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Tuesday September 14, 2021 — Special Election
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Photo of Michael Loebs

Michael Loebs

University Lecturer
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Replace inefficient social welfare system with UBI, negative income tax, and automatic Medi-Cal enrollment
  • Make government more accountable, with emphasis on local representation
  • Protect California's environment and resources for future generations of Californians



Michael Loebs is a child of two Alameda county natives and has lived in California his entire life. From his father's family, who have been in the East Bay for well over a century, Michael learned about the culture, history, and complexity of his home. From his mother's parents—immigrants from Guangdong whose children and grandchildren have almost entirely remained in the Bay Area—he was taught that California is a land of possibilities.

At the age of fifteen, Michael began over a decade of work in the computer industry as a programmer while completing his undergraduate work in political science at UC Berkeley. He left that profession in 2009 to pursue graduate studies, working at various times in the hospitality, entertainment, and cannabis industries. After receiving his M.A. from San Francisco State University, he began teaching there as a lecturer in the Department of Political Science in 2013.

Raised as a Democrat, Michael joined the California National Party in 2016 when he realized that the constant fighting between the two federal parties over a power based 3000 miles away would prevent actually solving the unique and urgent issues facing California. He decided instead that it was the responsibility to Californians to focus on the problems of California, since no one will solve our problems unless we do so ourselves. Since 2019, he has been elected by fellow party members to serve as chairperson of the CNP.

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

The California Democrats and Republicans are locked in a struggle that is ultimately rooted 3000 miles away, and meanwhile, California suffers. The longer that mutual partisan animosity drives the direction of California’s government, the longer our problems with remain unsolved. Political competition is effectively dead in California until there is a new political party to challenge the Democrats. The only real answer for California is a party of our own. A party that can draw on the neglected, ignored, and disenfranchised of all parties across California. A party that when determining policy will ask, first and foremost, is this best for the lives of Californians.


The California National Party is a party that can recognize the complexity and diversity that is inherent in California politics. One size fits all solutions will not work in many cases. Our ideas are not progressive or conservative or liberal; they are simply ideas I and the California National Party believe will best serve the people of California. Our long-term goal is national sovereignty and independence for California, but we are not limited to only that goal. We are a pro-California party, and independence, in the end, is the most important and necessary pro-California position we can take.


To this end, I and the California National Party support:


  • Replacing the present costly and inefficient social safety net system with one of universal basic income, negative income tax, and automatic Medi-Cal enrollment for all Californians

  • Protecting California's environment and resources for future generations of Californians

  • Taking seriously the threat drought, wildfire, and other climatic changes California will face over the coming century

  • Locally focused political empowerment through reform of local and county government, expansion of Assembly, and conversion of California Senate to proportional representation system

  • California-wide gun training, purchasing, and licensing system, administered and regulated at county level

  • Ending corporate personhood, limiting the influence of money on political discourse, and returning power to the citizenry

  • Reduced state gas tax for regional and California wide projects, with emphasis on county level gas taxes to fund local infrastructure

  • Fight to transfer federal land, authority, and tax dollars to California so they can be administered more directly and responsibly


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