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Tuesday June 5, 2018 — California Primary Election
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City of San FranciscoCandidate for Mayor

Photo of Ellen Lee Zhou

Ellen Lee Zhou

Family Social Worker
0 votes (4.2%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Wake up San Franciscans! Say No to government abuse! Say No to sanctuary city to shelter criminals! Say No to unfair housing policies! Say No more homeless die on the streets! Together, we will fight corruption! Vote Ellen Lee Zhou for Mayor.
  • I will hire outside accountants to audit our books, to get our public money back and give money back to our residents. I will reward good behavior and punish criminals. I will give back 50%, half of salary to set up community voice! People's voice!
  • Homeless will not be allowed in any of the streets! We will treat the chronic ill, re-train the functionable and help those who need housing. No one likes to be homeless. Every life matters! We will train homeless to live a life with dignity!



Profession:Family Social Worker
Behavioral Health Clinician, San Francisco Department of Public Health (2006–current)
Union Bargaining Team Member for Government Employees, Also was appointed to serve as Pedestrian Safety Committee Advisory (2016/2017) — Elected position (2016–current)


San Francisco State University Master of Social Work, Family and Social Welfare (current)
San Francisco State University Master of Social Work, Family and Social Welfare (2003)

Community Activities

Senior Program Director, San Francisco Community Empowerment Center (2005–current)

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Featured Endorsements

  • Teresa Duque, * Executive Director, San Francisco Community Empowerment Center (

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of San Francisco (2)

What do you see as the biggest challenge in San Francisco, and what would you do to address it?
Answer from Ellen Lee Zhou:

Our government has been failed us that we, the public has been abused by some of the government elected officials and some of the government representatives. Many of the government officials associate with people who are associate with criminal activities. Our San Francisco City and County government needs to be reformed. We need to put people power in place. We need to hold all public officals accounable for what they do. As mayor, I will set up the following:

1. Anti-corruption unit and train people to fight off government corruption, to make sure our public dollars at work. 

2. I will hire third party, outside accountant to review all government  books, to get our public money back and give it back to people.

3. I will give back 50%, half of my salary to create local voice and feedback centers throughout all 11 districts, to allow people to run our government.

4. I will have all public employees to evaluate their supervisors, managers and directors to hear the true voice from employees. 

5. Together, we will fight off government corruption. We will get our public dollars back to the people. We will eliminate criminals and homeless. We will have our quality of life back. 

What experience or qualifications do you have the make you well suited for this role?
Answer from Ellen Lee Zhou:

My heart has been in San Francisco for more than 32 years. I have been working as a Familly Social Worker for more than 20 years. I have been working as a government social worker for more than 13 years. I work for publi health and I've seen so much dirty politics! I am 49 years old. I have been married with the same man for more than 23 years. I am a mother with two college children. I grew up in church.  I have been a Sunday school teacher for more than 20 years. I practice what I preach. I love my neighbors like myself. I live my life to honor my parents and my God. In God I trust. We are one city under God. We are on nation under God. Our San Francisco government has been going to the wrong direction for many years, it is about time to say no more corruption! It is time to stand up for our rights. We, you and I have the right to happiness, safe city, clean streets, free from abuses, free from crimes, free from car break-ins and free from government wastes. We need to stand up together to take our city back. We need to fight for our own quality of life back. I stood up for you already by running this impossible mayoral race. Together, with God, we will make this impossible race to become a possible mission. Our city has been lost for so long. We need a person like me, Ellen Lee Zhou to be a people's mayor with hope, love and faith to re-direct our city back to the right direction. Together, we will re-build San Francisco! Vote Ellen Lee Zhou for Mayor 2018! 

Political Beliefs

Position Papers

Ellen Lee Zhou for San Francisco Mayor. Together, we will reform our government. We will fight off corruption.


When I am elected as mayor, I will enforce federal laws to protect all people in San Francisco. We will not shelter criminals. We will not allow criminals to abuse our Sancturay city resources. We will continue to protect our hard working families. We will enforce people power to run our government. 

Our people power has been taking away from some of the government officials who associate with criminal activities. In another words, our City and County of San Francisco government has been taking charge by come of the unfit elected officials and department heads or government representatives. Our rights have been violated! 

In 2017, we have more than 20 publlc hearings, we the public, people fought against recreational cannabis stores open next to facilities that serves minors under 18 years old. I was one of the two government employees fighting with mayor's staff and all 11 Board of Supervisors, to respect people's voice, children, youth, parents and grandparents' rights. Yet, our recreational cannabis regulations passed with loose restrictions. Later, we, the public found out, all of the Board of Supervisors received a lot of donation directly and indirectly from cannabis operators, that we, the public lost our faither in our public representatives! Many of the Board of Supervisors were partying with cannabis operators while, we the public fought so hard to say no to recreational cannabis stores in our residential area. With more than 85% within 300 feet, 600 feet and 1000 feet said no, no to recreational cannabis, but it passed. Our rights were taking away from some of the government officals. Now, it is the time to put people power back to city hall. 

I was nominated by the San Francisco Coalition of Good Neighborhoods to run this mayoral race. Our campaign run by all volunteers, no pay staff. We are the people who care for our city's well beings. We, now asking you to have a heart for our city. Vote Ellen Lee Zhou for Mayor 2018. Together, we will reform our government. We will fight off government corruption! We will get our public dollars back to our residents. We will enforce law and order. We will reward good behaivor and we will punish the bad behavior. We need to re-build our quality of life back. Thank you. May God bless San Francisco. Vote Ellen Lee Zhou for mayor 2018!

Videos (1)

Ellen Lee Zhou, a sensible mayoral candidate — May 28, 2018 I found this in youtube from Organic New

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