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State of CaliforniaCandidate for Governor

Photo of Heather Collins

Heather Collins

Small Business Owner
29,554 votes (0.4%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Homeless Crisis
  • Crime
  • Water Shortages



Profession:Business owner, Cosmetologist
Business Owner / Cosmetologist, Self (1985–current)


Marinello Cosmetology license (current)

Community Activities

I have worked with UCLA to help their students who were former foster kids, UCLA (2014–2016)


I am an immigrant from Belfast, Northern Ireland.  We came to the USA and California and it was a dream state where there was so much opporunity.  I got my cosmetology license and eventually opened my own salon where staff could grow and prosper, like I want for all Californians.  I listen to hudreds of people a week, from all different political parties, economic and ethnic bacgrounds.  I can make decisions that are fair, fast, economical and are what the people are saying what they need and whatis lacking.  I am not owned by any union or lobby.  

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California (4)

What policies or proposals would you support to reduce the number of people who are homeless and to prevent people from becoming homeless in California?
Answer from Heather Collins:




  1. Individuals that can not take care of themselves, I believe, it is the States responsibility to care for them.  There are plenty of closed hospitals and military bases that could be repurposed quickly to fill this need.


2.  For the homeless living on the street, I want cities to take over or build 8 -10 story parking lots or parking like structures in downtown or industrial areas.  (With most office workers working from home there should be parking structures that are under used now)


The structures would shelter them from the sun and rain and still have air flow going through.  Each person would be given an assigned spot where they can move with their pets, belongings and the communities they have formed on the street. (Just like us, they have formed communities that they are comfortable with so, unlike Roomkey, they are not isolated from their community)  They can still do drugs and drink but they could not manufacture and sell drugs or alcohol. 


There would be toilets, showers and laundry available for them. They would have an address they could use (this is a HUGE need), access to banking and if needed, help with medications, mental health, get a GED, get an ID, accessing programs that they may be entitled to, job training and regular meals.  There would be wrap around programs to address the needs of the residents.


There would be security for the residents of the structures and for the surrounding areas.  There could be a floor just for women because, I found out, that when women first experience homelessness, 99% are raped.


There is a lot of duplicity with the programs helping the homeless.  Having them in one location would cut down on that and make the funding available for homeless services more efficient. 


Groups that feed the homeless would have 1 location to go to instead of spreading all over the city. 



Homelessness is a harsh and dangerous lifestyle.  It is inhumane to let people continue to live on the streets with no sanitation, running water, safety codes, vermin.  It is unhealthy and unsanitary for the homeless and the housed.  Close to me, the homeless are destroying a protected habitat for migratory water fowl. 


This is to try to allow them to reenter society.  Not all people will be able to reenter society and they can stay in the structure indefinitely.



3.  The motorhome population would have large parking areas that would have hookups for sewage, water and electricity.  They would  have the services the homeless living in the structures like an address to use, toilets, showers and laundry etc.  


The homeless would not be forced to live in these structures or parking areas but they would NOT be allowed to live on the streets or park wherever they want.  There are still shelters they can access.


Fire Department Personnel has told me that 50% of all calls are to homeless encampments and motor homes.  This is another reason to place the homeless in a safer environment off the streets. 






What policies or proposals would you support to encourage and develop sources of electrical power that will reduce the release of carbon into the atmosphere while still being affordable for all residential consumers?
Answer from Heather Collins:

I would look into hydrogen and possibly nuclear power.  Both generate very low to no carbon emissions.  If they can be done safely they should be considered.

What policies or proposals would you support to help those who have lost homes and jobs to wildfire?
Answer from Heather Collins:

Preventing wildfires is a top priority.  We need to manage the forests better and clean up the exess and/or dead trees and brush.

Illegal camping and camp fires are a major cause of wildfires and those should be stopped and fined.

Hiring more "Hotshot" firefighters.

Utilizing natural ways to clear brush like using goats and making sure all propety has a clearance primiter for fire safety.

California has some of the richest people in the country and some of the poorest. What policies or programs do you support to help those in the lower income categories in California?
Answer from Heather Collins:


This is a multi layer, long term issue.  Some things can be implemented quickly and others will be an ongoing effort to uplift those in lower income catagories.

I want to lower the gas taxes.  Californians pay more than almost any state in gas taxes and we have he worst roads. I would audit what happened to the money that is supposed to used to maintain our roads.

Free bus and train passes to lower income workers and students.

I want to look into how some states do not have income tax for their residents, if we could do that in California, that would be a game changer for residents here.

I would cancel AB5 (the gig work law) so that people can work as independant contractors choosing how much and when they work. 

We should be policing lower income areas more so that neighborhoods are safer for the residents and they are not victims of crime.

There are new housing ideas that are turning shipping containers that are refurbished into mini apartments that are stackable and would be able to house people in secure , clean envirnonment with common areas, at reasonable rents for lower income earners, former foster kids who have aged out of care, low income seniors.

Encourage education and have a financial literacy course in each grade level so that people have more control for their financial future.   I want to offer free community college or trade school to kids who attend school regularly and maintain a "C" or higher grade average and participate in sports or work part time.  I believe EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO ENDING SYSTEMIC POVERTY!

Just like the old saying "Give someone a fish and they can eat for a day, teach them to fish and they can eat forever." 


Some would just want to more heavely tax the very wealthy, but I dont think that is a good option.  We want those residents here and keeping their businesses here.  We want to stop the exodus of companies leaving California with good paying jobs.


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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal.  I am pro peace, non-violence, social justice & equal opportunity, pro choice (for everything including school), sustanable environment, pro business and support those who wear a badge who serve and protect.

Position Papers

Education is THE key to ending systemic poverty!


By giving kids an education that focuses on life skills and encouraging college or trade school they will graduate with skills that are more than just a minimum wage job.

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge people have the more empowered they feel. 

When kids are undereducated they are more and more challenged and fall more behind year by year until they don’t want to struggle anymore. 


To supplement education, I would propose making instructional videos that would cover all grades and all subjects.  We could make a YouTube channel that kids could watch videos of subject material that they are also learning in their classrooms.  We are in California, we have an abundance of people who could make content interesting and informative for students.  This would help kids who struggle to learn in the traditional way,  have fallen behind, need extra time on subjects and give kids a bit of a leg up if they view them in advance of the classes.

This could even help kids worldwide and anyone who wants to learn (Like ESL students, older people who lack education and people who live in rural areas who don’t have easy access to schools)  


I would like traditional books to be moved to an electronic form when possible.  Besides not needing the paper that books use, the weight of the books that kids have to carry around, they could be updated much easier.  Electronic books could have references that could be clicked on easily and they could be listened to or read.  


Education needs to have more life skills taught in classes and Financial Literacy should be taught appropriately at every grade level.  People are unprepared to hold jobs because of lack of quality relevant educational system and the disconnect between Home, School and Community .  By the time kids graduate from High School they should have a good grasp on what it takes to start an independent life.


I would like to offer 2 years of free junior college or trade school to any student in California if they attend school regularly, maintain a “C” or higher grade average and work part time or participate in a sports program….If something is just given to someone then it doesn’t have the same value as when the person is working towards a goal for themselves. 


I believe you should have a choice on where your kids go to school.


Recently, there has been controversy of transgender people participating in sports.  I am all for exclusivity, but a trend where opposite genders are participating in sports as a new gender is not fair or equal.  I propose increasing the two separate gender sports programs to three to have a dedicated non-binary group.  I believe this will be the way to go in all future sporting events. 

My Immigration Position


I believe my policy will help aleve the number of immigrants waiting at the border and help the businesses that need workers.

As an immigrant myself, I am pro legal immigration.   I believe no person is “illegal” but their status may be.  This proposal covers 2 issues that are impacting California.



Right now we have hundreds of thousands of people arriving at our southern border, at the same time we have thousands of businesses that are struggling to hire staff.  With all the immigrants coming to the border and all the businesses in California needing staff, why not combine the two to alleviate both issues.


Most of the positions that businesses need to fill are entry level, low skill positions that a lot of citizens don’t want to do.  The United States and California have long depended on immigrant workers to fill these sorts of positions.


I propose that we vet and match up immigrants with businesses that need employees.  The immigrants would be given the opportunity to work for 2 years at a business in the program, pay taxes and start to learn English and if they can do this, and be checked on periodically through the 2 years.   It would give them a pathway to residency. 


If they can not complete the 2 years they would be returned to their country of origin to apply through the legal process and those who do not want to participate or are incapable of participating they can wait at the border for their application for immigration to be processed. 


Statewide day to Honor our citizens who wear a badge and serve and protect us.


I want to have a day to Honor those among us who wear a badge and serve and protect us.  It would not be a hoilday because these are the people who never get holidays off.   It would be like a Mother's Day or Father's Day, possibly on the 2nd Sunday in August or 2nd Sunday in October. 

As Governor I will set aside a State wide day to honor and celebrate all our citizens who wear a badge working in Law Enforcement protecting us everyday and our citizens who work in the Fire Departments.  


I honestly can’t believe that this hasn’t happened before and we need to show our appreciation to those who put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect us.  


The job they do for us is difficult and dangerous and underappreciated.  


This would help with retention within heir departments and possibly make more people want to join these professions.


I am on the side of victims, not on those who commit crimes.  I want everyone to feel safe in this once great state.

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