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Tuesday June 7, 2022 — California Primary Election
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United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 6

Photo of D. Keith Langford, Jr.

D. Keith Langford, Jr.

Online Grocery Picker
2,272 votes (1.6%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Balance the Budget - I believe we should have a balanced budget to make sure that we have enough funds for programs that are important to the American people. The nation shouldn’t be spending more money than what this nation brings in every year.
  • Education - I believe that education should be governed by the states and not by the federal government. Education is a state right to be governed over; we as a people of these states do have the right to say what our children are being taught.
  • Police - We are a nation of law and order. We have police officers for a reason, and we need to help our police departments in upholding the law. Yes, there are some bad apples out there, but we shouldn’t stop supporting them because of it.



Profession:Online Grocery Picker
Online Grocery Picker, Walmart (2020–current)


Brighten College A. S. In Science- Network Engineering, Computers (2003)


Keith Langford was born into a U. S. Military family. He has lived in different parts of the United States, but has made Sacramento, California his home.


He met his wife in Sacramento County in the Spring of 2004, and they got married in 2005. They have been married for 16 years (going on 17 years).


He does have three beautiful girls. Their ages range from as old as 12 years-old to 6 years-old. All three of his girls were born at the Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Roseville, CA.


Just to let you know, Keith Langford is a person who works among you every day. He is a person you can count on to solve the problems that are currently going on in the area and in the nation. He is a person that lives among you and cares for you. He cares enough to be your representative in this upcoming election.


So, please, vote for Keith Langford.

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California (4)

The Federal Government plays a part in California water allocation and use through a variety of projects and laws.  What, if any, new programs or projects or reforms to existing programs and projects would you support in an effort to handle water shortages caused by the current and any future drought?
Answer from D. Keith Langford, Jr.:

With the current situation that we are in right now, I have no idea to solve.  But if I were to figure something out for it, I would have to say that the people that live in Southern California need to stop being so selfish.  The reasoning behind this is because most of California's waster goes to them and not to Northern California.  The people down there think that they have to have everything right now.  But that isn't it.  There are people up and down this great state of ours and we all need to take care of it.

Now I do not know of any current or future water projects that are going on, or about to start, at this time.  But if there is, I will study up on it and give a better answer on this question.

Should immigration laws be changed?  What changes would you support?  Please explain why.
Answer from D. Keith Langford, Jr.:

The immigration laws need to be enforced.  As of right now, they are being over looked and this nation of ours is being over run with people from other nations at our southern boarder.  We need to reinstall Trumps policies for our southern board.

As Congress Member what, if any, policies or legislation would you support to preserve democracy for all US residents?
Answer from D. Keith Langford, Jr.:

Like I said in my reasoning of me running for Congress, I want to give the vote back to the people.  Like it say in the openning of the U. S. Constitution, 'WE THE PEOPLE'.  Not, 'We the government ', but 'WE THE PEOPLE'.  I know that it is the people that makes the decisions on how I am to vote, not me.  But I do understand that there might be times that I have to make that decision for the people that I serve.

Greenhouse gas

What legislation, if any, would you support to reduce American greenhouse gas production?  Please explain the reasons for your position.

No answer provided.

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy


My political philosophy is that we should be following what our Founding Fathers wanted this nation to be.


The reasoning behind what I said is because our Founding Fathers wanted this Nation to be govern by the people not by those that want to destroy it.  I want to give that back to the people.  Give them the choice to tell me how I should vote in congress and see the growth that they have cause.


I other reason is because I know that the people who might place me into congress are my boss.  The make the shot, I am to listen to then, and not to the special interest group that have been destroying our great nation.


I do understand that this position is hard, and that it isn’t going to be easy.  But with hard work and diligences.  I know that I will get the job done right.  By making sure that the peoples voice is heard and that they will not be left behind.


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