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State of CaliforniaCandidate for Governor

Photo of Ronald A. Anderson

Ronald A. Anderson

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My Top 3 Priorities

  • I have spoken to several homeless people, I have spent an hour at there school, and the direction that everyone is going will fail. I found a way that will work, and get these people off the streets real fast about a 4 step procedure
  • Water issues, will be fixed, and we will stop the on going mistakes, Crime: catch and release just doesn’t work, intimidation, prejudice & hate crimes are on going more than ever before I will stop this.
  • Taxes: Cutting back on taxes and lowering cost means more money in your pocket it’s a fact: Over Taxing large companies is a big mistake, they will move. This means your retirement and benefits is then gone.



Profession:Steel Contractor 30 years also a Building inspect
Inspector of commercial construction and Residential, (Self) Americal Builders & inspection services Inc. (1992–current)
LA city & LA county Deputy inspector / Also private inspection during, LA city.. LA county — Elected position (2017–current)
Inspector, LA City Deputy Inspector — Elected position (2013–current)
Inspector, LA County Public Works inspector — Elected position (2021–current)


Larson’s inspection training Certified Inspector, Structural steel, bolting inspector, Drill in anchorage inspector (2012)
No Institution: Irwin E. Sandler Attorney @Law. : He's the attorney on the John Wayne Airport law suite No degree: Private tutoring, Business construction Law: Tutoring at his Office, Home and his Country Club. (2008)
Anthony Construction School, also took construction Business Law Contractor state license on Americal builders Inc., General contractor (B license ) Home improvement ( HC license ) (1992)
Anthony Schools of construction also took Business Law Contractor state licenses on Anderson iron works and fabrication Inc., Steel construction contractor 30 years in business (1984)

Community Activities

Member, Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (1999–current)
Member, National Rifle Association (2010–current)
Member, American Institute of Steel Construction ( AISC ) (2008–2011)
Member, National Steel Bridge Alliance. (NSBA) (2008–2011)
Member, National Association of Underwater Instructors (1973–2010)


I owned Anderson's Ornemtal Iron from 1980 to 1985 and then changed the Name to Anderson Iron Works & Fabrication Inc. due to a change in my license to do Low rise structural steel buildens ( AIWF) from 1985 to 2009 but hung in there for 1 more year 2010..for a total of 30 years.. Some of my work came out in LA Stile Magazine & Architectural Records Magazine.. I do have the magazines if you wish to see:  Economy brought me down, I also own Americal Builders Inc., remodeling of homes and businesses I then Slightly changed the name and added Inspection Services.Due to A friend from the city of LA, Materials control I took classes and was Certified for inspection of structural steel, welding, in the past years I got along with, Engineers, Architect, City and County officials, During Business I had 3 Attorneys that taught me many things in business as well as a friend, spent time talking about business.& Political issues .And solving problems and issues. Makeing me more value in business and with people.This is when I had Anderson's. Having a business for 30 years, really is something. We also talked about people in genera.. The Economy & Covid-19 caused Americal Builders and Inspection services Inc. take a dip and put it on the shelf ( not closed, on hold ) due to the economy work was slow and people taking longer to pay, A friend told me about a bridge in Long Beach they were having problems & issues with people and the bridge. knowing what I know and business slow, and I already built 3 small pedestrian brides, and I always wanted to build a bigger bridge, I then helped build the Gerald Desmon Bridge, Rams Statmem stadium, Lucas Museum.I then broke my leg in two places and twisted my ankle,& knee. Some work started to come up for Americal Builders, but I needed to take time off due to leg issues and COVID continue to put guys on & off the job. A real pain on top of a pain I'm having to hold out,a little longer ..

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Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California (4)

What policies or proposals would you support to reduce the number of people who are homeless and to prevent people from becoming homeless in California?
Answer from Ronald A. Anderson:

This is an easy one..I have been doing research and talking to homeless people, as well as going and spending an hour at there school about 6 to 8 miles from Downtown LA.. I have noticed, many homeless people are being turned away from these schools.. As one proctor said you stink, get out...however she is right this white guy & black guy, did stink you can smell them 5 feet away.. However people should know this is part of the business..I have 2 plans my second plan is the best of all because you will see a huge reduction and the best part is very little to no homeless at all however again. I would need to go on record so if some one steals it you know this idea came from me.  So. Let's go to item one, continuing people being turned away, at these schools, we should have portable shower's and clean clothing, for these people.. who show a good educational concern should have access to these now home placement ( converted motels and similar) other that are not in this program, they will go under plan No. 2:still continuing plan 1: We have people that are going through education as a hairstylist, make up artist, facialist, fingers and pedicures these people can do community service say about 25 people as part of there study's of passing grade..These hairstyles would have to leave hair on them say at lease 4" on men and 10 +" on Women, there is no shaving on top just to get it over with, unless loss of hair is overwhelming. Another words We want these people to look very professional ( would be good to also do 25 elderly people in homes and similar for a total of 50 people they need help too)  this would transform the the homeless person into society to be placed into a working environment. Believe me you won't be able to tell if they were ever homeless. It's amazing. Now for the homeless who are a little more of an issue I have a plan that Will work... I need to go on record as I said before I blurt this out... By the way it will work, and all those ideas that others are purposing WILL FAIL, and I can explain why it will. money will be spent and You will still have the same problem.. not good for any of us with this eye sore and loss of the tax payers money.

What policies or proposals would you support to encourage and develop sources of electrical power that will reduce the release of carbon into the atmosphere while still being affordable for all residential consumers?
Answer from Ronald A. Anderson:

Electric cars are revolving very nicely & Solar is continuing being a real plus. Both of theses items will continue to grow. We all need more productivity in the research to be more self contained, and not depend on others..I my self have a plan that will reduce carbon emissions each day. I need to be on record so that this idea won't be stolen,before I blurt it out..

What policies or proposals would you support to help those who have lost homes and jobs to wildfire?
Answer from Ronald A. Anderson:

Where there are homes in rural areas, clearing the area is still very important, looking at pitchers before and after you can clearly see heavy brush near and up to the house, is not good, some houses look like a fire pit with trees overhang on to the house, not good.. landscaping is very important. We need to set money aside in government funding when people have problems like this. This is another broken system that we have. The last 4 years we have had are unbelievable. When a fire starts it's a very good chance, it won't see a drop of water until 2 to 6 hrs. At the beginning only by ground crews. As you know once a fire is started, it travels at a rate of 14.29 miles per hr. And consumes everything in it's path, it can double in size in 30 seconds in the beginning.. LA times reported April 07-2019 it took 2 hours before the first dropping of water from a helicopter and 6 hours roughly before a tanker air plane came. A state response Area (SRA) can get to the fire in 20 minutes...This means someone is not doing there job. When time is of the most important essence. Look at the November 2018 Wolsey Fire in southern ca. LA and Venture we lost 100,000 acres, It Burned heavy brush and slow on site, was a problem. It also contaminated our costal waters with dust,bacteria a big issue for marine life. Air quality and something called Enterococcus that can cause bacteria that cause Lung diseases and gastrointestinal disease was 53 times higher. This notice is to be taken very seriously: At the first site of smoke 30 minutes later.. All aircraft's should be in the air at the fire site, and not 2 to 6 hrs. Later that's just crazy. I will take care of this, I'm changing the system for the better of all concerned. We no longer work the old way, and that's on everything.

California has some of the richest people in the country and some of the poorest. What policies or programs do you support to help those in the lower income categories in California?
Answer from Ronald A. Anderson:

You can Not over tax the rich... they will just drag up and leave, go to another State or country. Camble soup did, they went to Ireland, Ford was going to Mexico and also a large air conditioner company as well,and Trump stopped them gave them some encouragement of incentives and they stayed. Look at Disney they moved there office to Florida.. California is screwing up, By these companies leaving due to high taxes, and crazy condition that people are asking for.. Companies are saying forget it I'm going. The opposite reaction is  well you just lost your job, your retirement, your benefits,your 401K, and everyone else loss perhaps a product that is made in the USA..Sometimes companies contribute on there own.. Companies are already facing issues by people doing scams. Leave them alone.

There are so many successful stories, and some are very amazing.  Each and every person is unique in there own ways, some have a vision of things that are easy to foresee things, than others do. One thing is for certain education, ambition,the will to stride,and the ability to for see issues and to over come them, are very important. Take a look at AB2738 During this Covid-19 education has been devastated, people trying to get ahead have lost out on time, Now some one thinks to reduce more learning time is going to help them... Another crazy bad idea, the more you know stimulates the mind to think more and for you to come up with more ideas. Cutting down education because some people, say there having a hard time. Hell Everyone is having a hard time: The idea is turn your bad disposition into good, If your a good person, better things will come to you..The reason why you study is to get ahead so you know how to do things if it takes schooling & working late sooo just do it I hade to do it for several years, yes it's hard, but so what, and then all of a sudden it's all good again. Studying keeps people out of trouble, and keeps your eyes open. So the reason why there is lower income is because they need to learn more to better there selves than they are now,and to do better at what they do for perfection The quality of work and ideas are being extinct. That's why we have problems today lacking quality and greedy people is an issue. It has been noticed today's people are not wanting to do the time to excel. They want some one to just say here you go, the problem is they won't be able to do as good of a job as others who did the time to study.


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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Wile having time off due to my leg I started taking notice at the news, with all the allegations of crazy essence that is going on is so stupid and people being so disrespectful,hateful is crazy. Homeless people,Had me now thinking about past issues at a job site. A homeless person stopped seen me telling someone to double check his drawings because he is screwing up. The homeless guy then said what do I do I said I have my own privat business in doing construction inspection. He said he just wanted to know who his employees are he said your paying me in taxes, This jerk is right. I told him he should go to school, he said there's one down the street. But has more fun watching the job. Well I went down to that school. No one was in there I ask the proctor where's everyone at. She said they pop in once in a wile. I picked up a sandwich and went back to that school. A black guy and a white guy showed up proctor said you guys stink and they really did you can smell them 5 feet away. She told them to level and come back when there all cleaned up with clean clothes. The white guy said that will take me 2 days on foot to get there and 2 days to come back, the black guy said, ya I hear that. For some reason that bothered me. I then talk to them out side, went down the street, got them both a sandwich and soda,and pick a little information. That seam to be very interesting at the time. I have no idea why I did that .. I spent an hour and a half With them..And I new I had to get back to work. I Talked to other homeless people the next day on the job, I had more information on what they feel and what they don't. I found it interesting. I remember this when I was laying on the couch. With a double broken leg. I started looking at that problem and other issues. Then more and more, reading,makeing phone calls collecting information, and trying to salvage a broken state, it seems, I am finding answers. All my friends are in business, and speaking to a few they say well how come no one hasn't come up with that ..Good question.. A very good friend that owns 4 car washes a graphic design company and an auto body business we always go snow skiing even said you should be Governor. Your solving all the problems and your content is very good..Yes I can fix the problem we now having and it's easier than you think... and I'm continuing finding more and more issues. For instance no one is talking about food coming from China a while back many people died, and many people were very sick.It seems  A washer that cleans the carrots, peas, corn broke down. Looking into this China use's people poop and urine to grow the food we 2012 it is said they found human growth hormones, but not enough to be of concern.Really. What about Now..because of the Covid virus  I called and ask if they noticed Covid and vaccines in the food. Some one ask who am I.. I told them and they hung up. A no answer is an answer.... We are going to get our food right here, & China is about to loose an account.

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