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State of CaliforniaCandidate for Governor

Photo of Leo S. Zacky

Leo S. Zacky

94,198 votes (1.3%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Drought
  • Homelessness
  • Corruption



Profession:Businessman, Farmer, Broadcaster
Vice President, Zacky Farms (2012–current)


University of Arizona Business Management (2012)

Community Activities

Donor, Halo For Freedom Warrior Foundation (2017–current)


Leo Zacky is a 4th Generation Californian and member of the Zacky Farms Poultry Family. He worked his way up from the bottom after attending The University of Arizona, eventually becoming Vice President of Zacky Farms having gone through a thorough and hands on learning experience working every job in the business. Upon joining the company, he became a Board Member of the California Poultry Federation where he would travel to Washington D.C. and Sacramento to meet with Senators, Congressmen, State Reps, the FDA and the USDA. Hard work and long hours do not phase Leo, especially when he is passionate about what he is doing. After California forced Leo and his family out of business after 90 years and having been at one point the largest privately owned employer in the state as well as arguably the largest poultry producer on the west coast, Leo took to aiding his grandmother through the gut-wrenching processes of closing a life-long family-owned business in January of 2019.

Leo has always been a Patriot and proud of his country. These were instilled in him by his grandfathers who had fought in The Second World War and in Korea. Leo has a deep understanding of history because he knows, “those who do not learn history, are doomed to repeat it.” Leo is also an active supporter of The Halo For Freedom Warrior Foundation. Leo’s love of country goes beyond just honoring and respecting those who have fought and died for our great nation, he stands for freedom in all its forms and against tyranny. Leo was attacked by ANTIFA while putting out a fire in Washington D.C. after Donald Trump’s inauguration, and was proudly in attendance at the rallies at Freedom Plaza and on the Capitol Grounds on January 6th. “Freedom for the whole world is what is at stake here. I have nothing to lose but my life and my freedom, and I’m not about to lose my freedom.”

Leo has many friends from around the world and all walks of life, and is an avid hockey player. Everyone who comes to know Leo falls in love with him as his honest, sincere, and outgoing spirit gravitates people towards him. Generosity, loyalty, funny, and brilliant are words often associated with Leo. Leo is never someone who plays the victim and encourages others to take life into their own hands. Leo loves California and is tired of the decay and destruction of his home state. He has crafted well-thought-out, common-sense approaches in detail to many of California’s foundational issues, including: The Homeless Crisis, Drought, Crime, Wildfires, Education, and Corruption to name a few. Leo knows that the only way to fix these issues is by working together to achieve our goals and by putting petty issues aside. Leo is someone who is known for bringing folks together with his ability to compromise without surrendering his morals, values, and principles.

Many people assume Leo was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. Leo was born to parents who should never have had children to put it lightly, but he doesn’t dwell on that, and rather looks at it as a positive because he “…learned firsthand exactly what not to be.”

Leo is well respected in the poultry industry and is known for being a leader, problem solver, and not afraid of getting his hands dirty. His direct hands-on approach was huge boon to his business. Sadly, those efforts could not outpace California’s ever increasing minimum wage, business taxes, water costs, regulations, and environmental restrictions.

Leo has a vast knowledge and understanding of the Deep State Globalist Banking Cartel who are behind the Coivid-19 Scam-demic and many other nefarious dealings like child sex trafficking, market manipulation, and false flag attacks, and is not one to shy away from exposing them.

Leo Zacky is exactly what Californian’s need. He is the man who will unite everyone with his plans for California. He has state wide positive name recognition, actual solutions, common sense, and no second agenda.

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Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California (4)

What policies or proposals would you support to reduce the number of people who are homeless and to prevent people from becoming homeless in California?
Answer from Leo S. Zacky:
What policies or proposals would you support to encourage and develop sources of electrical power that will reduce the release of carbon into the atmosphere while still being affordable for all residential consumers?
Answer from Leo S. Zacky:

Tidal Energy, Solar and Nuclear Power

Leo Zacky's Issues: Energy

What policies or proposals would you support to help those who have lost homes and jobs to wildfire?
Answer from Leo S. Zacky:
California has some of the richest people in the country and some of the poorest. What policies or programs do you support to help those in the lower income categories in California?
Answer from Leo S. Zacky:

Lower taxes, less regulation and red tape. I want to make things eaiser for people to start a business in California by giving new businesses a business tax grace period for the first 5 years or $1,000,000 NET.

Leo Zacky's Issues: Business

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Total money raised: $36,826

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Leo S. Zacky
Employees of The Steinberg Law Group
HG Construction

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California 100.00%

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Large contributions (99.02%)
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From organizations (0.69%)
From individuals (99.31%)
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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

America First and a Constituionalist. I am running for all Californians to fix California's key foundational issues and bring progress and prosperity to everyone.

Videos (4)

— May 4, 2022 Leo Zacky for Governor 2022

Leo Zacky tells us his ground breaking solutions to ending drought in California and his grand vision for the future!

— May 4, 2022 Leo Zacky for Governor 2022

Leo Zacky brings his solutions to California's failing education system to give our children the best chance at success.

— May 4, 2022 Leo Zacky for Governor 2022

Leo Zacky is here to support our law enforcement officers and root out corruption plaguing our government.

— May 4, 2022 Leo Zacky for Governor 2022

Here is a quick take about Leo Zacky. Your 2022 California Gubernatorial Candidate.

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