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Solano CountyCandidate for Supervisor, District 4

Photo of Deborah Lazaro

Deborah Lazaro

Retired County Analyst
2,052 votes (14.3%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Ensure fiscal responsibility and implement cost reduction strategies
  • Improve the quality of life in Solano by responsible economic development, decreased homelessness, better public service, stewardship of natural resources
  • Maintain open space and preserving the natural beauty of our area



Profession:Retired County Analyst
Analyst, Solano and Contra Costa County (1974–2010)


Golden Gate University Master's Degree in Business Administration, Concentration in Human Resource Management (2003)
Golden Gate University Bachelor of Arts, Human Relations (2001)


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My experience includes over 30 years working in county government for Solano and  Contra Costa counties.


As a county employee, my responsibilities included:



  • Writing policy and procedural manuals
  • Budget creation and monitoring
  • Contract negotiation and monitoring
  • Legislative analysis
  • Ensuring the department's compliance with local, state and federal regulations
  • Oversight of employees' and contractors' performance
  • Designing and implementing corrective action
  • Interacting with local, state and federal officials to facilitate programs serving the public
  • Creating and maintaining databases
  • Facilitating staff meetings
  • Training staff
  • Reporting to the Board of Supervisors, Grand Jury, state and federal governments
  • Grant administration






If elected, I will serve with the utmost integrity

 For the past several years, I have worked at homeless shelters and food banks enrolling the needy and disabled in special needs health insurance plans. These plans cost nothing and provide additional benefits that Medi-Cal and Medicare do not provide. I have also assisted many individuals to obtain health insurance benefits through Covered CA and advocated with our state government for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

I have lived in Solano County all my life. I have three children and six grandchildren, all of whom reside in Solano. I am dedicated to serving others.

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

President John Adams once said: "Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men..."

My philosophy aligns with this statement. At times, we may feel that government intrudes too much into our lives and places too many burdens on us, but where would we be without it? Government does exist for the common good. Through its many employees and elected officials, government serves the public by maintaining our public works systems, protecting us and our property, regulating our businesses, adjudicating disputes, keeping our records, and on and on. "These services are essential to our quality of life.

Unfortunately, many elected officials fall prey to their own greed and the arrogance of power. They seek to enrich themselves while supposedly serving the public, sometimes engaging in illegal activities such as accepting bribes. While no human being is perfect, we must strive to elect only those who truly want to serve others rather than themselves. 

My philosophy is this: An elected official should:

·        Be open and respectful to the opinions of others, particularly her constituents.

·        Do appropriate research and be knowledgeable about what she is voting on.

·        Be available to constituents and anyone attempting to conduct public business.

·        Not allow financial enticements to rule her decisions or cause her to vote the way a particular individual or group dictates.

·        Be innovative, not mired in the old way of doing things, just because it is the easy thing to do.

·        Conduct herself in an honorable fashion, reflecting well on the judgment of those who elected her.

·        Play by the rules, not use her power, negatively or positively, to cause problems for targeted individuals or obtain favors for certain individuals, such as family.

·        Obey all laws.

·        Ensure that laws are enforced.

·        Propose legislation and funding that advances the common good.

·        Be proactive about finding ways to stimulate the economy, conserve public funds, protect our vulnerable needy, disabled, elderly and abused; protect our environment and natural resources, advance education, including vocational.

·        Be proactive about cost containment, not requiring the public to pay for personal or outlandish expenses.

·        Ensure that other public servants are treated with respect, paid appropriately and provided with a working environment that is nurturing and free of discrimination, harassment and violence.

·        Ensure that the public is served as efficiently, effectively and respectfully as possible.

·        Be on the cutting edge at all times, leading innovative change, programs, and technology.

·        Use good judgement.

·        Hold herself to the highest values.

·        Remember that it is a privilege to serve, not an entitlement.


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