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State of CaliforniaCandidate for Lieutenant Governor

Photo of David Hillberg

David Hillberg

Aviation Mechanic/Actor
74,024 votes (1.1%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • cleanse out the legislature of those who fail to keep their oaths, who violated law with policies that have harmed the state and its people.
  • return this state to representative constitutional rule and commonsense laws that will protect the people
  • find solutions to those many neglected problems we all face from the bad policies, discissions and graft our "leadership" has accumulated over their years in office.



Profession:aviation specialist and actor (aviation mechanic)
self, semi-retired, variour friends and semi customers (1998–current)


If I lose we all need to be in the nut house no degrees only certifications and life's experiences, if it was mechanical, I studied and have attended many manufacturers schools (2016)


I started work in my summers when I was 12 working in a machine shop, grade schools then taught useful things photagraphy, drafting, crafts, wood work and the basics of how to teach oneself, While I was attending high school I made use of the metal shop to construct tools a fuel inection unit for my dads race car engine, constructed with a class mate a back gate which stood for over 45 years till they rebuilt the school, I held the record for the low and high hurtles, was appointed fire prevention officer of student in government days, al the while I attended CCROP fire technology (I trained in the evenings to become a firefighter and aircraft crash rescueman) I early enlisted in the Army for 67V scout helicopter repairer, I was the final solder to earn the Aircraft Crewmember Wings by merrit was authorized Depo function at the Direct Maintenance Platoon with comenndation and soldier of the month, a geaduate of Non Commissioned Officer Acadamy and Primary leadership course (Ft Ord)

I attended Orange Coast Collage for Aviation technology, made the Deans list and graduated as a FAA certified aviation mechanic, three years later I earned my Inspection Authorization which has been remewed yearly and biyearly ever snce. I am a pilot of both helicoters and airplanes, a professional witness and a onetime contractor with the NTSB I was employed with LA County Sheriff Aero Bureau and the Imperil Valley US Border Patrol I have been at times contracted to conduct maintenance and retrivals export and export of aircraft over seas, I traveled to Japan, Argentina, El Salvador, Tiawan, Russia and Australia. I have acted in many productions recorded documentaries, taught at the SAG Conservancy at AFI in 2009 I attended the SAG W&W and later ran for SAG and AFTRA local presidencies, I ran during the recall of Gavin Newsom with 46 others last year 


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Questions from League of Women Voters of California (3)

The Lieutenant Governor sits on the UC Board of Regents and the CSU Board of Trustees.  What are your ideas for the future of higher education in California public universities and colleges?
Answer from David Hillberg:

those who teach useless degrees need to find another place to teach, this money machine needs to develope and nurish those folks who will aid in making this state a better place.Our instructors of higher eduaction have mase activists of your

children, they have made them blind to the truth, ignorant of reality and unable to make best use of their tallents. college degrees make that introduction the new employee must use their skills to benefit the employer and themselves. and lately?

I am unable to trust many new employed to communicate a question to a job task let alone be observant enough to safely carry out those tasks, nothing like a post work inspection to find they spent a day putting a part in backwards,

we need to make standards and keep them, no one is equal, thay all are different and many are similar that is the nature of being human, those who blindly go through college with useless dergees or missmatched skills are mo use to themselves

or the future of society. we have too many useles brainless political activist folks in life today, look to those who lead the state and country and that will prove my point, The Green New Squeal, Social Justice, and this agenda against citizens all part

of a failed Modern education ,Education should : make them useful, make them benefit, make societal cultue better, and raise the standard for a better future     

The Lt. Governor is chairman of the Commission for Economic Development.  What would you do in that role to try to improve the economies of the poorest parts of California?
Answer from David Hillberg:

first we need to remove those in office who suppressed our business community so we can afford to care for the less fortunate, the cost of business here over and beyond the employer conribution to the employees is staggering .taxes, fees,

permits. tarriffs, exsize taxes, carbon credits, energy and resource costs . a friend left here to Arizona and instanly made 41% profit, he hired 5 more employees expanded his shop and plans to make more hires, so why such a difference?

Permits to build without wavers is asronomical along with regulations . Keep the high standards of constuction cut nack on the red tape and cost of doing business with the state. they are paid wether thay work or not, If it was like when I was with

the Bureau an 8 hour day was 5 of work and for the 4,10 maybe six? I know I was there, and the USBP kept saying just sign the logs , "you won't get in trouble", I beleive in competent work and an honest days worth of work, 

I should not nor the state become the constant and blatent supporter of the poor, they need opporunities to acquire and exploite work and if they are not able assistance will then be needed .  

as for our incumbents? the dead wood and instigators of crisis? with new minds and honest God fearing leaders in place all other solutions will then be possible to solve in our society.

What are your benchmarks for measuring your success in this office?
Answer from David Hillberg:

removal of all those who made it possible for those in California to be harmed, the measurable benefits to all who live here will then be realized.

I know when those in office return to our constitutions and its job requirements those problems that are today crisis will become minor adjustments rather than imposible tasks

when the graft and revolving door crony contracts are repealed and nullified a more eficient maintenance function will return, those government "industrial" "military" "homeless" "social"complexes are to make others rich and benefit too few.

common sense laws and their enforcement,those in power , politicians, criminals and those who can not care for themselves are in need of management of the state and need to be wrds of the state, The good citizens have no meed of state

management, We all need to be good stewards of the land so environmental laws will be kept current yet the state needs to not charge for inspections for state employees are paid anyway, The state is not a business and must return to the

roll of mentor, guide, and standard maker.



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Total money raised: $5,985

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Employees of Aerospace Engineering

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California 100.00%

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I started life as a Republican and Independent in an old world Democrat family ( tradition) I usually voted for the lease harmful candidate, I watched as over the years our elected officials wondered off their tracks loosing their oaths and our representation along the way, I watched as those incumbents for some reason kept returning into office and like their lost path they made another bad habit of disregarding their duties to us and our constitution I came to a conmclusion after reading our laws concerning our elections our state and federal constitutions history of our state and nation ,I came to a realization that our leadership long ago declared a silent and violent war upon us all, all these visible problems today are linked to bad law ,horrid policies, graft guided and reelection funded machine of scorched earth agenda and narrative, one crisis after another year after year and war upon war, I am a independent constitutionalist. not Democrat or Republican. during the recall I went to a Republican rally with Larry Elder ( no show) Kevin kiley and Bob Dix who is the Republican Riverside office chair, I was on the same side yet I was ejected and harbshly treated by those of my own party, I concluded these politicians are both on the same coin and heads or tails it does not matter for which side you're on so the SOS does not allow independent only No Party Preference 

I am here to use my aviation skills to repair and overhaul our badly functioning system of governance .I do not approve any message, If you want to joinn the fight to restore our liberties it will take all of us acting together  

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