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Photo of Mosie Boyd

Mosie Boyd

Attorney and Founder of True Grit Law Firm.
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • My top priority is saving American lives.
  • Implement the "Don't Shoot" & Drug Market Intervention strategies to save lives and improve safety. For details, contact "Don't Shoot" author David M. Kennedy, or the High Point, NC Police Department.
  • Use the "debt snowball method" to pay off our national debt within 5 years. We can do it, just like D-Day. Treasury must list our debts from smallest to largest. For details, visit



Mosie Boyd owns True Grit Law Firm in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  She also manages The River Valley Economic Development Council and Madam President PAC, a federal political action committee working to elect women to the U.S. presidency.

Born in Sonoma County, Mosie was raised in Occidental surrounded by cousins and extended family. Her great-great grandfather, Rep. John Barham of Santa Rosa represented California's 1st Congressional District from 1895-1901.    

Mosie attended elementary school at Summerfield Waldorf School in Santa Rosa and high school at Sacramento Waldorf School in Fair Oaks.  She earned an undergraduate degree in American Civilization from Brown University, a master's degree in National Security Studies from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and a law degree from the University of Arkansas Little Rock. 

During graduate school, as a St. Catherine's College student at Oxford University, Mosie studied former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's leadership.  During a law school summer abroad program, she visited five international courts and received top paper in a class co-taught (but not graded by) U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.

After college, Mosie worked for U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.  As a campaign volunteer in Washington, D.C., Mosie drove Dianne Feinstein and her campaign leaders to special events and TV interviews.  After Senator Feinstein's swearing in, Mosie worked in her Senate office helping the interim chief of staff review resumes.  When Mosie talked about teaching English in Asia to learn more about its growing economy, Senator Feinstein's husband encouraged Mosie to go to China.  

After returning from China to Washington, D.C., Mosie worked her way from Congressional intern to Legislative Assistant for U.S. Representative Corrine Brown (D-Florida). As the Congresswoman's staff member responsible for military and intelligence issues, Mosie enjoyed accompanying a three-star general during a visit to the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville. 

During graduate school, Mosie served four missions in Bosnia to supervise voter registration and elections on behalf of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).  After graduate school, Mosie served briefly as a summer analyst with the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board reviewing FBI and CIA documents for declassification.

Thereafter, Mosie returned to Sacramento and volunteered on Bill Lockyer's successful campaign for Attorney General.  Then she got a job in newly elected Governor Gray Davis's mailroom.  A week later, Mosie received a promotion to Special Assistant to the Governor's Chief of Staff.   

After a colleague in the Governor's Executive Office informed Mosie that a man doing lower-level work received higher pay, the supportive colleague urged Mosie to ask for fair pay.  At first, Mosie dismissed this suggestion in favor of keeping her job.  When unfair salary information arrived again the next month, Mosie's colleague insisted that she take action.  Reluctantly, Mosie submitted a request to the staff director who handled salaries.  During the following meeting, he literally threw a ball at Mosie -- which she caught -- and referenced wishing he could burn people in ovens like books.  Almost immediately, Mosie was reassigned out of the State Capitol to the Governor's Office of Planning & Research.

Before leaving the Governor's Office, Mosie noticed that young men were being mentored to run for office but talented young women did not receive the same encouragement.  To fill this void, Mosie founded American Women Presidents, a national political action committee dedicated to promoting the election of women to the U.S. presidency.       

For 20 years, Mosie has worked diligently to promote the election of women to The White House. She has appeared on CNN's Inside Politics, Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, and C-SPAN's The Road to the White House.  Her keynote speeches and published articles include, "America is Ready for a Woman President," "Electing a Woman President," "Commander-in-Chief Credibility," "Participation Brings Power," and "It's Time to Break the Political Glass Ceiling." 

On President's Day weekend 2003, Mosie helped launch former Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun's presidential campaign--hosting events with local Democratic leaders in Iowa on Saturday, New Hampshire on Sunday and South Carolina on Monday.  Then Carol few back to Chicago and announced her presidential campaign on Tuesday. Carol appeared in The New York Times and other national news outlets with "Ms. President" signs designed by Mosie.

In 2005, Mosie moved to Little Rock to attend law school and help shore up support for Hillary Clinton in Arkansas after the Clinton's moved to New York.  Mosie printed "Madam President - January 2009" bumper stickers, handed them out when Hillary visited Arkansas, and finished law school in 2 years and 4 months to be ready to campaign for Hillary in 2008.  

After promoting Hillary Clinton for president for 15 years, Mosie knocked on doors for Hillary for America in Iowa, New Hampshire and Ohio from 2015-2016.  She also helped launch Hillary's campaign in Arkansas and made the maximum contributions to HFA for the primary and general election cycles. Mosie also designed "Madam President for America" bumper stickers for Madam President PAC and handed them out when Hillary campaigned in Arkansas.

After the November 2016 election, Mosie gave a motivational speech to Executive Women for Her members, highlighting Hillary Clinton's historic victories on behalf of all women.  Mosie also posted a special thank you message online at

On President's Day 2019, Mosie hosted The Madam President Forum at Living History Farms in Iowa.  She presented Winning Hearts & Minds for Her (prepared with Executive Women for Her) to representatives of four candidates--Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Marianne Williamson. 

A long-time advocate for women presidential candidates, Mosie continues to promote awareness of the historic campaign to elect women to The White House.  The first American woman to run for president announced her candidacy on April 2, 1870.  Victoria Woodhull ran in the 1872 election.  She and successive candidates deserve our thanks.  On April 2, 2020, Mosie Boyd and Madam President PAC ( will celebrate the 150-year anniversary of women running for president.

That's a long time to wait our turn!

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Why Mosie Boyd is Running for President:  

Mosie Boyd is running for president to rebuilding patriotism by uniting Americans around our shared values. We all love our country. We're all children of God. And there's a lot that unites us.  The strength of America lives in the heart of every single American.  It's time to start focusing again on our shared values.  We all drive on the same roads, attend the same schools, rely on the same justice system to keep us safe, and count on the same national security team to defend our liberty and freedoms.  Let's rebuild American patriotism by listening to each other and respecting our fellow Americans. Protecting the sovereignty of our nation and the United States Constitution depends on it.

Throughout our nation's history, calling on our Creator for strength consistently leads us forward towards truth and justice.  To protect our nation now, we must call upon our Holy Spirit for true grit to win this election.

Saving American Lives: 

As the founder of True Grit Law Firm, Mosie Boyd works diligently to help people. For years, she has hosted town hall meetings on strategies to save American lives.

Bringing law enforcement and community leaders together, Mosie has worked to implement the "Don't Shoot" & Drug Market Intervention strategies. Developed by David Kennedy, who wrote "Don't Shoot", these strategies save lives and improve safety for law enforcement officers and our communities.

High Point, North Carolina is a national model. Mosie has coordinated conference calls with three consecutive High Point police chiefs and local law enforcement leaders and decision makers in Arkansas.

Mosie firmly believes these successfully proven strategies can be used to save American lives from both gun violence and accidental drug overdoses. 

To understand how these strategies work:

Paying Off Our National Debt

Just as our nation found the courage to land troops on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day and send men to the moon, we can and must make a decision to pay off our national debt in 5 years using the "debt snowball method."   

To learn how the debt snowball method works, visit  Applying this method to our national debt, the U.S. Treasury Department can and must list all of our national debt instruments from the smallest to the largest.  Then we can and must work together--as individuals, groups, communities and one nation--to pay them off one by one, starting with our smallest debt. 

Once we have decided that this critical national security threat must be paid off, we will build momentum together and miracles will happen to finish the job. Perhaps school children will collect pennies, charity groups will host bake sales, investment clubs will contribute dividends.  Maybe pen pals will invite our allies to forgive a debt here and there as a token of appreciation for our military assistance during their times of need.  Once a decision is made, "all sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred" as Goethe noted.     

Since 1995 when Dave Ramsey launched Financial Peace University, over 2.5 million Americans--including Mosie--have taken his class and changed the way we look at debt.  Paying off debt becomes a point of pride.  According to, the "turnaround tracker is at 20 billion and counting."  After auditing the class several times, Mosie paid off her debts and built a rainy day fund.  

As more and more Americans complete Financial Peace University and implement these principles in our financial lives, we will continue to demand financial accountability from ourselves and our government leaders.  When enough people stand up and demand financial accountability, our household budgets will continue to balance and our leaders will listen and respond to our demands for a balanced federal budget. 

Fundamentally, we all know that running an annual budget deficit and carrying long-term national debt are unwise.  As our annual debt financing continues to closely approximate our annual national defense spending, thoughtful Americans understand that we're losing strategic geopolitical ground. As our national debts to China and Saudi Arabia grow, those countries continue to report currency reserves.   

As patriotic Americans, we all have a duty to invest in our nation and pay off our national debt to preserve our leadership status as a global superpower.

Mosie believes that Americans are looking for a leader who is willing to take on this challenge and put our nation's future back on track to long-term financial security.  She also believes that once we make a decision to do so and start, we will see signs of progress and our nation's high levels of anxiety will begin to diminish and return to normal. 

As Dave Ramsey often jokes, many Americans have an extra gland that causes stress when our finances get off track.  He's right.  Our national debt is causing Americans tremendous anxiety.  The negative consequences exist all around us.

Once we make the decision to pay off our national debt and begin to do so, we will start to feel better again and mental wellness will improve.  Arguably, paying off our national debt may be one of the best strategies for saving American lives.  

Again, as patriotic Americans, we have a duty to invest in our nation and pay off our national debt so we can secure our global leadership position and enjoy a bright future of liberty and freedom. 

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