations.  I have not made any promises to donors or to any political entity. I believe we are capable of many things, things that we are told we can never achieve.

I believe we can end homelessness, poverty, racial inequality, pollution and disease.  But what stands in our way is money, or corporate interference with our political system.

Please vote for me!

Henk Conn




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— May 1, 2022 James "Henk" Conn for US Senate 2022

This is my campaign video asking for people's vote.

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