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Tuesday November 7, 2017 — Local Elections
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City of Poway
Measure A Initiative from the People - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


3,064 votes yes (39.5%)

4,690 votes no (60.5%)

Shall the ordinance changing the General Plan and Zoning Land Use Map to redesignate a portion of the Stoneridge [sic] Country Club from Open Space-Recreation to Residential Condominium with the Stoneridge [sic] Overlay Zone to allow for the development of not more than 180 residential condominium units for residents over the age of 55 be adopted?

What is this proposal?

Details — Official information

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Poway City Attorney


This is a citizensinitiative that proposes an ordinance to change the allowable uses for a portion of the existing Stoneridge Country Club, located on Espola Road between Valle Verde Road and Cloudcroft Drive, in the north Poway area, from a golf course to residential use for as many as 180 condominium units for persons over 55 years of age, along with ancillary uses for any such residential community. The proposed change would apply to, generally, the southern half of the existing 117 acres currently occupied by the Stoneridge Country Club.

In order to accomplish this change it is necessary to 

  • (1) amend the City of Poway General Plan (the "General Plan") in order to add a new Stoneridge Overlay (SO) designation, allowing up to 180 residential units over a maximum of 25 acres within the overlay area;
  • (2) amend the General Plan to modify references to the "StoneRidge Country Club" in the "Private Sports Facilities" subsection of the Public Facilities Element of the General Plan by eliminating specific descriptions of the Stoneridge Country Club, including its total acreage and the availability of swim and tennis facilities;
  • (3) amend the General Plan by modifying Table IV-2 (which provides a list of Private Recreational Facilities in Poway) by recognizing the potential reduction in acreage devoted to a golf course at the Stoneridge Country Club through the development of residential units; and
  • (4) amend the Poway Zoning & General Plan Land Use Map, referenced in section 17.06.020 of the City's Zoning Code, to re-designate the southerly half of the Stoneridge Country Club from Open Space-Recreation (OS-R) to Residential Condominium (RC), and attaching the new Stoneridge Overlay (SO) over that portion of the golf course, as well as adding the "SO Stoneridge Overlay" to the Legend contained on the map.

Because this ordinance is presented as a citizen's initiative there is no requirement that making these changes must be analyzed for any potential environmental impacts under the California Environmental Quality Act, commonly known as "CEQA". However, any future development on the property requiring discretionary approval by the Poway City Council will still be subject to CEQA review and analysis.

In 1988 the voters in Poway adopted Proposition FF, which amended the City's General Plan to require, among other things, that any change to zoning designations of properties within the Open Space-Recreation (OS-R) zone, which increases the residential density on such property, must be approved by the City's voters.

This was submitted as an initiative proposed by voters and was placed on the ballot by the City Council of the City of Poway in compliance with Proposition FF.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against

Arguments FOR


Poway Open Space is a grassroots organization of residents and supporters of the StoneRidge neighborhood. Our group was formed to permanently preserve the 18-hole golf course and protect open space in our community. Working with the property owner, we achieved an agreement for a zoning change that will keep the golf course open, permanently guarantee the open space and allow for 180 condominiums for residents 55 or older. We live in the community and we support this compromise. This is Smart Growth and good for Poway.

Benefits Poway Schools
Since the homes will be for residents 55 or older, there will be no impact on Poway schools, yet these homes will bring in new property tax funding annually for important classroom programs.

Permanent Open Space
This initiative rezones only 25 of 117 acres – leaving the remaining 92 acres as permanent open space. A legally-binding Conservation Easement has been agreed to and will be recorded following city approval.

Sustainable Development and Water Conservation
The newly designed 18-hole golf course and new clubhouse will introduce water-wise practices with state-of-the-art water reuse technology to reduce consumption.

New Facility for the Public
The new 10,000 square foot clubhouse will be open to the public and include a restaurant, bar and meeting facilities for Poway community celebrations and special events.

No Taxpayer Funding!
This project is completely paid for by the property owner and the home builder. There will be no cost to Poway taxpayers.

Traffic Circulation Improvements
Measure A means improvements to Espola Road, including new traffic signals and beautification improvements.

Help us keep StoneRidge Golf Course open, prevent it from becoming a blighted area and ensure open space is available for Poway residents for generations to come. Vote YES on Measure A!


Jim Wait
Poway Open Space Board Member

Jim Endicott
Retired business owner
Poway Open Space Board Member

Doug Wealch
Former Poway High teacher
& 25 year Poway resident

Rosalind Duddy
Nurse, 49 year Poway resident

T.J. Zane
Trustee, Poway Unified School District

— Poway City Clerk and San Diego Registrar of Voters

Arguments AGAINST

[No argument against Measure A was filed in the office of the City Clerk.]

— Poway City Clerk and San Diego Registrar of Voters

Read the proposed legislation

More information

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Contact Info

Yes on Measure A
Poway Yes on A
Misc. Item:

Link to Fast Facts on Measure A, a pamphlet prepared by Poway Yes on A Campaign

Misc. Item:

Link to The StoneRidge Redevelopment Terms of Agreement, a summary prepared by the Poway Yes on A campaign

Misc. Item:

Link to a map of the conceptual land use plan put together by CalAtlantic Homes (the prospective developer of the condominiums)

Poway Open Space
No on Measure A
No on Measure A
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